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a picture showing Stonehenge in England

Campervan Rental England

England is the central nation of the four UK countries and has a variety of unique landscapes and sites for RV rental in England and for travelers to see and stay around and here you can visit sites like the ancient Stonehenge, the Roman cities of Bath and Colchester, visit hundreds of coastal towns or drive through the stunning natural mountain landscapes of the Peak and Lake districts.

With great summer weather and all year round events, no matter where you choose to go in England you will find a variety of different landscapes and sites that are sure to impress.

Fun facts

  • There are nearly 1200 campsites scattered throughout England and because of the popularity of RV rental in the UK, nearly all are camper van friendly! 
  • The A1 connects the capital of England, London with Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland and is the longest road in the UK at 410 miles or 660 km long. 
  • There is not a single point in Britain that is more than 75 miles away from a coastline, so you are never far from the sea in England.

Camping in England

Technically wild camping is illegal in England, but many farmers will allow campers on their land with permission or for a small fee, and you should always stick to the “leave only footprints, take only pictures” mentality when doing so. 

You can also legally sleep in a road lay-by in your vehicle, and there are plenty of these located around stunning scenery in England.

Camping and RV sights are extensive in England, and there are always multiple camping sites that are camper van friendly in areas of outstanding natural beauty like the Lake and Peak districts.

Driving in England

 The highway networks in England are extensive and reach every end of the country with motorways that are four lanes wide while support roads are usually 2 lanes wide. Roads are well maintained and are all tarred, meaning a great driving experience is guaranteed. Toll roads are uncommon in England, with only 22 in the whole country, and are usually located on bridges or tunnels. The cost for RVs is no more than £5 per passing. 

It’s important to remember that England and the rest of the UK drive on the left side of the road, and that the far-right lanes of the freeway are for overtaking only. There is no “fast lane” system in England.

Annual Events in England

The summer months see the greatest number of events in England, with festivals like the 4-day Reading Rock festival taking place and celebrating music culture in England. Annual holidays like Christmas are also celebrated across England and see winter markets set up in most major cities.

A popular annual event on November 5th in England is bonfire night, which sees fireworks and massive Bonfires lit up all over the country.

The 23rd of April sees St George’s Day celebrations with activities ranging from medieval festivals to dragon hunts usually happening across England. Music Festival tickets cost around £250 on average and annual events like Christmas, St George’s Day and Bonfire night normally provide a host of free events and activities.

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