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RV Rental Insurance with Allianz in Germany

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This insurance is provided by Indie Campers platform insurance with Allianz

The platform insurance provided by Allianz Germany is automatically added to all German registered vehicles rented out on Indie Campers platform unless the vehicle host has private self-drive rental insurance. The insurance premium is already included in the total nightly price of the booking and will be charged to the traveller. Thus, hosts and travellers can relax with rest assured during the rental!

General contract information about platform insurance by Allianz in Germany

·       Insurer: Allianz Versicherungs-AG

·       Policyholder: Indie Campers Germany GmbH

·       Insurance Policy: GFL 90/R001/0069230/810

·       Insurance Coverage: Motor Third Party Liability (MTPL), Theft Protection, Hull Insurance (Casco) and Roadside Assistance.

Allianz insurance coverage

The following scope of insurance applies to all insured vehicles:

Motor Third Party Liability (MTPL): with a coverage sum of EUR 100 million - in the case of personal injury, a maximum of EUR 15 million per injured person;

- Hull insurance (Casco): partial and full coverage with EUR 1,500 deductible each. Coverage amount of maximum EUR 65,000 per claim.

- Accident & Breakdown Cover: The protection cover applies in accordance with the General Insurance Conditions for Motor Insurance. According to these conditions, the accident & breakdown cover is included for vehicles up to 3.5 tons permissible total vehicle weight. However, in deviation from these conditions, no replacement vehicles are provided.

No insurance coverage exists

·       for damage caused by the host or one of the host's family or household members as renter or driver of the insured vehicle

·       for vehicles with more than 9 seats, including the driver's seat

·       for all vehicles with a permissible total vehicle weight of more than 7.5 tons

·       for vehicles which are registered as self-driving rental vehicles

·       for vehicles used for commercial transport of goods or passengers

·       for vehicles with a purchase price of more than 100,000 EUR

·       for vehicles older than 29 years

·       for vehicles used on the fenced area of commercial airports/airfields not accessible to public traffic

Requirements for campervan insurance rental

In order to enable a rental with the Allianz Platform Insurance, host, vehicle and traveller have to comply with the following requirements:

Requirements for the Host

The insurance covers hosts who are the owners of the insured vehicle registered in Germany.

Requirements for the Vehicle

Insured are all motorhomes subject to registration and registered in Germany up to 7.5 tons permissible total vehicle weight and caravans, which are rented between private individuals via the website and / or mobile applications of Indie Campers. These are meant as far as the website and/or mobile applications of Indie Campers is referred to.

Requirements for the Traveller

·       Insured are renters who, as natural persons, are in possession of a valid driver's license that entitles them to drive on public roads in the EU and have reached the age of 21, but are not older than 80.

·       The insurance also covers other drivers who, as natural persons, meet the requirements for renters (see previous bullet point) and who are registered and admitted on the policyholder's platform.

Geographical Scope of Allianz Insurance

Allianz Platform Insurance coverage applies within the geographical boundaries of Europe. However, before the trip we recommend to discuss the travel plans with the host.

All important links to Allianz insurance information

You can find the exact insurance information of the platform insurance by Allianz here

·       Proof of insurance (insurance certificate)
·       Insurance Terms and Conditions
·       Insurance information from Allianz Versicherungs-AG

For Travellers: This is what you must follow in the event of a breakdown or accident


Procedure in the event of a breakdown


The Allianz roadside assistance contact phone number is located in the Indie Campers handover log and connects you directly to the Allianz 24/7 helpline.


Notification of a Motor Third Party Liability (MTPL) or Hull Insurance (Casco) claim

Please report any damage to Indie Campers. Send an email to with the subject "Insurance Policy GFL 90/R001/0069230/810 and please include the following information:

·       Your first and last name

·       Your address

·       Your contact information (phone and e-mail)

·       Your date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY)

·       How were you involved in this accident?

·       Where did the accident occur (street, city, state)?

·       When did this accident take place (MM/DD/YYYY)?

·       License plate number of the vehicle and, if applicable, the damaged vehicle.

·       Please explain the accident in detail

·       Please attach any photos, documents, and supporting documentation related to this accident 


You are also welcome to report the accident by phone: +49 30 58849195

In the event of a claim, Indie Campers will transfer your data to Allianz Versicherungs-AG. Here you will receive information about the use of your data. If you wish, you can also report the claim directly to Allianz at or +49 800 11 22 66 88.


Allianz or Indie Campers will contact you if further steps are necessary from your side. Please note that it is very important that you, as the driver, do not acknowledge any liability, enter into any negotiations or agree to pay or settle any third-party claims for damages. It is also important that you inform Indie Campers immediately of any accident with a third party or self-inflicted damage to the vehicle.

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