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RV rental in Madrid

The best fleet of motorhomes and RVs for rent in Madrid

Madrid - Madrid
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Our own RVs for rental in Madrid

These are the RVs and camper vans that are available at our local depot in Madrid. Find the one that best fit your road trip.

Side view of Indie Campers Sporty camper van

Fiat Ducato/Talento or Renault Traffic Diesel, 2016-18

30 CH2 2.0 Multijet 115

  • 4 People

    Seating and beds for 4 people

  • Dimensions

    4,96m x 2,69m x 2,75m

  • WC

    Optional as extra

  • 2 convertible double beds

    Lower - 1.90m x 1.55m | Upper - 1.90m x 1.45m

Side view of the Active Model

Fiat Ducato Diesel, 2015-18

MH2, 2.0 Multijet 115

  • 4 People

    Seating and beds for 4 people

  • Dimensions

    5,41m x 2,69m x 2,75m

  • WC

    Shower and Portable Toilet included

  • 2 fixed double beds

    Lower - 1.87m x 1.40m | Upper - 1.80m x 1.40m

Side view of the Nomad Model

Fiat Ducato Diesel, 2019-21 (manufactured by Weinsberg)

L3H2 2.3 Multijet 130

  • 4 People

    Seating and beds for 4 people

  • Dimensions

    6m x 2,69m x 2,75m

  • WC

    Integrated Bathroom with Shower

  • 2 convertible double beds

    Lower - 1.83m x 1.27m | Upper - 1.70m x 1.20m

Side view of the Atlas motorhome Model
Atlas (5 people)

Fiat Ducato Diesel, 2020-21 (manufactured by Knaus)

2.3 Multijet 130

  • 5 People

    Seating and beds for 5 people

  • Dimensions

    7,01m x 3,00m x 2,79m

  • WC

    Integrated Bathroom with Shower

  • 3 double beds

    Rear - 2.01m x 1.33m | Lifting - 2.10m x 1.23m | Convertible - 1.92m x 140m

What you should know about Madrid

Here’s some essential information for campervan travellers in Madrid

people next to a campervan
Find Us

Starting your road trip in Madrid? Our pick-up center is located at Calle de los Fontaneros, 8, Nave 11, 28851 San Fernando de Henares, Madrid, Spain. Our location is 30 minutes from the city center of Madrid and just 15 minutes away from Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport (MAD) by car. Please check public transportation options and timetables beforehand so that you arrive at the agreed pick-up time. Alternatively, you can choose to hire a taxi service, but please keep in mind that traffic may cause variations in travel time.


On-street parking for your campervan in Madrid’s city centre is hard. Besides being hard to find and not being free, you can only park your van for 2 hours. That said, there are three underground car parks––El Corte Inglés, Mercado de la Cebada, and Cesta de San Vincente––that allow for your campervan’s height.


You’ll find a few camping sites to stay with your motorhome rental nearby Madrid, like Camping Madrid Rainbow, south of the city and with all the extra facilities, such as swimming pools and playgrounds. Camping Osuna, northeast of Madrid, might be more basic, but it is cheaper and closer by.

About Madrid

A metropolis where splendid plazas give way to buzzing nightlife, culture and art reign (a Sofia), and the finger food is finger-licking good, Madrid’s the liveliest capital to start an Iberian road trip.

Where else start a Spanish road trip than in Madrid, a city more alive than any other on the Iberian peninsula? Hire a campervan in Madrid and get ready for adventure by living it up in the capital of Spain. Madrid is loved by many for its cultural scene. Art is all around, with the world’s favourite masterpieces hanging in renowned museums. Who hasn’t heard of the Prado or Reina Sofia Museum? And Picasso’s life-sized La Guernica, or Bosch’ triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights? Chefs all over Madrid challenge tradition by reinventing typical dishes to produce foodgasmic journeys at any price range. Nighttime in the capital means the fun is just about to start. Madrid’s night scene isn’t only unforgettable, but endless too with legendary parties until well after the small hours. Are you ready for a city adventure? Because Madrid is beckoning!

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Popular cities outside of Spain

Here are a few of the most searched alternatives to Madrid in other countries.

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