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Through Indie Campers partnership with Omocom, all vehicles on Indie Campers platform registered in Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Austria and Germany will automatically get rental insurance through Omocom, unless hosts have their own private insurance for campervan rental. This insurance will be provided through Indie Campers' platform and the price of the insurance will be included in the final price of the booking.

Our partner Omocom has its roots in Sweden, they are working towards increasing the use of existing resources to create a more sustainable future enabled through means like the sharing economy. Through our partnership with Omocom, we at Indie Campers hope to encourage more campervan owners to rent out their vehicles by providing reduced risk at renting out with Omocom’s effortless on-demand insurance solution. Omocom is an insurance broker that customizes and distributes the insurance. A traditional insurance company, Dina försäkring AB, takes on the risk. 

The company also has an in-house claims management team that handles claims reports quickly and smoothly.

How does Indie Campers platform rental insurance work through Omocom? 

Read the full information sheet of how Omocom’s rental insurance with Indie Campers works here.

How can I take out an insurance policy for RV rental?

The process is quite simple and automatic. If the Host does not have their own insurance, the Omocom insurance will be automatically activated when you confirm your booking and is valid during the rental period with Indie Campers. This rental insurance is a complement to the vehicles road insurance, and Omocom provides additional insurance protection which covers potential damages to the vehicles during the rental. 

What does the insurance cover?

The insurance covers damage, loss or theft occurring in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and other countries upon request. Omocom's insurance solution covers what you need for renting out your campervan plus extra protection for theft damage when renting to a second or third party.

Omocom will reimburse the cost of any excess amount derived from a damage/Accident while being rented via Indie Campers.

In the event of an accident, what should I do?

In the unfortunate event of damage or theft, a claim must be made as soon as possible using Omocom's claim form: https://external.omocom.se/claimsform 

The compensation can be in the form of repairs, replacement (replacement of equivalent goods) or cash.

Some examples of damage that is covered under this insurance:

- Road traffic accident that causes damage to the body of the RV

- Intentional damage (for example, someone throws a rock at the RV that breaks a window)

- Theft - in case an unknown person steals and drives away with the RV

- Dent in a vehicle caused by an accidental reversal on an object

- Stone chip on window

What is not included in the insurance?

Some specific situations may not be covered by the insurance. Below you can confirm some examples of scenarios that are not covered by the insurance.

- Misfuelling (Covering potential damages of fueling the vehicle)

- Normal wear and tear of the vehicle, which does not affect its usability

- The insurance will not be valid in the event of the Lessor having caused the damage intentionally through gross negligence

- Damage or theft as a result of not following Indie Campers or Omocom terms and conditions

Why do I need basic vehicle insurance?

The Omocom insurance solution covers what the basic vehicle insurance won’t cover, such as damage or theft when renting out to a second- or third party.

Omocom will reimburse the costs for any excess amount that is paid to the road insurance company by the owner of the car.

Read the full terms and conditions here.

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