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Mountains with houses, ocean and ships in Sardinia

Campervan Rental Sardinia

Sardinia is one of the most beautiful regions in Italy, due to its Caribbean beaches and its hinterland rich in trekking and villages to visit. The island includes 200 km of coastline, divided into beaches, coves, and small inlets accessible only by boat or by footpaths. Among the most beautiful beaches to visit, we recommend La Pelosa, surrounded by the stacks of Capo Falcone. Near this paradise beach, you will find another destination much appreciated by tourists: the village of Castelsardo. For those who love to hike, we recommend an excursion to the Gorropu Gorges, among the most spectacular in Europe. In Sardinia, there is obviously no shortage of archaeological remains, such as the Phoenician ones at Capo Pula.

Survival guide

How to say “Hello!”: “Ciao!”

How to say “Thank you”:  “Grazie”

There are several dialects in Sardinia, one for each city.

The price of a meal for two is around €40.

The price of a 0.5 beer is about €5.

The “canto a tenore” is part of Sardinian folklore and is present in every village festival.


Typical Sardinian dishes are based on traditions and simplicity but are striking for their spicy and varied taste. One of the most traditional dishes is the agnellu pane e casu, made from carasau bread and flavorsome Sardinian pecorino cheese. Then there are the malloreddus: Sardinian gnocchi often served with pecorino cheese, sauce and basil. Another classic dish is Sardinian fregola with clams, a very particular pasta similar to couscous, and culurgiones, stuffed dumplings with mashed potatoes topped with pecorino cheese, parmesan, lard, fried onions, and mint. For dessert, we suggest you try the seadas, fried ravioli stuffed with fresh cheese and covered with hot honey, to be enjoyed with a nice glass of traditional myrtle liqueur.

Annual Events in Sardinia

  • Feast of Sant'Antonio Abate (January): traditional festival in which magnificent bonfires are set up accompanied by tasty food and local wine. Free event.
  • Sardinian Cavalcade (May): folkloristic event with parades of horses and traccas (traditionally decorated floats). Free event.
  • Wine Festival (August): event in homage to the Sardinian red wine par excellence: Cannonau. Free event.

Camping in Sardinia

  • La Liccia Camping Site: this campsite overlooks a promontory a few kilometers from Castelsardo. Campervan prices: €22-26/day in the off-peak season - €32-40/day in peak season.
  • Torre Chia Camping Site: bordering Su Portu beach and close to numerous coves frequented by pink flamingos. Campervan prices: €9.50/day in the off-peak season - €15.50/day in peak season.
  • Spiaggia del Riso Camping Site: the campsite is located on the beach of the same name, characterized by small white pebbles like rice. Campervan prices: €22/day in the off-peak season - €35/day in peak season.

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The best time to rent a RV in Sardinia

Average temperature by month in Sardinia
Average temperatures in Sardinia per month

Sardinia is a fascinating island in Italy with a Mediterranean climate, mild, rainy winters, and hot, sunny summers. Summer is the best season to rent a RV in Sardinia, due to the warm temperatures (30-33°C) which will allow you to spend long days on the most beautiful beaches of the island, such as Cala Mariolu. But Sardinia never loses its charm, not even in winter, when temperatures are mild enough (8-11°C) to allow for beautiful walks in the city of Cagliari or pleasant visits to the snow-covered mountain villages. Autumn and spring are mild seasons, characterized by windy days due to the northwest wind, which mainly affects the western part of the island. Despite this, these are ideal months to visit the main tourist spots in the region without having to worry about crowds.

Sardinia’s a wonderful region in every season: it is worth it to rent a campervan and exploring every nook and cranny. The best months in which to rent a motorhome in Sardinia are April-May and September-October. In these months, the temperatures are ideal both for wandering around the cities and for admiring some natural beauties of the island, such as the Bidderosa Oasis. Summer is the most expensive period, due to the peak season and the large influx of tourists. However, it is an ideal time to visit the coasts of Sardinia, perhaps by renting a boat and reaching hidden beaches such as Cala Goloritzé. Winter is less crowded, and the prices are quite low, so it is the perfect season to enjoy some beaches such as Villasimius, famous for its pink flamingo colonies that really make this place worth it in winter.

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