Autonomous and fully equipped RV


Hit the road with the JOA, a sleek and versatile campervan . With comfortable seating for four people and sleeping accommodations for two, the JOA is designed to provide a cozy and convenient travel experience. Inside the JOA, you'll find a well-designed living area featuring a compact kitchenette, a bathroom, and a dedicated sleeping space. The living area is thoughtfully laid out with a comfortable couch, two swivel chairs, and a foldable table for dining or entertainment. The kitchenette is equipped with two gas stoves, a sink, and a spacious 80L fridge, ensuring you have everything you need to prepare meals on the go. The bathroom includes a toilet and washing basin, with a cleverly integrated tap that doubles as a showerhead. The sliding door adds privacy and convenience to the bathroom area. The sleeping area in the JOA camper van consists of one double bed for two people. JOA is equipped with integrated heating for comfort in various weather conditions. As part of Indie Campers' commitment to customer satisfaction, also includes all the services you've come to expect, such as 24/7 support and roadside assistance, a comprehensive kitchen kit, and a cleaning kit. Embark on your adventures with JOA, the perfect companion for those seeking a stylish and functional camper van experience.

Fiat Ducato 180HP/AT

Seating for 4 people and beds for 2 people

19'8" x 6'9" x 9'

Bathroom with hot shower

6'4" x 5'1"