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The Castle of Schwangau in Bavaria

Enjoy the EURO 2024 with a view

Germany is not only a football powerhouse but also one of Europe’s prime destinations for campervan travel. With its rich cultural heritage, modern infrastructure, and breathtaking landscapes, Germany offers a unique blend of excitement and serene beauty. The country boasts 16 national parks and 98 nature reserves, making it perfect for those who wish to combine their love of football with the allure of nature. Start from one of our many pick-up locations such as Berlin , Munich , Frankfurt , or Cologne , and enjoy the games while immersing in the magic of this fairy-tale country.

The Advantages of Campervan Travel During EURO 2024

Cost-Effective Journey: As hotel prices soar during major events, a campervan serves as a budget-friendly alternative. Save on accommodation and car rental, giving you more freedom to splurge on experiences.

Unmatched Flexibility: A campervan gives you the flexibility to follow the games across Germany’s 10 host cities at your own pace. Whether it's enjoying a match in a vibrant city or relaxing in the countryside, how you discover Germany during EURO 2024 is entirely in your hands.

Explore Germany's Wonders Between Games

Renting a campervan during the EURO Cup in Germany offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the country's stunning natural landscapes and vibrant cultural scenes. Germany boasts 16 national parks, including the enchanting Bavarian Forest with its lush meadows and dense woodlands, perfect for hiking, biking, and stargazing. Venture to the majestic Alps in Berchtesgaden National Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, for breathtaking hikes and pristine volcanic lakes.

Discover the North Sea's unique ecosystems at Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park or enjoy the sandy Baltic Sea beaches at Rugen and Timmendorfer Strand, known for their white cliffs and water sports. Germany's abundant lakes and rivers, like the Rhine River and Bavaria’s turquoise lakes, offer further adventures and relaxation spots.

Enhance your road trip experience by staying at prime campsites like Campground Haide near Heidelberg, Alpen-Caravanpark at Tennsee for alpine views, or the tranquil Natur Camping Usedom on the Baltic backwaters. Each location provides a unique vantage point to enjoy Germany’s scenic beauty and outdoor activities.

With a campervan, you're equipped to weave through Germany’s quaint cities and countryside, experiencing local gastronomy and picturesque vistas at your own pace. After the EURO Cup Games extend your adventure beyond Germany’s borders to neighboring Belgium or the Netherlands, making the most of your European journey. Renting a campervan not only brings you closer to nature but also enriches your EURO Cup experience with unforgettable explorations.

Check our Blog Post for more tips on travelling to the EURO on a campervan.

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