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Hire a campervan, motorhome or rent an RV in 16 European countries or islands!

Take one of our 1000+ campervans for hire on an epic road trip in Europe. Our practical van models are the perfect fit for families, couples, friends, or first-time adventurers. Want ultimate freedom? Mix and match your pick-up and drop-off between any of our 50+ locations in Europe.

Which one of our 5 campervan models fits your road trip best?

Campervan hire - Active Plus van, Indie model

Model: Nomad

Fiat Ducato L2H2, 2.3 Multijet 130 Diesel, 2018

Campervan hire - Nomad van floorplant
2 Double-Beds
Living Area
8,4 m2
WC w/ shower
Campervan hire - Sporty van, Indie model

Model: Sporty

Fiat Ducato 30 CH2 2.0 Multijet 115 Diesel, 2015-17

Campervan hire - Sporty van floorplant
2 Double-Beds
Living Area
7,5 m2
optional as extra
Campervan hire - Active Plus van, Indie model

Model: Active Plus

Fiat Ducato MH2, 2.0 Multijet 115 Diesel, 2015-17

Campervan hire - Active Plus van floorplant
2 Double-Beds
Living Area
8,4 m2
WC w/ shower

Model: California

Volkswagen California BlueMotion Coast 2.0TDI 102

2 Double-Beds
Living Area
7,5 m2
optional as extra
Campervan hire - Motorhome van, Indie model

Model: Motorhome

Fiat Ducato LH2, 2.0 Multijet 115 Diesel, 2015-17

Campervan hire - Motorhome van floorplant
2 Double-Beds
Living Area
9,4 m2
WC w/ shower

Find out what type of road trip vehicles are out there for hire

Campervans, Motorhomes, RVs, Caravans and VW vans – there’s a vehicle for every kind of road trip, and for all types of travellers!

Conventional and comfortable

Motorhomes are large, integrated vehicles that are factory-built and usually come in white. Motorhomes have plenty living space and often feature an alcove atop the driver’s cabin. You’ll see a lot of motorhomes driving across Europe, as motorhome hire is a very popular holiday option in the Old Continent.

Compact and all you need

More compact, versatile, and discreet than motorhomes, campervans have less amenities but are still complete homes. The (often) custom-built campervan is perfect for long and short road trips, fit the urban environment, and are easy to drive and park. Hire a campervan for flexibility on your road trip.

Everything recreational

RV is short for Recreational Vehicle. It’s a broad term that includes motorhomes, campervans, and even caravans. The term RV is mostly used in American English, which is why you’ll find more RV rental in the US. If you want to rent an RV in Europe, try using a more specific term, like campervan hire or motorhome rental or hire.

Trailer for your car

A caravan is a camper trailer that is towed by another vehicle. They vary in size and design, from big teardrop designs to foldable box-trailers. People often mistake the name caravan for motorhomes and campervans, but a caravan hire relates specifically to the towed trailers that provide living space. We don’t have caravans for hire.

VW Van
The original campervan

The VW Type 2 (also known as the Kombi and Bulli) is the original road trip vehicle and a cultural icon. Companies like Westfalia converted the Kombi into real campervans. VW has continued the tradition with the T6, a state-of-the-art campervan. We provide VW van hire of the newest models, combining the back-to-basics feeling with a modern and comfortable sensation of freedom and independence.

Included in all Campervan and Motorhome rentals

Checkin 24/7
Assistance 24/7
Airport Transfer
Bedding kit
Cleaning kit
Trip advice
Unlimited Km's
Kitchen Kit

Our Campervan Hire Depots

Our dedicated operational team will welcome you at your preferred campervan or motorhome hire location, either at the airport or at the Indie Campers depot. We will provide you with all necessary information to ensure a safe and pleasant RV rental road trip experience, and will make sure to give you the best tips on what to explore next. We’re always available and happy to help, so don’t hesitate to make use of our 24/7 support and road assistance!

Motorhome & Campervan Hire in 13 Countries and 3 Islands across Europe

Every country a unique story, each island its own universe. We have campervans for hire all across Europe, but/so where does your road trip start?

Portugal roadtrip - Lisbon castle and historical center

Campervan hire in Portugal

Renting a campervan in Portugal is the best way to get to know the country: discover Lisbon’s cultural landmarks, Algarve’s breathtaking beaches and Douro’s lush vineyards. Try out surfing in Ericeira, dine at a fado restaurant and indulge in a glass of ginja with locals!

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Spain roadtrip - Barcelona and the Sagrada Familia at nightfall

Campervan hire in Spain

Book your campervan trip from Spain and explore magnificent mountains, wild landscapes, and medieval villages. Don’t miss out on Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Guggenheim in Bilbao and the tapas in Seville!

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France roadtrip - Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the centre

Campervan hire in France

Begin your campervan voyage in France and discover stunning museums, châteaux and beautiful national parks! From Paris to the French Riviera, the lavender fields of Provence to the region of Champagne, indulge yourself in the sophisticated cuisine and local exquisite wines!

