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Cliff on a beachside in Portugal

Campervan Rental Portugal

Portugal is the oldest country in Europe and one of the oldest in the world. It’s characterized by the natural beauty of both the mountains and the extensive beaches with countless cliffs, which is worth discovering if you choose to rent a motorhome in Portugal.

Portuguese culture is shaped by its close contact with the sea, diversifying gastronomy and instilling the tradition of water sports such as surfing, a very popular sport due to the large waves off the coast of Portugal.

Fun Facts

  • The oldest book shop in the world is Portuguese: it’s called Livraria Bertrand, which is in Chiado, Lisbon;
  • Portuguese Conventual Sweets were first made in the 15th century, as the name suggests, in convents by nuns and friars;
  • Portugal is the third safest country in the world.

Camping in Portugal

While planning to rent a motorhome in Portugal, it is important to find out where it is and is not permitted to spend the night. Wild Camping: when considering a RV rental in Portugal, it is very important to know that camping outside of campsites is illegal in Portugal. A permit is required for camping outside campsites, which must be approved by the local city council, authorities, and a health delegate.

A campervan rental in Portugal is the ideal plan considering that there are campsites all over the country. For exploring nature more closely and enjoying greater peace and quiet, the inland region of the country is the best choice. Beach and water sports lovers should, of course, camp next to the beach, where more campsites can be found. Campsites along the beaches in the Algarve area are much more popular and usually fuller.

Driving in Portugal

Highway Quality: It's a good idea to have some practical information about driving in the country, before setting off on a campervan rental in Portugal. The highways are in excellent condition, making Portugal the ideal location for a motorhome rental and setting off to discover.

It is important not to exceed the speed limit, as there are radars in several areas.

Tolls: Most highways are subject to toll payments. Of the 5 toll classifications, campervans and motorhomes correspond to class 2. Prices vary between highways and trips. For example, the cost to travel between Porto and Lisbon, via the A1, is €38. 

Annual Events in Portugal

When considering a RV rental in Portugal, note that these are some must see events.

  • Queima das Fitas de Coimbra: The Ribbon Burning Festival is an academic celebration in the city of students, in May, with lots of music and fun. Tickets cost around €10 per day.
  • Santos Populares: In June, the Santos Populares festival is celebrated, a festival known for its grilled sardines, beer, and entertainment.
  • NOS Alive: One of the best-known summer festivals in Europe. Tickets for the 4 days in July cost €189
  • Web Summit: The Web Summit is Europe's largest technology conference, held annually in Lisbon. The first edition in Lisbon was in 2016, and it is expected to remain there until at least 2028.

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The best time to rent a RV in Portugal

Weather graph for average temperatures in Portugal
Average temperature in Portugal per month

Situated by the sea, Portugal is one of the warmest countries in Europe. Temperatures can vary in Portugal, depending on the distance from the ocean.

During the summer, from late May to mid-September, the coastal area is cooler, with temperatures around 25°C. In winter, it’s milder, with temperatures often above 10°C. This contrasts with the inland region, where there are harsh winters with temperatures close to 0ºC with higher rainfall in December and January, and dry hot summers, with temperatures above 39°C.

In the archipelagos, the temperatures barely vary throughout the year, with average annual temperatures exceeding 20°C. Portugal's mild climate and low rainfall make it the ideal destination for seaside activities, both sport and leisure, and nature activities such as camping and hiking.

The best time to rent a RV in Portugal is in May or September, the weather is fantastic, and beach trips are less busy. This makes it easier to find parking spaces and prices are lower.

Portugal can be visited at any time of year, but summer and New Year are the busiest times and when prices reach their highest. Outside the summer months, except for New Year, prices are relatively low and places are not too crowded. There is also the exception of snow-covered areas, such as Serra da Estrela, where it’s much busier in winter. To celebrate New Year's Eve in a chalet, it is essential to book in advance.

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