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Home to world-famous art and architecture, starry restaurants, the original bistros, and the all-mighty croissant, the City of Light will enlighten your road trip with a bit of je ne sais quoi.


Midnight in Paris, Ratatouille, Amélie, Paris, Je t’Aime, Before Sunset, Moulin Rouge, An American in Paris––stepping out of your campervan and into the streets of Paris, you can’t help but feel like you’re in a movie. Which is no wonder, because the city is basically the world’s biggest movie set: the Haussmann architecture of grand boulevards, perfectly-symmetrical facades, and slanted attics; the benevolent Eiffel Tower, seen from every city corner; cute bistros along the promenades. Adding texture to the experience, patisseries and boulangeries spread the smell of freshly-baked, pillowy croissants, while shouts selling fromage and poisson rise from busy marketplaces, and life fades into a pastel yellow when the elegant lamp posts of Paris light up. Rather than watching another movie, it’s time for you to hire a campervan in Paris and play your part on the set of l’incroyable capital of France!


Practical Information about renting a motorhome in Paris

Depot + Transfer

Want to pick up or drop off a campervan or motorhome in Paris? Our Indie Campers Paris Depot is located in Compans, 15 minutes from Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG).

Our dedicated operational team will pick you up at one of CDG Airport upon your arrival and take you to our depot, where you will begin your Paris motorhome rental journey. Naturally, they will also drive you back to the airport come drop-off time - everything free of charge in regular hours, of course!

Parking in the city

Street parking in Paris’ city centre is limited, rather expensive and limited to a 2-hour duration––but night time and Sundays are free. That said, the best thing you can do is park your campervan or motorhome in the outskirts of Paris or just leave the RV in a camping site and use public transportation.

Camping grounds nearby

There are a few camping sites you can resort to when renting an RV in Paris and staying near the French capital. Camping Huttopia Versailles is one of them, as well as Camping Paris Est and Camping de Paris. They’re not that far from the city centre and have all the facilities you need.


About Paris

Paris has often been the stage to great movies. But how was did the city get to become such a great decor in the first place? Take its iconic street lights: Paris, the City of Lights, was the first city to adopt gas street lighting. It’s how the city got its nickname! That, or because of its enlightened 18th-century intellectuals.  Or how about the Eiffel Tower? Actually, a lot of Gustave Eiffel’s contemporaries would have argued his creation completely ruined all views of Paris, “the hateful shadow of the hateful column of bolted sheet metal” stretching over the city “like a blot of ink”, as a petition signed by prominent artists and public figures aptly put it. Guy de Maupassant, a French Writer who had signed the petition, even went so far as to have lunch daily at the Eiffel Tower. When he was asked why, Guy promptly replied that “it’s the only place in this city where one can avoid seeing it!”.

Today, Paris is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world. The city has a  unique allure; a charm made of wide boulevard adorned with Baroque detail, Belle Epoque cafés, and dandy lamp posts. Romance is found everywhere: cruising on the Seine with candle-lit dinner, or between serenading lovers along the banks of the river; walking through artsy Montmartre, or strolling down the Champs-Élysées. Love in Paris also means love for food, because the city is the world capital of culinary delights. Whether you dine at the fancy restaurants of famed chefs and Michelin stars, munch on apéritifs in dimly-lit bistros, or sample cheeses at a street market, Paris is sure to pamper your taste buds. And while art lovers are at home in Paris, too, anyone will fall for the collections of Louvre and Musée d’Orsay, or the daring exhibitions at Palais de Tokyo. Then there are the Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, and Arc de Triomphe, which are just some of Paris’ historic and architectonic icons you just can’t not see. In Paris, you get to soak in French culture before you head onto the road and for adventure. For that epic France road trip to become reality, you only need to book and start your campervan hire in Paris!


What to discover

In and around the city


The Louvre needs no introduction. The world’s largest art museum is not only home for the world-famous Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, but also for 38,000 other objects ranging from prehistory to the 21st century, exhibited over an area of 72,735 square metres!

The Louvre itself is also a monument––so don’t you dare visit and not take a selfie with the mighty glass pyramid!


This huge white basilica is located in the lively area of Montmartre, atop the city’s highest hill. Construction of the Sacré-Cœur’s started in 1875 and was completed in 1914, after which the basilica survived both world wars.

But it’s not only the amazing religious building you’ll enjoy seeing; it’s the walk through Montmartre to get there that is the real surprise!

Pont des Arts

This bridge is only one of the “love bridges” of Paris. Local and tourist couples hang a lock with their names to the bridge and throw away the key in the river, symbolizing their everlasting love for each other.

Today, the bridges have so many locks that you need to struggle to find a spot for your own. At some point, the Pont des Arts almost collapsed under the weight of the locks––which led the authorities to remove some of them. So much for undying love!


Recommended locations


Want to hire a campervan in Rouen? How about this: hop in your motorhome rental from Paris and drive for 2 hours to reach the medieval capital of the Normandy region. Visit the ancient Rouen Cathedral with its stained glass windows made in the 1200s. Take a look at the mighty Gros Horloge, an astronomical clock mounted above a renaissance arch, with an impressive mechanism that goes back to the 1300s.

Pay a visit to the Historial Jeanne d’Arc, the place where France’s greatest heroine was tried, and get to know her history and legacy. The most gruesome part of Joan of Arc’s story happened at the Old Market Square, where she as burnt alive on May 30th, 1431. It’s a shame a place like as beautiful like this, with lovely half-timbered and corbelled houses, is stained by such a sad episode. Either way, Rouen will prove an epic visit for your road trip.


Reims, one of the main centres of the French champagne production, is only one-and-a-half hour from Paris ––so there’s no need for a motorhome rental in Reims. This place is all about architecture (apart from clinking fuzzy champagne, that is).

Some of the most unique sites are the Reims Cathedral, with windows designed by Marc Chagall and a sculpture called the Smiling Angel, or the Palace of Tau, which anointing oil was used for coronating all French kings from 1131 to 1774. There’s also the stunning Villa Demoiselle, which, despite looking like one, isn’t a haunted house. and the magnificent Place Royale, besides a lot of other architectural wonders beckoning your campervan to visit Reims.


At a 2,5-hour drive, Caen is only a tad bit farther from Paris than the other two locations, but proves a different experience altogether. Hire a campervan or motorhome in Paris and drive to Caen to pay a visit to the Mémorial de Caen, located on top of a former bunker from which Germans coordinated the defence of Normandy’s beaches on D-Day.

Next, go to Château de Caen, a former middle ages Caen’s citadel and today a favourite among locals for relaxing on the fortress’ large lawns. Contemplate the beauty of Abbaye aux Hommes, an abbey established in 1063 by William the Conqueror, who wanted to receive absolution before marrying Matilda of Flanders. Explore Église Saint-Pierre, a gothic and renaissance church restored after it was seriously damaged during WWII. Lastly, snap a few Instagram shots of Caen’s rare timber-frame houses, whose construction was forbidden for being considered a fire hazard.


Depot Contacts

Phone: +351308 809 080

Email: [email protected]

Address: 21 Rue Marc Seguin - 77290 Compans, France

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