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RV rental in The Netherlands

The best fleet of motorhomes and RVs for rent in The Netherlands

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Our own RVs for rental in The Netherlands

These RVs, motorhomes and camper vans are available at our local depots in The Netherlands. Find out which fits your road trip best.

Side view of the Nomad Model

Fiat Ducato Diesel, 2019-21 (manufactured by Weinsberg)

L3H2 2.3 Multijet 130

  • 4 People

    Seating and beds for 4 people

  • Dimensions

    6m x 2,69m x 2,75m

  • WC

    Integrated Bathroom with Shower

  • 2 convertible double beds

    Lower - 1.83m x 1.27m | Upper - 1.70m x 1.20m

Side view of the VW California camper van Model
California (Manual)

VW California Diesel, 2017 (manual transmission)

BlueMotion Coast 2.0TDI 102

  • 4 People

    Seating and beds for 4 people

  • Dimensions

    4,90m x 2,30m x 2,20m

  • WC

    Optional as extra

  • 2 convertible double beds

    Lower - 2.00m x 1.14m | Upper - 2.00m x 1.20m

Where to start your road trip in The Netherlands

Rent an RV in any of our popular cities in The Netherlands. Check local camper van availability, popular routes and get expert tips.

RV rental Amsterdam

Amsterdam tops the travel list of countless Europe trips. The city is famous for all the right and wrong reasons, but the capital of the Netherlands is more than just canals and pot.

What you should know about The Netherlands

Here’s some essential information for RV travellers in The Netherlands


Diesel costs for your campervan hire in Holland are higher than in most European countries. They’re as high as in Belgium, and slightly higher than in Germany. Fuel is easy to come by in the Netherlands; you’ll find plenty of gas stations along the highways and regional roads.

Speed limits

Speeding limits for campervans and motorhomes on Dutch highways are 130 km/h (80mph), while expressways are limited to 100km/h (62mph).

Roads & Highways

Small and greatly managed, the Netherlands has well-connected roads that are in good condition. For extended campervan or motorhome road trips starting in Holland, roads connect well into the neighbouring countries.


The Netherlands has no toll roads.

Camping Rules

Wild camping is forbidden in the Netherlands, although you’ll find plenty of camping sites and a few motorhome parkings scattered across the country -- most of them around nature parks and dunes.

Cost of travelling

Travel costs in the Netherlands are slightly higher than most European countries, and about the same as in neighbouring countries. Average costs for a three-course meal for two is about €60. Tipping is customary, and can be anything from rounding up numbers to 10%, depending on the occasion.


With a temperate maritime climate, the Netherlands has cool summers with an average of 17-20°C, and moderate winters cooling down between 2-6°C.


The Dutch love potatoes. Try their andijvie stamppot; it’s pretty good (and healthy!). We all know Heineken, but local breweries are popping up everywhere, so have a craft beer to go along with those mashed potatoes. Vegetarian food is widely available.

About The Netherlands

From swirling windmills and bobbing flowers, to cycling the countryside and crossing cute canals, the nimble Netherlands proves that great things come in small packages.

Exploring the small Netherlands is like diving head-first into a Vermeer painting––except Holland has only gotten better over the centuries. Not only is the country every bit as attractive as the Dutch Masters made it look on canvas, but it’s also filled with daring design and uninhibited fun. Top that off with a blooming countryside, serene stretches of coastline, Dutch gezelligheid, and easy access to the UK and mainland Europe, and you’ve got a road trip with endless horizons (because Holland is flat, get it?). So don’t stop with one country when you fly into Amsterdam and hire a campervan in the Netherlands; it’s only where the fun begins!

Renting a motorhome in the Netherlands will have you enjoying way too much grand history, art heritage, and picturesque places for a country the size of a chickpea. Dutch cities are seriously attractive, with stately townhouses, glittering canals, and cyclists casually zooming about. Outside the Dutch mini-metropoles are a neat countryside blooming under an open sky, stretches of coastline with cool beach bars, and waterways the Dutch somehow put to use to their advantage -- via windmills, dykes, or by ice skating. Amsterdam rightly tops the travel list of countless Europe trips. The city is famous for its glittering canals, stately townhouses, and open-minded atmosphere. More famously, fun in the capital is spelt Famous Unadulterated Nightlife. And for the connoisseur, daring design, world-class art, and mind-blowing cuisine add a cosmopolitan vibe to a contagious cosiness that the Dutch call gezelligheid.

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