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ruins of a church, herning

Campervan Rental Herning

Cruising in your RV rental in Herning through the green forests of Jylland, among fields, cows, and windmills, you might be surprised to find Denmark's greatest art hub outside of Copenhagen.

This rural farmland has seen the stylings of Madonna, Eric Clapton, Prince, Rihanna, and the rest of the Hollywood Hills residents within the walls of its great arenas.

Some of the finest contemporary art of the North is exhibited in the HEART (Herning Museum of Contemporary Art) of Jylland. Head out to the streets of Herning to experience street theater and dance groups tangoing through town during the annual Culture Festival.

Not only does Herning offer fine modern art and magnificent theater experiences. Being one of the most well-preserved towns in Scandinavia, Herning is a portal through time.

Museums such as Søby Brunkulsmuseum, Helenes Hus, and the open-air Museum are externally conserved and transformed, so you can experience the hardships of life as a Danish farmer from the 17th Century until today.

Herning is constantly buzzing with events and attractions. If you want to take full advantage, download the app, VisitHerning Explore on Google Play or App Store.

Getting to Herning

All roads lead to Herning. Connected by six highways, you can barely avoid the town on your scenic drive through Jylland. Freeways 12, 15, and 18 go directly through Herning.

Denmark’s second-largest airport, Billund Airport, is located 40 minutes south of Herning. Take highway 30 North followed by highway 18 North. Flight time London-Billund is 1h 25min; Los Angeles-Billund is 12h 25min; New York is 10h; Toronto is 10h 5min. Main airlines flying to Billund Airport include KLM, SAS, Air France, and Lufthansa.

The Danish public transit system (DSB) has trains departing from Copenhagen Central Station 18 times a day. Enjoy a cold Carlsberg in the coupe while rural Denmark flies by your window on this 3-hour scenic ride over Danish waters and through forests and fields.

Parking in Herning

Parking your motorhome rental in Herning is most often free and easy to find. Both short-term and long-term free parking is available on the outskirts as well as in the city center. There are roughly 3000 free parking spots in Herning. In the neighboring town, Ikast there are 823 parking spots where 267 are without time restrictions. But be sure to read the signs to avoid parking tickets.

Annual Events in Herning

  • Skanderborg Festival is nicknamed Denmark's most beautiful festival and fully lives up to its slogan, “music under the beech trees”. This annual festival commences the second week in August. For 8 days the beautiful festival’s music is heard all over the greens of mid-Jutland, and you can partake one day for around €200.
  • The annual Kulturfest is a whole week dedicated to culture and art. In mid-June Herning’s streets are paved with street performers, outdoor theater, and musical events - all for free!

Camping in Herning

  • Hessellund Sø-Camping, child-friendly camping, 90 DKK adult, 60 DKK child per night
  • Gyvelborg Eco-Camping, farm camping, 75 DKK adult, 45 DKK child per night.
  • Arnborg Camping, low-price RV hookup option, 60 DKK adult per night, children under 12 are free of charge.

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Average temperatures in Herning per month

The Danish rural landscape offers fresh, green grass and lush forests as far and wide as the eye can see all year round. But it comes with a price. Denmark is one of Europe's wettest climates. Rain falls regularly, and there is no reliable dry season. The best chances for sun and blue skies lie in June and July. But be sure to carry a rain poncho or an umbrella just in case.

Denmark consists of more than 1,400 islands and a single peninsula, Jylland. The middle of Jylland receives the most rain. Coastal areas are not as wet as centrally located areas. Since Jylland is Denmark's largest land area and closest to the mainland, this is where the rain falls the most.

Summer in Denmark might be wet and humid, but the days are long and sunny. During winter the sun rises at 9 in the morning and sets in the afternoon, but in the summer, the days last from 5 in the morning till 10 at night.

As such, most events in Denmark take place during the summer, like the Danes love festivals and outdoor concerts. The biggest summer event in Denmark is the Roskilde Festival - Europe's second-largest festival, with more than 130,000 guests attending every year.

For travelers looking to drive their campervan rental in Herning through green rolling hills and deep forests, spring (April-May) is the best time to visit. The sun penetrating the blooming beech forests creates a beam of light green shining on the snow-white blankets of anemones covering the ground, and in between pop-up little snowdrops, daffodils, and yellow winter aconites.

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