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RV Rental Insurance with Allianz in France

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This insurance is provided by Indie Campers platform insurance with Allianz

The platform insurance provided by Allianz France is automatically added to all French registered vehicles rented out on Indie Campers platform unless the vehicle owner, called host hereafter, has private self-drive rental insurance. The insurance premium is already included in the total nightly price of the booking and will be charged to the traveller. Thus, hosts and travellers can relax with rest assured during the rental!

General contract information about platform insurance by Allianz in France

·       Insurer: Allianz Iard

·       Policyholder: Indie Campers France S.A.R.L

·       Insurance Policy: 62009181

·       Insurance Coverage: Civil liability in and off road, Civil defense and insolvency, Criminal defense and appeal following an accident, Theft and attempted theft, Fire, storm and forces of nature, Glass damage, All-accident damage, Accessories and private belongings, Natural disasters, Breakdown assistance, towing, lifting and guarding, Roadside assistance.

Allianz insurance coverage

The following scope of insurance applies to all insured vehicles:

1. Civil liability in and off road: We guarantee the pecuniary consequences of the civil liability that you may incur due to physical injury (unlimited), tangible and intangible consequential damages (limited to 100M €).

2. Civil defense and insolvency: In the event of a traffic accident where you are covered by the above-mentioned civil liability, we will assume your civil defense before all courts in the event of legal action involving both your interests and ours.

3. Criminal defense and recourse following an accident: In the event of a traffic accident involving the insured vehicle, we provide you with help and assistance to ensure your defense and exercise your recourse.
Our coverage is capped at €8,000 (including tax) per dispute. We cover the costs and fees of legal expertise up to a maximum of €3,050 (including tax) per dispute (this legal expertise budget is taken into account in the calculation of the coverage limit per dispute). We guarantee your dispute if it concerns a claim of more than 230 €.

4. Theft and attempted theft: Coverage is provided up to the amount of the repairs or the expert's opinion value, less a deductible fee of €1,500. The contractual limit of indemnity is set at €65,000 including tax.

5. Fire, Storm and Forces of Nature: Coverage is provided up to the amount of the repairs or the expert's opinion value, less a deductible fee of €1,500. The contractual limit of indemnity is set at €65,000 including tax.

6. Glass Breakage: The guarantee is acquired up to the amount of the repairs or the replacement value, subject to a deductible fee of 1 500 €.

7. Damage all Accidents: The guarantee is valid up to the amount of the repairs or the expert's value, less a deductible of €1,500. Damage caused to the upper parts of the rented vehicle resulting from failure to respect the gauge limit and/or misjudgment of a passageway are covered under the guarantee, without limitation or exclusion. The contractual limit of indemnity is set at €65,000 including tax.

8. Accessories and private content: It is specified that also form an integral part of the insured vehicle up to 3.000 €, the fittings and professional equipment not provided for in the manufacturer's catalog, the accessories not provided for in the manufacturer's catalog, the audio equipment and the objects and effects transported. Only accessories rented at the same time as the vehicle and permanently attached to it are covered.

9. Natural disasters: The guarantee is provided up to the expert's opinion value less a legal deductible fixed by the "natural disasters" regulations in force on the day of the loss. The contractual limit of indemnity is set at €65,000 including tax.

10. Troubleshooting, Towing, Lifting and Guarding: This guarantee, which applies according to the expert's opinion, only applies in the event of a damage guarantee, in particular: fire, theft, all-accident damage, natural disasters, forces of nature. Guarantee granted up to 300 €.

11. Roadside Assistance: This coverage does not include the "replacement vehicle" option.

No insurance coverage exists


Requirements for campervan insurance rental

In order to enable a rental with the Allianz Platform Insurance, host, vehicle and traveller have to comply with the following requirements:

Requirements for the Host

·       Insured are campervan owners and / or travellers who rent vehicles and have entered into a rental contract through Indie Campers

·       Private owners can only create one account on the Indie Campers Marketplace with a maximum of three vehicles.

Requirements for the Vehicle

·       Insured are all recreational vehicles, converted vans and campervans (type: VP, CTTE or VASP) with French plates and a maximum permissible weight of 7.5 tons or less, that belong to private individuals.

·       Not insured are all other types of vehicles than mentioned in the previous bullet point.

·       Not insured are vehicles older than 29 years.

Requirements for the Traveller

·       Insured are renters who are in possession of a driving license in accordance with the permissible total vehicle weight of the vehicle for at least three (3) years. This is subject to the application of articles L113.8 and L113.9 of the Insurance Code, as stipulated in the General Conditions.

Requirements for the Usage

·       The insured vehicles are intended for private use by the traveller.

·       Carpooling, defined as the joint and organized use of a vehicle by a non-professional driver and one or more third party passengers, with the aim of making a common unpaid journey, although the third party passengers may contribute to the cost of the journey, is covered by this contract.

Requirements for the rental activity

·       Insured are short-term rentals without a driver of leisure vehicles, campervans, vans and caravans with a total allowable weight of less than or equal to 7.5 tons, that were intermediate through between private hosts and traveller.

·       The rental period cannot exceed three successive rental months.

Geographical Scope of Allianz Insurance

·       The insurance is valid in the following countries (please see exceptions below): Metropolitan France, other member countries of the European Union, the Vatican States, San Marino, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Andorra; in countries in which the International Motor Insurance Card (Green Card) is valid.

·       Roadside Assistance: Worldwide, excluding countries not covered, and except for services related to the use of the insured vehicle which are only granted in one of the countries for which the International Insurance Card (green card) is valid.

Before the trip, we recommend discussing the travel plans with the host.

All important links to Allianz insurance information

You can find the exact insurance information of the platform insurance by Allianz here

·       Insurance Terms and Conditions
·       Information on the Roadside Assistance

For Travellers: This is what you must follow in the event of a breakdown or accident


Procedure in the event of a breakdown


XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX The Allianz roadside assistance contact phone number is located in the Indie Campers handover log and connects you directly to the Allianz 24/7 helpline.


Notification of a Motor Third Party Liability (MTPL) or Hull Insurance (Casco) claim

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Please report any damage to Indie Campers. Send an email to with the subject "Insurance Policy GFL 90/R001/0069230/810 and please include the following information:

·       Your first and last name

·       Your address

·       Your contact information (phone and e-mail)

·       Your date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY)

·       How were you involved in this accident?

·       Where did the accident occur (street, city, state)?

·       When did this accident take place (MM/DD/YYYY)?

·       License plate number of the vehicle and, if applicable, the damaged vehicle.

·       Please explain the accident in detail

·       Please attach any photos, documents, and supporting documentation related to this accident 


You are also welcome to report the accident by phone: +49 30 58849195

In the event of a claim, Indie Campers will transfer your data to Allianz Versicherungs-AG. Here you will receive information about the use of your data. If you wish, you can also report the claim directly to Allianz at or +49 800 11 22 66 88.


Allianz or Indie Campers will contact you if further steps are necessary from your side. Please note that it is very important that you, as the driver, do not acknowledge any liability, enter into any negotiations or agree to pay or settle any third-party claims for damages. It is also important that you inform Indie Campers immediately of any accident with a third party or self-inflicted damage to the vehicle.

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