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Wild beach in Croatia

Campervan Rental Croatia

One of the Balkan countries, Croatia marks the boundary between southern and eastern Europe. With low living costs and high quality of life, its popularity as a tourist destination is rising rapidly. Croatia is famed for its vast and stunning mountainous landscape, its unspoiled Roman towns, and its endless stretch of coastline. No matter where you visit, there’s something for everyone. History buffs should check out Zadar’s 9th Century Old Town; party lovers should roam the bars of Dubrovnik, and the nature-obsessed can’t miss Plitvice Lakes, National Park. Croatia is a safe, beautiful, and fascinating country full of friendly, English-speaking locals, ready to welcome RV rental in Croatia with open arms.

Survival guide Croatia

Here’s what you need to know to survive in Croatia:

  • The official currency of Croatia is the Croatian kuna.
  • How to say hello: dobar dan (formal) or bok (friendly)
  • How to say thank you: hvala
  • Price of a meal for two: ~120kn/€16 (inexpensive) or ~280kn/€37 (a three-course meal in a nice restaurant)
  • Price of a beer: 16kn/€2 (local, 0.5L draught)
  • Dialects: Chakavian, Shtokavian, and Montenegrin
  • Traditions: religious feasts, shop closures on Sunday, eating large, delicious Mediterranean meals

Camping in Croatia

Croatia’s countryside is vast and breathtaking in its beauty. Naturally, many visitors to the country choose to camp. Unfortunately, wild camping is officially not allowed. There is strict enforcement against camping in national parks and along the coast. In fact, many national parks are completely closed to the public at night. To avoid problems, consider camping in one of Croatia’s numerous campsites. The best places to camp include the island of Krk or along the Istrian coast, where 90% of registered campsites are located. Top campsites for campervan hire in Split include Aminess Sirena, Robeko, and Zrmanja.

Driving in Croatia

Croatia has a high-quality and well-connected road network. These roads are often mountainous, though, and may not be for the faint of heart. Here are the main facts you need to know about Croatian roads:

  • Highways: Include 13 motorways (A-roads, speed limit 130kmph) as well as expressways (speed limit 110kmph). All roads are smooth and well-maintained.
  • Toll prices for campervans: 40kn/€5 for every 100km. 
  • Driving is done on the right side of the road.

Annual events in Croatia

Here are the main national events to look out for in Croatia:

  • Rijeka Carnival: free - Croatia’s biggest carnival, taking place in January and February.
  • Spring Procession of Ljelje and Kraljic: free - traditional procession in May, welcoming Spring to one of Croatia’s charming small villages.
  • Korčula Sword Dance Festival: 100kn/€13 - Every June, watch this fighting dance on a Croatian island, which recreates the original protest against the Moorish occupation.
  • International Folklore Festival: free - travel to Zagreb in July to witness a coming together of the country’s traditions and customs.

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The best time to rent a RV in Croatia

Weather graph for average temperatures in Croatia
Average temperatures in Croatia per month

Croatia, located in Southern Europe, enjoys moderately warm temperatures. Summers are hot but not extreme, with highs of around 25°C. Winter temperatures are relatively mild, rarely dropping below freezing and reaching highs of around 8°C. With the sixth-longest coastline in Europe, Croatia is best known for its summer water sports. If you head inland, hiking is a popular activity during days with agreeable weather.

The best time to rent a campervan in Croatia is in May, June, September, and October because you’ll enjoy quieter streets and milder weather.

July and August see the most tourists heading to Croatia, largely because this is when Europeans take their summer holidays. It’s also festival season in Croatia, which draws in the crowds. If possible, you may prefer to come in spring or autumn. At these times, there tend to be cheaper attractions with shorter queues. The temperature is also milder, which is perfect if you prefer an active mountain hike to a lazy beach day.

In response to increased demand, accommodation, tourist attractions, and motorhome rental in Croatia are at their most expensive in July and August. However, in comparison to similar destinations like Italy, Spain, or southern France, Croatia tends to have low living costs. This means that, if you did want to bask in the sunshine of the peak season, then you might find a summer trip to be more than affordable.

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