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Campervan Rental Sweden

Sweden is a beautiful and diverse country with high mountains and deep valleys and has become famous for its rich nature and lovely summer nights.

Sweden is also home to the prestigious Nobel Prize and is also known for the infamous traditional dish of sour herring – a fermented fish that is eaten every late summer and smells so bad that you eat it outdoors.

About ten million people live in Sweden, and most live in the lower part of the country. Although Norrland makes up about 60% of the country's area, just under one million people live there.

Swedes love outdoor activities and are happy to be out and about in nature. During the milder months, many people engage in activities such as swimming, climbing, sailing, orienteering, mushroom picking, and hiking, and during the winter months, you are happy to pull on your skis or skates.

 Fun Facts

  • Sweden is one of the best in the world at speaking English, among countries that do not have English as their first language.
  • Swedes are so good at recycling that Sweden imports other countries' rubbish for payment.
  • Music is one of Sweden's largest exports. Both through Swedish world stars such as ABBA and Zara Larsson, but also through songwriters behind famous songs by, for example, Taylor Swift and The Weekend.

Camping in Sweden

Sweden is known for its rich nature and love of outdoor recreation. Only 3% of Sweden's land area is built, and 69% is covered in forest. In Sweden, there is something called the right of public access, which means that all persons have the right to move through forests and land.

Shorter breaks on someone else's land are allowed as long as the land is not damaged, and as long as you do not encroach on someone's direct residential area. While short-term camping with a tent (about 24 hours) is usually allowed during the right of public access, short-term campervan camping on private land is usually not allowed. You have to leave your RV rental in Sweden on public roads and then take a tent to go camping on the private land. You should look for official campsites and pitches, something there are plenty of all over the country. 

Popular destinations include Skuleskogen National Park, Fulufjället, Upplandsleden, Kungsleden and Gotland.

Driving in Sweden

Sweden has a very good infrastructure, most roads are paved and freeways are well maintained. Infrastructure and congestion charges, a tax to reduce congestion, are only imposed in a few places, listed below, and paid retrospectively via direct debit, e-invoice, or by payment, slip sent directly to the driver. Drivers of foreign-registered cars are advised to register with EPASS24. Then the fees are deducted automatically.

Bridge fees cost between 5-7 SEK and are charged on Sundsvallsbron and Motalabron, and 24 SEK per passenger on svinesundsbron. For motorhomes/campervans, it costs between 1000-2000 SEK to cross the Öresund Bridge, depending on the size. Members of Club BroPass pay half the price.

In Stockholm and Göteborg, congestion tax is imposed on weekdays, with some exceptions.

 Driving takes place on the right side of the road.

Annual events in Sweden

  • Midsummer: this popular holiday is celebrated in June and there are both private and public celebrations around the country.
  • Urkult: A folk and world music festival held in Näsåker every summer. A day ticket costs 590 SEK per adult.
  • Gothenburg Cultural Festival: In mid-August, a free cultural festival is held in Gothenburg, which offers concerts, dance, film, activities, and other fun experiences.

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