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Campervan Rental in San Diego

The best fleet of RVs, campervans and motorhomes for rent in San Diego

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6.000+ campervans and RVs across North America, Oceania & Europe
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The process is swift, easy, and can be completed online. Simply enter your travel dates, pickup and drop-off locations, and find your perfect adventure on wheels.

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Nº 1 road trip provider in North America, Oceania and Europe

Over 6.000 RVs, motorhomes, and campervans for rental across +70 locations in Europe, Oceania and North America. Start dreaming and travel with us!

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Indie Campers San Diego campervan

Campervan and RV Rental in San Diego

Embark on an unforgettable road trip adventure in San Diego with Indie Campers, where a diverse fleet of campervans and RV await to elevate your travel experience. Whether you're a seasoned road warrior or a newcomer to the world of road trips, you can rent a campervan in San Diego Indie to suit your needs.

Indie Campers takes your road trip to the next level with a wide array of campervan rental San Diego. These vehicles offer the perfect blend of comfort and mobility, allowing you to explore San Diego and its surrounding areas with unparalleled freedom.

National Parks in the area of San Diego

Enjoy the natural wonders surrounding San Diego by visiting renowned national parks such as Joshua Tree, Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia. With the convenience to rent campervans or RVs, you can seamlessly traverse these iconic destinations , taking in their breathtaking landscapes at your own pace.

San Diego Coastline, Lakes, and Rivers

Discover the beauty of the San Diego coastline, serene lakes, and meandering rivers on your terms. Renting a campervan or RV allows you to explore these scenic spots with the comfort of a home on wheels, ensuring a personalized and memorable experience.

Campgrounds around the San Diego area

Experience the great outdoors by staying at various campgrounds in the San Diego area. From the tranquil Hodgdon Meadow to the picturesque White Tank campground, the options offer a unique camping experience tailored to your preferences.

One-Ways Available from San Diego

Embark on a thrilling journey with Indie Campers when you rent an RV or campervan in San Diego, offering the freedom to explore exciting destinations across California and the United States . Enjoy one-way rental options in Denver , Salt Lake City , Phoenix , San Francisco , Las Vegas , and Los Angeles

Information and Requirements to Drive from San Diego

To drive our vehicles, ensure you're at least 21 years old with a standard driving license. Non-US citizens should verify visa requirements . Our RV rental San Diego include Basic Insurance, Automatic Gear, left-side steering, a Kitchen kit, jack, triangle & vests, and 24/7 Assistance for a worry-free adventure.

Discover more about travelling, campervan and how to rent RVs on our dedicated Blog: Camping Tips and How-to Guides .

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Indie Campers in San Diego

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