Camping Packing List for Adventure Trips

The ultimate camping packing list of what any traveler looking for adventure should take with them.

If you’re planning on going on a road trip, there’s a thing or two you should bring with you. Follow this list to make sure you don’t forget anything.

The four main categories of what to take on an RV rental are documents, clothing, toiletries, and entertainment.


The first items on our camping packing list are all necessary legal documents you may need, such as an ID and/or a driver’s license. In case anything happens, or if you are stopped by the authorities during the trip, or run into any trouble, having your documents ready will help make everything less stressful. Regardless of your destination, always keep the following documents in a folder:

  • Personal identification. Your passport if you are traveling outside the country
  • Driver’s license
  • General health information, i.e. vaccination certificate, blood type, and allergy list
  • Health insurance card
  • Money in two forms: cash and credit or debit card. Make sure that your cards have sufficient funds to cover expenses and know their limits


Depending on the season and your plans your camping packing list may need to be adjusted, there are certain things that must be considered. The motorhome will have limited space inside, taking only what is most necessary. Consider packing lightweight clothing to wear and wash. This should consist mostly of cotton clothing, but there are more efficient options for traveling. One of the best fabrics is merino wool, as it can be worn for several days in a row and in different temperatures. Another alternative is polygiene treated clothing, which does not need to be washed as often.

Starting with your feet, ​short socks may be the best option along with a pair of sneakers, to walk comfortably without any problems. Along the route, you may come across a number of tracks that cannot be accessed by vehicles. Pack ankle socks and trainers that you are willing to get wet and dirty, they will be your greatest allies. The ideal second pair of shoes are flip-flops. They are lightweight and will come in handy for beach days and walking inside the RV.

Next on the camping packing list, bottoms. Comfortable shorts are perfect not only when it gets hot, but also to give your legs flexibility for active moments. However, don’t forget to pack some pants for when the sun goes down or if you are planning a trip for colder months. Jeans may be a good second choice if you plan to explore towns and cities too, as well as being useful for hiking unkept mountains. Pack just a couple of changes of underwear, enough to be able to wash and dry them while you’re on the road. The same goes for your swimsuit. 

With tops, it will be very important to pack some t-shirts. As a suggestion, no more than five to have several options without going overboard. You should take at least two tops that cover your shoulders, to protect them when spending a long time in the sun. It is always better to be cautious and limit your skin’s exposure to the sun, even if you are a sunscreen lover.

Bear in mind that a camping packing list is only a guideline and there can be a considerable temperature range, depending on your route, the time of year and if you plan to travel to a high altitude. Therefore, it is essential you bring both a warm jacket and a lighter one. 

A winter camping packing list should also include a scarf for your neck or a so-called “buff”, which will not only cover your neck but can also be worn on your head to protect it from high or low temperatures. When it comes to protecting your head and face, your best option is a hat. Nothing can protect your face and eyes better than a good cap. 

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Toiletry Bag for Hygiene and Personal Care

The most important accessory on our camping packing list is sunscreen. Protecting the largest organ of the body should always be among all priorities. Factor 50 sunscreen should be used at all times. Excessive sun exposure can cause slight, even unnoticeable, skin lesions that over time, due to their cumulative nature, become permanent damage that is difficult to heal. It should be applied up to 3 times a day, even on cloudy days, since clouds do not block UV rays. Therefore, always carry a bottle of between 250 ml and 400 ml with you, to be used generously on your face and body.

A parasol is a super nice extra for relaxing on beach days. In addition, no beach camping packing list is complete without a beach towel or blanket for the sand.

For your eyes, make sure to wear sunglasses with a UV filter. If they are anti-glare, even better, they will relax and sharpen your gaze in front of the wheel. You will notice the difference at the end of the day without a doubt.

Another important item is a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. Gels with aloe vera or fast-absorbing emulsions will bring a comforting and aromatic spa moment to your rustic trip.

A camping packing list should include items such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, and other personal hygiene items. Baby wipes are unbeatable for hygiene needs on the road. When showering isn’t an option, wipes will keep the body clean and give you a greater feeling of comfort. If a shower is available, a microfiber towel is recommended, as it dries much faster than normal cotton towels.

Lastly, the need for a first aid kit is indisputable. Always check if the motorhome includes one. If not, prepare a bag with ethyl alcohol, bandage gauze, small scissors, and healing tape or band-aids. You should also take mosquito repellent, paracetamol and ibuprofen, gas relief tablets, and allergy medications. This way you will be prepared for any eventuality to treat wounds and pain, avoiding major problems.

Logistics and Entertainment

Every camping packing list needs certain items for added enjoyment. It is true that travel days can be tiring and even boring at times, without some help. Some travelers take their laptops, a camera, and even a drone with them on their trip. Electronic devices play a big part in everybody’s lives and are useful tools to record your memories. Don’t forget to bring batteries and chargers.

To keep electronics full of power, we suggest bringing a portable power bank, in case the RV’s charger is being used for other devices. There are many options available on the market. The strongest battery banks allow mobile phones to be charged up to six times. You can take an extension lead with more than 4 inputs or a double port for the car to speed up the process. Store electronic equipment in a waterproof bag or case, for any risk of splashing or spillage.

A flashlight at night will probably be needed. Those short nighttime outings to gaze at the starry skies are unmissable.

Finally, every camping packing list should include a fun board or card game. Playing cards like “UNO” can add extra fun to the trip.

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