The 4x4 rugged off-road companion


Embark on the adventure with the 4x4 Trekker, an embodiment of versatility and ruggedness tailor-made for your adventurous spirit. This exceptional vehicle stands ready to accompany you on all your daring expeditions, making every journey a memorable escapade. This Trekker comes with a rooftop tent, a hallmark of hassle-free camping that sets this campervan apart. Affixed atop the vehicle, the rooftop tent becomes your haven, offering solace from the elements while allowing you to stay intimately connected with the natural world throughout your voyage. Besides that, you can satisfy your culinary desires during your road trip with the well-designed trail kitchen nestled within the campervan's interior. Unfolding a world of possibilities, it features a versatile cooking stove, a practical cooler, and a collapsible sink. Step inside to embrace the comfort that defines the Trekker interior. Recline in supportive seats, revel in generous legroom, and bask in the modern amenities that elevate your travel experience. Whether you're cruising through urban avenues or conquering off-road challenges, this campervan ensures each moment is one of pure enjoyment.

2.0L Bi-Turbo Diesel Engine

Seating for 5 people and beds for 2 people

17'9" x 7'3" x 5'11"

Not Available

6'7" x 4'7"