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Campervan hire Zagreb

A hip mix of Southeast and Central Europe with a pinch of Mediterranean flair,  Zagreb feeds the world with quirky art, Austro-Hungarian architecture, and a rich gastronomy, one bite at a time.


The capital of a country that has its roots in a lot of different cultures could only be Zagreb: a captivating city where a bit of something easily multiplies into plenty of everything. With Roman, Jesuit, German, and Italian influences, Zagreb displays old charismatic landmarks, infinite war statues, and at the same time modern, off-beat buildings. The city does a superb job in retelling its turbulent history on its streets and in its very numerous museums, which don't just limit themselves to the past tense: some have contemporary art, another deals with heartbreaks, and one demonstrates the genius inventions of Nikola Tesla! Hire a campervan in Zagreb for a lot more than the city itself. Instead, make Zagreb your first road trip stop for a deep dive into a diverse region as well as past, present, and future.


Practical Information

Depot + Transfer

Want to hire a campervan in Zagreb? Arrive at Zagreb Airport (ZAG) and we’ll meet you there with your campervan packed and ready. On ending your road trip in Zagreb, you’ll again find us at the airport. Pick-ups and drop-offs are free of charge during working hours.

Parking in the city

North of the river in the Captol-side of Zagreb, car parks without height restrictions are aplenty. You won’t find any free parking in Zagreb’s centre, though street parking is available (albeit limited).  

Camping grounds nearby

Lakeside Camp Zagreb has campervan parking available with facilities and playgrounds at less than half an hour from the city centre.


About Zagreb

You’d think the history of a city that blends different cultural influences so effortlessly would be all peaches and cream. Well, you’d be wrong — Zagreb wasn’t always united. In fact, it wasn’t even always one city! Two settlements on neighbouring hills make up what is now the capital of Croatia: Kaptol was mainly inhabited by clergy, while Gradec was inhabited by craftsmen and merchants. The two became one when the church included both in one diocese under the new monniker Zagreb.

Despite being a capital, Zagreb is a calm city, where stress is apparently limited. It could be due to all the peaceful, family-friendly parks, such as Park Ribnjak or Maksimir Park. Or due to peaceful landmarks, like St. Mark’s Church or the Oktogon. Whatever the reason, it’s up to you to discover. Hire a campervan in Zagreb and start your day at the central square, Trg Bana Josipa Jelcica, and wonder how to pronounce a word without vowels. Marvel at the city panoramas from the 360˚ Observation Deck and spot the tiled roof of St. Mark’s Church. Then head over to any of the 25+ museums.  Our favourite picks in random order: The Museum of Broken Relationships, Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Mimara Museum.


What to discover

In and around the city

Art Park

Looking for a cool relaxing place? This is it. A park covered by street art and with plenty of people talking, drinking and enjoying the view of the city.  

And if you look for even more activities: movie nights, concerts or ping-pong games appears out of nowhere, only for the sake of having a good time.

Broken Relationships Museum

Love is a funny thing. One day it lasts forever, and the next day it fades. But what happens to all the objects that remind us of the other person? Well, they end up… here: hundreds of objects of broken relationships from all over the world.

This project of an artist-couple that once broke up is now one of the most visited museums in Zagreb.

Lotrščak Tower

This place is a blast! Literally. Every day, since January 1st of 1877, the cannon placed on the top of the tower is fired to mark midday.

There’s a viewpoint next to the 800-year-old tower for you to contemplate the beauty of the city’s landscape.



Depot Contacts

Phone: +351308 809 080

Email: [email protected]

Address: Zagreb Airport - Ulica Rudolfa Fizira 1, 10150 Zagreb, Croatia

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