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Campervan Rental Vejle

Vejle is both full of history and family fun. Some of Denmark’s most important attractions surround the charming city of Vejle.

At Givskud Zoo, visitors can drive their motorhome rental in Vejle through the Savannah while rhinos, giraffes, and lions freely go about their day.

Vejle is also the home of one of the most important Viking monuments in Scandinavia. The Jelling rune stones were set at Jelling church by the last Viking king, Harald Bluetooth, more than a thousand years ago. The stones are scripted with runes and depict Jesus on the cross. They represent Denmark’s transition from the Norse Viking Age to Christian Middle Age.

Getting to Vejle

Whether you are coming up from Germany or across the country from Copenhagen, you can’t miss Vejle. The E45 freeway shoots a straight line from Hamburg to Vejle. The E20 from Copenhagen is not only the way into Jutland from the rest of Denmark.

Vejle is less than half an hour from Billund Airport. Flight time London - Billund is 1h 25 min; Los Angeles - Billund is 12h 25 min; New York - Billund is 10h; Toronto - Billund is 10h 5 min. Main airlines flying to Billund Airport include KLM, SAS, Air France, and Lufthansa.

Parking in Vejle

Vejle’s city center has more than 1,400 free parking spaces with a time limit of 2-3 hours. Depending on the parking spot, you will either have to pay an hourly parking fee or move your vehicle after the time limit. The city recommends downloading the Easypark app on Google Play or App Store to make parking payment easy and flexible.

Vejle also has monthly parking permits that can be purchased for 450-600 DKK.

Annual events in Vejle

  • Vejle Fjord Festival (August) - For two days at the end of August, the fjord at Vejle is booming with art, street theater, design markets, street food, concerts, and water activities. Admission is Free.
  • Grejsdalsløbet – cycle race (September) - Anyone can sign up, there is a race for every type of athlete. There is a family race for those just wanting to participate and there are three levels of race difficulty, depending on your level of training you can pick the one that is best for you. Prices start at 95 DKK for the family race and go up to 500 DKK for the more challenging races.

Camping in Vejle

  • Fårup Sø Camping, heated outdoor pool and fishing, starting at 78 DKK per night
  • Hagen Strand Camping, camping by the fjord, 85 DKK adult, 45 DKK child per night.
  • Egtved Camping, lake camping and fishing, 75 DKK adult, 48 DKK child per night

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Welcome to the city of Viking royalty. More than a thousand years ago, the seafaring people of the North were the greatest explorers and traders, as well as the most feared warriors of their time. And because of its safe position within the long, narrow fjord, Vejle was the stronghold of the Danish Viking kingdom.

Vejle hasn’t forgotten and carries its ancient history with pride. Today, visitors can walk in the footsteps of the infamous voyagers - without fear of being raided.

Only 25 minutes from the original LEGO land or the wildlife safari at Givskud Zoo, Vejle is the epicenter of family fun.

Vejle is quite close to the European mainland, which is a clear advantage for visitors heading up through Europe in a campervan rental in Vejle.

However, it also means that Vejle has a slightly wetter climate than most of the country. The events and sights of the city are mainly outdoors, and visiting Viking monuments soaking wet is not as fun as it sounds.

Denmark doesn’t have a guaranteed dry season, but rainfall is less frequent in the summer, which is when most people choose to visit Denmark. The driest month is May, and the crowds do not arrive until late June, so this is an ideal time to rent a RV in Vejle.

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