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Campervan Rental Italy

Italy is a very ancient country; its popularity comes from the Roman Empire. The remains of this important civilization can still be seen today in the monuments scattered in every city, such as the Colosseum in Rome. A RV rental in Italy allows you to explore every city are your own pace, this way you never have to miss out on anything. Italy is also the home of famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Giotto, who have made this country one of the most important in terms of art. Another aspect of Italian culture is the culinary tradition. Many typical dishes such as Neapolitan pizza and pasta have become famous worldwide. Finally, we must not forget festivities such as Carnival or the Notte di Taranta, which attract millions of tourists from all over the world every year.

Survival Guide and Fun Facts

  • How to say “Hello!” – “Ciao!”
  • How to say “Thank you” – “Grazie”
  • The price of a meal for two people is around 25 euros
  • The price of a 0.5 L beer is around 5 euros
  • In Italy, there is a different dialect for every region
  • Italians never show up with kisses but with a strong handshake
  • Italians gesticulate a lot while speaking. They do this to help themselves express themselves better and to give more emotion to their sentences.
  • The fork was first used in Italy to be able to eat pasta better.
  • The term Italy means "inhabitants of the land of calves", from the Greek word Vitelli, a people in the south of the peninsula who adored calves.

Camping in Italy

The laws concerning free camping in Italy are different from region to region. In Veneto, Friuli, and Sardinia it is not possible to camp outside the designated areas. In other regions, you are allowed to stay for a maximum of 24 or 48 hours. In general, overnight stays are allowed as long as you do not pollute the environment, but it is always good to ask the local municipality where you want to stay. The Dolomites are some of the most beautiful camping locations in Italy, together with the beautiful coast of Salento in the south. Even the center of the peninsula offers many opportunities to take your motorhome rental in Italy out in nature, as in the case of the beautiful villages in the Apennine mountains.

Driving in Italy

Italy is well connected from north to south by tolled freeways. The tolls vary according to the distance covered and are the same for both cars and campers. Along the way, there are rest areas with bars and fuel stations. Please remember that in Italy, driving is on the right side.

Annual Events in Italy

  • Venice Carnival (February/March): is one of the most famous festivities in Italy. The celebrations take place on the streets of the city for two weeks. It is a free event.
  • Rock in Roma (June/July): takes place at the Ippodromo delle Capannelle in Rome. It is known for its many internationally renowned artists. Ticket prices: €20-40.
  • Notte di Taranta (August): it is one of the most famous traditional festivals in Italy, dedicated to the music of Salento and in particular to the tarantella. Entrance is free.

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