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a cliff on a sea side in Ireland

Campervan Rental Ireland

Small enough to be easily explored by road in a week or more, RV rental Ireland provides a great balance of thriving cities, historic castles and natural sights as diverse as the Cliffs of Moher and beaches of Kilkee. Regularly rated as one of the top destinations in the world, its delights extend beyond static attractions to include a warm welcoming, as anyone walking into a small village pub for a pint of Guinness will testify to. In short, Ireland is all about taking the road less traveled to uncover hidden gems, from mountain crags to tumbling waterfalls.

Survival Guide

  • Both Irish and English are official languages, although the primary language used is English. It is spoken by 99% of citizens.
  • ‘Hello’ in Irish is ‘dia dhuit’ (literally ‘good day’), while ‘thank you’ is ‘go raibh maith agat’.
  • The cost of a meal for two in a mid-range restaurant can cost anywhere from €30 in smaller towns to €60 in Dublin.
  • The cost of a pint of local beer is around €5.

Camping in Ireland

Wild camping is allowed in most of Ireland, including along its coast and within its national parks. Rules do differ by location, so it’s always best to check first before you go wild camping with your campervan rental in Ireland. You can also often get permission from a landowner (or nearest house) without difficulty. You shouldn’t drive off-road, light a fire, or damage the site in any way.

Popular camping locations include the Beara Peninsula on the coast of counties Cork and Kerry, and within the Wicklow Mountains National Park (outside the Glendalough area, where camping is discouraged).

Driving in Ireland

Ireland drives on the left-hand side of the road, like the United Kingdom. Generally speaking, the road network in Ireland is well-maintained. All main routes are surfaced for all-weather traffic, with excellent signage. Country roads may be limited to a single lane, with passing places to maneuver around vehicles coming in the opposite direction. Private and rarely used roads may have a gravel surface.

There are 11 toll roads in Ireland, corresponding with the country’s main highway routes (denoted by an M or N prefix). Except for the M50, charges can be paid in cash (€) at toll booths. Costs vary, but range between €2-3 for RVs. The M50, ringing Dublin, automatically captures vehicle number (license) plates. The toll must be paid by phone or online by 8 pm the next day to avoid fines.

Annual Events in Ireland

  • Saint Patrick’s Day, countrywide, March 17. A public holiday when you can expect singing, dancing and parades up and down the country. The festival in Dublin has close to a week of celebrations, ending with fireworks. Free.
  • Wicklow Arts Festival, Wicklow, May. Celebrating the arts in all their forms, this festival brings together visual artists, performers, musicians and writers for five days of events. Free.
  • Fleadh Cheoil, various locations, August. This festival is an excellent way of discovering Ireland’s musical traditions, and sees the all-Ireland champions crowned in a number of different categories. Free.

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