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Campervan Rental Norway

Norway is a country with great cultural heritage, and nature has almost gained celebrity status abroad thanks to the elongated fjords and majestic mountains. Motorhomes rental in Norway is very popular, due to the country's spectacular nature experiences such as mountains and deep fjords, untouched nature, midnight sun, and northern lights. With a coastline of over 100,000 km, you will never get bored: welcome to a varied landscape with everything from glaciers in the mountains to whale watching at sea. You will be able to drive steamboats in the canals, dog sleds on the plains, experience floating saunas in the Oslo Fjord, and bungee jump among dramatic mountain landscapes.

Fun Facts

  • The Lærdal tunnel is the world's longest road tunnel, and it is located in Norway. It is a full 24.5 km long.
  • Kirkenes is not only very far north, but also very far east: as far east as Cairo
  • The world's most expensive painting is from Norway. "Scream" by Edvard Munch was sold for a staggering $120 million in 2012.

Camping in Norway

Wild camping in Norway is like entering paradise- and it's completely free. Thanks to the right of public access, everyone can pitch a tent or hammock, or even park a motorhome along the road in outlying areas. Make sure you are at least 150 meters away from houses and cottages and make sure you pack up and clean up after yourself after 48 hours.

There are also over 1000 campsites you can stay at in a campervan rental in Norway, all of which offer modern facilities and fun activities. You can expect to have to pay anywhere between 60 to over 600 kroner per night, depending on where you are, as well as whether you bring a motorhome or tent.

Driving in Norway

Driving through Norway is an adventure: most national roads are usually narrower country roads, and many of the routes will take you through landscapes with outstanding views. On the other hand, the speed limit is often lower than elsewhere in Europe and a four-lane highway is only common around large cities.

Tolls are automatically deducted on both cars and motorhomes in Norway. If your vehicle comes from abroad, it is advisable to register it with Euro Parking Collection plc (EPC) before the trip starts. This also applies when you rent a RV in Norway.

Annual Events in Norway

  • May 17: Norway's national day is without a doubt the biggest celebration in the whole country, with most people wearing the traditional “Bunad”, which is Norway’s national costume, as well as parades and Norwegian flags everywhere.
  • “Gladmatfestivalen”, July / August, Stavanger: A food festival with a high culinary factor, where you can taste dishes from all over the world.
  • Trænafestivalen, July, Træna: Mentioned by British The Guardian as being one of Europe's best "secret" festivals, you will enjoy the midnight sun on the festival island in northern Norway.

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