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Stuttgart is a please-all kind of city, reconciling green spaces with automobile headquarters, high-class with wild parties, tradition with trends, and wine with beer.


At first glance, Stuttgart might seem too good to be true. This German city’s reputation as a Mecca for amazing cars precedes it, honking its horn to gather petrolheads and car amateurs from around the world. The fashionable Porsche Museum and the more technical Mercedes-Benz Galleries are just two of the pilgrimage places for car buffs eager to pay their respects to great tech and design. An ode to technology themselves, the museums tell interactive stories that accelerate into a spellbinding narrative about yesterday’s cars and also about tomorrow’s ultra-sleek, intelligent vehicles. But even though Stuttgart celebrates and takes high pride in its motorized history, it also recognizes the beauty of old-fashioned strolls, offering some of the biggest and most remarkable pedestrian-only areas in Europe. For those keeping their hands off the wheel, Stuttgart tempts with a collection of delicious wines, grown and distilled right on its hills. You’ll have plenty to toast to: great architecture, cool art, delicious food, awesome vibes, and a dream start for a road trip by van. Hire a campervan in Stuttgart and discover all the fun you can have on and off the wheel.


Practical Information

Depot + Transfer

If you want to hire a campervan in Stuttgart, we’re right there for you. We’ll meet you at Stuttgart Airport (Flughafen Stuttgart - STR), where you can pick up and drop off your campervan – free of charge in regular hours, of course!

Parking in the city

Parking your campervan in the city centre of Stuttgart might be harder than expected, with limited paid spots. However, you can easily find unlimited free parking spots suited for your Indie campervan at the P+R locations in the outskirt of Stuttgart, which are also very well connected to the centre by public transport.

Camping grounds nearby

For spending the night in your campervan in Stuttgart, there might be no better place than Canstatter Wasen Camping. The camping site is located right beside the Neckar River and within walking distance of the Mercedes-Benz Museum, also offering quick access to Stuttgart’s city centre by bike (good thing you can rent a foldable bicycle with your Indie campervan hire in Stuttgart!). With all the facilities you could need, from hot showers to washing machines, dryers, iron boards, and a kiosk, you’ll be worry-free and ready to get into the Stuttgart feel-good vibe.  


About Stuttgart

Digging into Stuttgart’s history we can go back as far as the Roman Empire. But, if we want to stick close to the Stuttgart we know today, we only need to turn our calendars 1,000 years into the past, when Duke Luitolf of Swabia founded a stud farm in the region. As medieval times passed and foreign dominations swept over Stuttgart, the city grew and transformed from a trade route to a fortified stronghold. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Stuttgart flourished under famous thinkers like Friedrich Hegel and inventors that included Gottlieb Daimler, the pioneer of the motor car, and Robert Bosch, the founder of the engineering and electronics company with the same name.

Today, Stuttgart still holds on its shoulders, proudly, a fascinating car culture. But while it pays tribute to the motor, the city also celebrates nature and maintains a well-oiled balance between the two. Nobody could accuse Stuttgart of not being environmentally conscious, just as nobody could accuse the city of being dull considering its inclination towards arts and culture. On the contrary, the city is entertaining and cool, promoting fun as a way of living artfully. Stuttgart can cure your craving for culture with either a visit to the Staatsgalerie, a leading museum in the classical arts, a stop at the modern Kunstmuseum, or a stroll in the wonderful Killesbergpark that promotes outside art, being both whimsical and sophisticated. However, if you decide for a motorhome or campervan hire in Stuttgart to start your road trip, art will not be the only thing on your plate. The city’s famous wineries, beer houses and food markets await with full flavours and cold bubbly drinks.


What to discover

In and around the city

The Auto Museums

Synonymous with influential, iconic automobiles, Stuttgart is a renowned pilgrimage city for car lovers around the world. Don’t worry though: campervans have their place around the city too! Even if your heart doesn’t beat faster when the pedal hits the metal, the Mercedes-Benz and Porsche Museums are fun venues that deserve at least a glance. From the moment you step in, you’ll drive (ahem! ahem!) right into the remarkable feats of engineering through interactive multi-sensorial experiences. From the evolution of mechanics to the founders of the companies, the museums are filled with precious info and, of course, amazingly preserved vehicles.

Beer Houses and Festivals

Stuttgart is as much about having fun as it is about art and culture. And where there’s fun, there’s also beer — after all, this is Germany we’re talking about. In spring and autumn, the Neckar Park hosts the legendary Stuttgart Beer Festival, turning the whole city into a wholesome fun area with roller coasters, traditional costumes, and loads of feel-good activities. However, even if you don’t land in Stuttgart in April or September, there’s still plenty of beer tasting for you to do at beer houses such as Calwer-Eck, Carls Brauhaus, Kraftpaule, and many, many others. But remember: no driving your campervan after drinking!


The Stuttgart City Library is not your usual library. And this is visible right from its exterior design. In fact, before getting in, spend some time admiring its amazing cube architecture. It will get you in the best mood for what’s happening inside. With a minimalist design and a witty system of stairways, the library offers an impressive collection of books from all conceivable subjects. Grab a book and enjoy it in one of the many reading spaces or head to the attic cafe for stunning views of Stuttgart. Come nighttime, the Stadtbibliothek glows up the dark by illuminating its panels.


Recommended locations


Come to Nürnberg for a taste of its famous sausages with sauerkraut and a splash of tasty German brewed dark beer. Stay for the energetic vibe and lively nightlife, complemented by daylight activities that will introduce you to awesome medieval, gothic, and imperial architecture. Don’t even think of leaving before you try the Nürnberg gingerbread. And, if you’re lucky enough to visit the city around December, you’ll be in for one of the most amazing Christmas markets in the word. If you want to rent a motorhome/RV in Nürnberg, we have a better proposal: hire a campervan in Stuttgart and hit the road!


The German city that enjoys the most days with sun calls on you from the Rhine valley, warmly guarded by forests on both sides. Its natural setting is definitely impressive, but wait ‘till you see its urban layout. Imagined and founded by Karl Wilhelm von Baden in 1715, Karlsruhe has a radial, fan-like layout with a castle right in the middle. A joy to explore due to its simplicity, Karlsruhe is a fun circle  — literally. Looking to hire a campervan in Karlsruhe? Here’s a thought: rent a campervan or motorhome in Stuttgart and enjoy a road trip through the rich, deep German forests. You’ll thank us later. (You’re welcome!)


Ulm is keen on records, priding itself with a long list of ‘the most’, ‘the oldest’, and ‘the highest’ buildings and sculptures. Its biggest accomplishment, however, is changing the way we now understand the world.  Or, better said, being the birthplace of the man who did: Albert Einstein. If you’re thinking to hire a campervan in Ulm, you’ll have plenty to do and see (even though sometimes the fog makes it hard to distinguish more than a few meters in front of you), even though the offering is scarce. If you want to push the notch a few kilometres more, opt for a campervan hire in Stuttgart and go for the record of ‘the most awesome German road trip’’ — in your book, of course.


Depot Contacts

Phone: +351308 809 080

Email: [email protected]

Address: Stuttgart Airport - Flughafenstrasse 32, 70629 Stuttgart, Germany

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