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Italy roadtrip - Rome coliseum

Campervan hire in Italy

Book your adventure by van in Italy and set out for an unparalleled cultural experience in Venice, visit iconic ruins and sumptuous cathedrals in Rome, and discover Tuscany’s sunniest vineyards.

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Belgium roadtrip - River cruises at night

Campervan hire in Belgium

Start your unforgettable journey in Belgium by renting a campervan. Marvel at the architectural gems in Bruges, roam around enchanting market squares in Ghent, and discover fantastic design shops in Antwerp. Devour savory steaming mussels, waffles and artisanal beer!

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Switzerland roadtrip - Walking paths with view for snowy mountains

Campervan hire in Switzerland

Begin your motorhome or VW trip in Switzerland and discover grandiose snow-capped mountains, spectacular lakes, and glitzy resort towns. Lace up your boots and explore sublime hiking trails and secluded alpine villages. The Swiss cheese and chocolate are not to be missed!

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Sicily roadtrip - Small fishing boats, sandy beaches and houses on hills

Campervan hire in Sicily

Rent a campervan to travel through Sicily and discover the island’s rich cultural heritage, alongside a sensational array of wild landscape, ringed by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean sea. Mount Etna, Palermo, Catania, and Limoncello are all bucket list favourites.

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Sardinia roadtrip - Panoramic view of the island

Campervan hire in Sardinia

Travel by motorhome in Sardinia and explore the Roman ruins in Cagliari, 2,000km of wild coastline, magnificent beaches and lush natural reserves. Emerald waters, wondrous mountain trails and rugged interior landscapes ensure an unlimited potential for outdoor adventures.

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Corsica roadtrip - well-preserved ancient city landscapes

Campervan hire in Corsica

Begin your journey by van on this dazzling French island, located in the Mediterranean Sea, with its beautiful coastal town of Figari, romantic hilltop village of Bonifacio, bustling commercial centre of Bastia, or stunning port city of Ajaccio. Corsica’s astounding scenery and remarkable historical sites truly make for the perfect holiday getaway.

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Campervan hire in The Netherlands

From swirling windmills and bobbing flowers, to canals and cycling, the Netherlands proves that great things come in small packages.

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Campervan hire in Croatia

From a cool coastline and a thousand sparkling islands, through the hobbly hills of prized wines and tasty truffles, to breath-taking sights in ancient towns and national parks, Croatia is where you feast on the finer things in life.

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Campervan hire in Germany

From the Prussian Empire, through Bavarian beer, to the deep Black Forest and the snow-white Alps, it’s time to discover the beautiful cornucopia of Germany.

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Campervan hire in England

Explore the kingdom where untouched landscapes, colossal castles and looming cities are united into one stunning country.

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Campervan hire in Ireland

With its rough and rugged good looks and great personality to boot, Ireland is a seriously beautiful country that doesn’t take life at all seriously.

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Campervan hire in Iceland

Star in your own adventure movie with a visit to the dramatic and otherworldly land of ice and fire

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Campervan hire in Scotland

Mountainous wilderness, shadowy glens, glittering lochs, majestic ruins: Scotland makes looking good seem easy.

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Since starting in 2013 with 3 vans, Indie Campers has been about more than a motorhome or campervan hire company - we’re about providing the best road trip experience possible. In five years we’ve become Europe’s go-to campervan hire road trip provider, added 1000+ vans to our fleet for RV rental, and broadened our mission: to have everyone try campervan road trips at least once in their life!

A growing community is loving our campervan hire & RV rental service

Read what the Indie family has to say about their motorhome rental road trip experience and our service at Indie Campers

"We had a great experience with Indie Campers! The van was fantastic and had everything we needed. We have to give a big applause to the customer service, from beginning to end they helped us so much. If you are considering travelling by campervan this will be a notable difference from other campervan rentals, the way they treated us, they went above and beyond for us! We can’t thank them enough for that."

Daniela Salvador
Model: Active M •

"We did a lot of research coming from Australia, to travel around Spain by campervan. Indie Campers were fantastic from start to finish. Administration and communication was excellent including best value for a fantastic, reliable, and cheap to run vehicle, the staff went completely over and beyond our service expectations and it is easy to say the team at Indie are excellent. Percy the yellow submarine and us had some wonderful adventures and experiences and we can’t wait to do it all again with Indie in Portugal again one day. We highly recommend Indie Campers for users of all ages."

MJ Rigby
Model: Sporty •

"Fantastic company, customer service goes above and beyond not only for issues but for general advice about beaches to camp, places to visit and things to avoid. Jose out of Malaga is a genuine legend who gave us priceless advice and tips all delivered with a smile, never hesitated to call us back with advice and tips. The vans are fantastic, very well set up with everything you could possibly need for an unforgettable trip through beautiful Portugal. A rare company that blends 5 star customer service with a 5 star product. Couldn't recommend more."

Jay Catoggio
Model: Active S •

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