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Helsinki forteress

Campervan Rental in Helsinki

Finland’s southern capital, Helsinki is the most populous city in the country. Located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, it serves as Finland’s cultural and political hub, home to over 1.2 million people.

Helsinki is notorious for ranking among the best in the world for urban living. Time Magazine ranked it as one of the greatest places in the world and it’s renowned for its tourism and environmentalism.

Visitors to the city can revel in a range of urban, cultural, and historical activities. Its biggest historical museum — the National Museum of Finland — is a tourist attraction unto itself, housed in a romantic-style, neomedieval castle. In fact, romanticism played a big part in the formation of the city with many buildings across its varied cityscape sporting the style.

Helsinki is divided into three major areas: Helsinki downtown, north Helsinki, and east Helsinki. Each has a thriving cultural life and a range of attractions to wow visitors from every walk of life.

Getting there

Helsinki Airport is the major international gateway to Helsinki and represents the largest airport in Finland. Operated by Finavia, it’s located in Vantaa and services both international and domestic flights.

There are six motorways starting radially from Helsinki giving you plenty of options for entering the city via car.

Finland is a dream to travel via train. The Finnish railway is well-developed and comprised of over 1,870 miles of rail tracks that connect both the cities and the smaller villages. Getting to Helsinki by train is as easy as booking a ticket on the local rail.

Places to visit in Helsinki

  • Suomenlinna: A short ferry ride from Kauppatori sits one of the most impressive, man-made places in Scandinavia. Spread across seven islands, Suomenlinna is a giant maritime fortress constructed by the Swedes in the mid-1800s.
  • Helsinki Cathedral: This landmark soars above the Helsinki cityscape, shining like a beacon from the water. Whatever your reason for visiting the city, this neoclassical cathedral is not to be missed.
  • Linnanmäki: Over a million visitors a year descend on Linnanmäki to experience the soaring heights of the roller coasters, the fun of their amusement arcades, and the exquisite terror of their thrill rides. If you’re visiting Helsinki with the kids, this amusement park is a must.

Parking in Helsinki

There is parking in the city proper but it’s notoriously busy throughout the year.

Parking costs:

  • €4 per hour in the city center (zone 1)
  • €2 per hour elsewhere in the inner city (zone 2)

Parking in the inner city is usually subject to a fee:

  • on weekdays 9.00–21.00
  • on Saturdays 9.00–18.00

Park and ride is a great way to avoid the city’s traffic congestion. Simply park your RV near a train station and take the short trip into the city proper.

Annual events in Helsinki

  • Flow Festival: An urban music and arts festival, the Flow Festival hosts a mix of genres every 14th to 16th of August. Along with live music, you can enjoy art exhibitions, film presentations, and more. A three day ticket will set you back 205 €.
  • Tuska Open Air Metal Festival: Held in June or July each year, Tuska is one of the largest and most popular metal festivals in the world. The festival started in 1998 and draws bigger crowds each year. Various prominent metal artists such as Ghosts, Celtic Frost, Opeth, and others have performed there. A three day pass will set you back 159 €.
  • Helsinki Pride: Held in June the week after midsummer, this pride event lasts a full week. It hosts sporting events, a rainbow fair, and culminates in a pride parade. Whether you’re LGBTQ+ or an ally, this is an event not to be missed.

Camping in Helsinki

  • Rastila Camping Helsinki: This 5-star rated campground is located in Vuosaari, in eastern Helsinki on the seashore. It’s just 18 minutes via train to the center of Helsinki. Pricing requires you to enquire directly.
  • Lähilampi Caravan: Open year-round, this campground offers everything you might need for a short or long stay. Prices are € 23 in the summer and € 27 in the winter.
  • Sipoonkorpi National Park: This beautiful national park provides the best free overnight camping in the area. Explore the natural surrounds or take a hop, skip, and a jump to Helsinki proper.
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