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Free Road Trips for Indie Staff, Friends & Family! Scroll down to know all about it

Doolittle Oceania for Staff, Family & Friends

All Indie Campers Staff are getting exclusive early access to our new Oceania deals before they go live!

We’re offering free one-way trips for you and your loved ones to explore the stunning landscapes of Australia. This not only gives you an opportunity to help our company infleet new campervans for our customers but it is a great way to try out our brand new models and experience our product at an incredible offer!

Create unforgettable memories and make those dream trips come true for everyone!

How It Works

Check the Offers:

Browse the available bookings at the bottom of this landing page. Please note that locations and dates are preset and cannot be changed. For additional nights or extras, follow the usual process: once a booking is confirmed, the traveler must contact Customer Experience to arrange and pay for additional services.

What’s Included:

Review the details on this page to understand exactly what each booking includes.

Spread the Word:

We’ve prepared promotional content for you to share! Visit the Confluence page to find:

  • A social media post - remember to tag our Indie Campers account.
  • A WhatsApp message template to share with your groups.

Request a Booking:

Indie Staff must complete the booking form on behalf of friends and family. After submission, confirmation emails will be sent within three working days, subject to request volume. Availability is limited, and bookings are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

What is Included

Use the table below to check what is included in each booking:

* An Uber voucher is available only for routes starting in Pakenham, approximately 1 hour from Melbourne Airport.

** A fuel voucher worth $680 AUD is available only for routes dropping off in Perth.

How to Grab the Best Offer
  • Act Quickly: Secure the earliest booking dates to take advantage of the best offers available to staff, friends, and family.
  • Early Booking Incentives: To receive the extras highlighted in green, submit your booking request by July 12. Requests made after this date will only include the extras marked in purple only.
  • Fuel Voucher: Only trips ending in Perth between August and September 29 qualify for a fuel voucher to help cover fuel costs. Trips starting in October and beyond or booked after July 12 will not include a fuel allowance.

Get to Know our New Models

Our offers include one of the new models below - Click the links below to learn more about each model:

Please note: A model with similar characteristics, class, number of travellers, may be given depending on availability without any change to the booking. 

Important disclaimer: The cards below are for illustrative purposes only, showcasing the available dates for each route. To book a trip for yourself or for family and friends, please use the booking form .

Available Offers