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Campervan and RV Rental in Veneto

Veneto is an Italian region stretching from the Dolomites mountains to the Adriatic sea. Once part of the Venetian Empire, the area is best known for its capital city Venice .

Campervan or RV rental in Veneto is the best way to explore the region's sprawling countryside, mountains, stunning lakes, beaches, and waterways. With so much to see and do, this glorious northeastern corner of Italy is unmissable.

Take in the region as part of our North East Italy road trip , or explore it on your own in a campervan or RV rental. 

Veneto's National Parks

Campervan and RV rental in Veneto puts you within touching distance of some of the world's best national parks. The Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park in Belluno is full of spectacular peaks and lots of springs, swamps, and streams.

Lessinia Regional Nature Park is easily reachable by campervan or RV and features incredible wildlife, picturesque Alpine farmsteads, and incredible geology.

Finally, the Po Delta National Park in the province of Rovigo is the perfect spot for hiking, fishing, or relaxing in the presence of diverse flora and fauna.

Coastline, Lakes, and Rivers in Veneto

Veneto has incredible coastlines, lakes, and rivers that you can discover in your campervan or RV rental. 

Veneto has several beautiful beaches. Bracco Baldo Beach, Bau Bau Beach, and the famous Blue Moon Beach are all worth a trip in the campervan.

We could only talk about lakes in Veneto by mentioning Lake Garda. This holiday hot spot is steeped in history and surrounded by quaint villages. Lake Morto is less well-known, but it's no less beautiful. You can enjoy a day of picnics outside your campervan, swimming, and walking beside its wonderful and peaceful waters.

The River Po to the south of Veneto is Italy's most significant. Today, it hosts a wide range of activities, from canoeing to boat rides to fishing and birdwatching.

The Adige River is second only in size to the River Po. It flows from the alps and past the city of Verona. Rafting is one of the most popular activities on the river for thrill seekers. 

The Brenta river links Venice and Padua and runs out to the Adriatic Sea. A boat trip along its banks offers an incredible experience, with beautiful villas and small towns.

Campgrounds in Veneto

Campervan and RV rental in Veneto is made easy by the number of high-quality, RV-friendly campgrounds in the region. However, ensure you book your stay ahead to avoid disappointment.

The AladinCamp on the outskirts of Venice is superbly-run, safe, and spacious. It's a perfect place to rest for the night in your campervan or RV rental.

The Artuso park is another great option for tired campervan enthusiasts. Excellent facilities and a clean, well-organized destination await.

The Area Sosta Camper - "Il Graticolato" is another excellent spot to stay for the night. Tidy, clean, and reasonably priced, it's a perfect place to stay in your campervan or RV rental if you want to explore Veneto.

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