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Country side windmills in Spain

Campervan Rental Spain

Spain offers a variety of options, including the choice of two cosmopolitan and very different cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, with certain elements that are repeated throughout its geography. One of them is good gastronomy. Spain has a wide range of star products, depending on where you go. Ham and Iberian sausages are unmatched anywhere in the world in Extremadura, the best seafood in Galicia, the classic pintxos of the Basque Country, and paella, perhaps the most international element of Spanish gastronomy, on the Mediterranean coast of Valencia.

Another characteristic that is found all over the country is the number of festivals and cultural events that take place throughout the year, but especially in the summer between June and September. Visitors in a camper rental can choose between a leading electronic music festival such as Sónar, a traditional festival like La Tomatina de Buñol in Valencia, and thousands of other fiestas that take place all over the country.

Fun facts

  • The Prehistoric Sistine Chapel: In Cantabria, northern Spain, lies a little-known attraction that is not typically included in the travel guides, but holds great importance in history: the Altamira Caves. An impressive enclave of cave art that is 35,000 years old and is considered the Prehistoric Sistine Chapel. The trip is not in vain, in just an hour you get to Picos de Europa, one of the most spectacular maritime mountains on the continent. 
  • Crossing the sea in an RV rental to the islands: Although Indie Campers does not have any offices on the Balearic Islands, from the port of Barcelona we do offer several ferries to the islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Formentera, and Ibiza. So you can travel in your RV rental Spain, by ferry, to the islands where the Mediterranean is at its best.
  • One state, many languages: In Spain, it is not enough to know one language, but if you want to integrate you have much more to learn. "Garagardo bat", "unha garimba" and "una birra" are different ways of ordering a beer in Donostia, A Coruña and Barcelona.

Camping in Spain

As a general rule, it should be said that wild camping in your camper rental Spain is not allowed as a whole. However, because there are always exceptions to the rule, there are specific cases where it does exist. For example, the community of Aragon allows it in areas above 1,500 meters of altitude, like the Pyrenees. Then, there is also an exemption to the rule that never fails, ask the locals, they will know the places where you can spend the night without disturbing others or being disturbed.

Driving in Spain

Spanish roads and highways are of considerable quality, and only when you try to get into more remote areas, you may encounter worse conditions. 

RVs and campervan rentals pay the same as a standard car at most Spanish tolls. Also, the toll costs can be avoided by driving on toll-free roads which, although slower, are usually much nicer and more scenic.

The size of the roads and the driving system (always on the right) does not vary much from the rest of Southern European countries.

Annual Events in Spain

  • San Fermin: A classic among the classics of Spain RV rental tourism for decades, thousands of people rush to Pamplona on July 7 to drink, eat and run in front of the bulls. A party that is a lot of fun.
  • FIB: The Beniccàsim International Festival is perhaps the most internationally renowned of all the thousands of festivals held throughout the long Spanish summer. There is also the famous Monegros Festival, in the Aragonese desert, or smaller alternative festivals such as the Sonrías Baixas, in Bueu, or the Pirineos Sur.
  • Camino de Santiago: You may not get the Compostela, the certificate that proves that you have completed the Camino de Santiago, but traveling the road that separates you from the Galician city in an RV rental is a wonderful experience. Especially if you finish your journey in Finisterre, the end of the world for the Romans.
  • Bandera de la Concha: If you want to experience a traditional sporting event in an incomparable setting, the Bandera de la Concha, a trawler regatta held every first Sunday of September since 1879 in Donostia Basque Country, awaits you. A beautiful place and an unbeatable atmosphere.

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