The 7 Best Tips to Organize Your Motorhome

Your suitcases are packed, but how do you get everything in your motorhome? Learn the best organizing systems and space-saving ideas.

What should I take with me for my next holiday on a campsite or on my next road trip? Once this question is answered, many travellers realize that if they want to take everything with them, then they have room in the motorhome to move around! But with a simple organization system, more items can fit in than before. We’ll show you our 7-best space-saving ideas to save space and keep everything in order! So, you can not only accommodate more, but you will also find everything faster! 

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Our 7 best tips to keep your motorhome organized

1. The simplest organization tip is less is more!

2. Despite potholes, everything remains in the right place in a motorhome organization system

3. Use unused spaces for extra storage

4. Organizing the motorhome kitchen

5. Extend the organization system for the motorhome to the outdoor area 

6. Classification systems for the rear storage compartment in a motorhome

7. Motorhome roof top storage

1. The simplest organization system for the motorhome is less is more! 

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What should you take with you? 

Do not save your space by going about it the wrong way around, after all, you also want to feel comfortable in your motorhome. Therefore, pack a warm blanket so that you can look at the stars at night with the door open. If you want to spend the night outside under the open sky or just want to tan in the sun, consider packing a hammock. Of course, they are not essential for survival, but for a particularly cosy atmosphere in the campervan, bring small plants and fairy lights, so you immediately feel at home! 

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2. Despite potholes, everything remains in the right place with this motorhome organization system

When your motorhome is parked, everything is perfectly arranged in the cupboards, but when you drive off, everything tumbles, glasses and plates clink together. If you open the cabinets again after a turbulent journey, half the load will come towards you. For the particularly fragile tableware, there are special cabinet inserts that can be changed to help ensure that everything stays in place when you open the cabinets. 

For an easy way to set up your own organization system in the motorhome, you can attach spacer rods in the cabinets, made of materials that you still have at home, such as wooden panels. Special plate holders allow your dishes to arrive at the end of the journey without clinking and scratching. 

There are also storage strips and drawer dividers for drawers as an organization system in which cups can be separated from each other. You can also attach hook strips to the kitchen ceiling and hang the cup handles at a distance. These hooks can be found in every hardware store, they are usually used for towels in the bathroom. 

Stretchable nets with or without fixed inserts offer plenty of storage space for clothing, mobile phone cables, children’s toys or tools. Everything can be stowed away quickly and does not slip while driving, and it is also one of the cheapest organization systems for motorhomes. 

3. Use unused spaces for extra storage

Get creative and go in search of usable space! For example, you can use boxes under your driver and passenger seat as an organization system for smaller items. So-called hanging organizers can be attached to the backs of the seats and offer a variety of small pockets, perfect for games, cables, dog leashes or other small parts.

Jute bags are perfect for using unused spaces in which no box is possible. In these you can store your bathing suit and the bag is quickly on hand if you want to go to the beach. 

4. Organizing the motorhome kitchen

The best way to organize your kitchen is to plan your meals and stock up on necessities. Estimate approximately how much coffee you usually drink in a week, for example, and fill in smaller amounts. For a particularly sustainable organization system, you can use old washed-out jars and fill them with detergent or spices. 

You can also save space by using sustainable water bottles, instead of supermarket water jugs, and refill them along the way at water stations, which will also save your travel budget. You don’t have to bring all your food from home, this would take up too much space. In addition, it is much more fun to explore the supermarkets in other countries and try out new dishes!

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5. Extend the organization system from the motorhome to the outdoors 

On a camping trip with several adults and children, it can get cramped, especially if everyone brings their favourite toys and clothes. Since it can be a bit cramped even with the best organization system in the motorhome. Bring an awning or an extra tent for the children. This provides additional space and more freedom for everyone. 

6. Classification systems for the rear storage compartment in a motorhome

Rear storage compartments offer plenty of storage space, but they are often not fully utilized because they do not always have rails, cabinets, or boxes. But retrofits are no problem! As you have already seen on our packing list, you can take your bike, skateboard, or inline skates with you as a means of transport away from the motorhome or just for fun. Since these are rather bulky, they will fit particularly well in the rear storage compartment of a motorhome.

To ensure that your bike does not tip over while driving, you can easily attach it with tension straps and a fastener rail. Usually, there is also enough space for additional organization systems such as boxes. The rear storage compartment of a motorhome is also a good place for a camping table and beach chairs.

7. Motorhome roof top storage ideas

An often-unused extra storage space in a campervan is its roof. However, it always depends on your van or motorhome, as many vehicles are not allowed to exceed a certain height. If you still have free headroom, this is a great place for your surfboard, canoe, or roof box. You can easily attach surfboards with multiple tension straps and roof racks, but make sure they can’t slip when riding. Roof boxes offer the advantage that you can store many more things in them, which you don’t need every day, such as rain wear or climbing equipment. 

Hopefully, you’ve discovered new storage space ideas and organization systems for your motorhome and travel with less chaos from now on! Organization systems are great to bring everything safely to the destination and to stay well in your motorhome.

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