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The Alpine land of Lederhosen, traditional Biergartens and the world's biggest beer festival, mass-clinking Munich is home to Germany’s favourite things!  


Edging the Alps in Upper Bavaria is Munich (or as the locals say München), a city unlike anywhere else in the world. Steeped in history, and covered in museums and castles, Munich is much more than tight leather pants and giant beers. Known as Germany’s unofficial southern capital, the capital of well-heeled power dressers and Lederhosen-clad thigh slappers is also home to lush green spaces, beautiful architecture, quirky public art pieces, Mediterranean-style street cafes and royal Bavarian heritage. Its walkable city centre breathes a small-town air while boasting world-class sights like famous art galleries and museums. And for road trips, Munich is the perfect jump pad in the south of Germany for a road trip in Bavaria. Hire a campervan in Munich, hit the Autobahn and explore alpine lakes, the famous fairytale-like Neuschwanstein castle, or go all out and tour Bavaria’s Romantic Road, before heading into the Alps and onto Switzerland and Austria.


Practical Information

Depot + Transfer

Our depot is located in Finsing, at only half an hour from the city centre of Munich city and Munich Airport (MUC).

Starting your road trip in Munich? If you’re arriving by airplane, we’ll pick you up at Munich Airport (MUC) and take you to our depot, where we’ll get you familiar with your campervan. After returning your van at our Munich depot, we’ll drive you back to the airport. Free of charge in regular hours, of course.

Parking in the city

Munich has street parking in its city centre, though often fully occupied and not cheap. You can also park your campervan in some of the city’s car parks. The car parks on the Zepellinstraße or Nussbaumstraße allow for your van’s height and provide cheap parking.

Camping grounds nearby

Campervanning is popular Bavaria and the Munich area provides plenty camping grounds. Camping Erholungsverein Bayern is within the city limits, though you’ll feel like you’re camping out in the woods! A half an hour from the city centre, Campingplatz München Thalkirchen and Campingplatz München-Obermenzing are close by, too!


About Munich

The history of Munich starts with beer. Well, not exactly. The name München means something like ‘by the monks’ and stems from a monastery Benedictine monks had founded along a salt road in the 8th century. Guess what those monks were very good at brewing? That’s right, their Benedictine beer set a trend Munich is still famous for. But it wasn’t just beer that put Munich on the map. The town itself was founded when, in the mid-twelfth century, Henry the Lion had a toll bridge built next to the monks. Levying taxes on salt proved pretty profitable and, by the 14th century,  Munich was granted the salt monopoly by Duke Louis IV, who also happened to be King of Germany and Holy Roman Emperor. Munich became capital of a reunited Bavaria in 1506 and a centre of the Counter-Reformation. It was also the early Nazi-party HQ, which earned it the name of Hauptstadt der Bewegung (Capital of the Movement), got littered with Nazi buildings, and consequently blasted by the allies. The city was completely rebuilt after US occupation, its heritage and joyful Bavarian spirit revived!

After you rent a campervan in Munich, start off your explorations by taking a visit to Marienplatz. The central square in the heart of the city is home to the New Town Hall and its Glockenspiel. The 100-year-old clock chimes on the hour, displaying 32 life-sized figures that reenact historical Bavarian events. From here, head to the huge Mariensäule, the Catholic Cathedral of Our Blessed Lady, which holds up to 20,000 people. Be sure to climb the tower's steps to enjoy the breathtaking view of Munich's cityscape and the Bavarian Alps. And, though you won’t spot any coastline on the horizon, you’ll even find a fun little wave in Munich. The man-made river Eisbach attracts surfers from all around the world, who show their skills to a steady crowd atop the Prinzregentenstraße bridge. Whether you have what it takes to compete with the pros, or just want to relax in the English Garden (which is bigger than Central Park, NY!), Munich has something for everyone’s taste.

A visit to Munich isn’t complete without a visit to one of the city’s buzzing Biergartens. Augustiner is probably the favourite brew among locals, making the Augustiner-Keller a popular beer garden. The Hirschgarten is another top-ranking garden; if not for its outstanding restaurant, then at least for being the world’s largest beer garden! Lastly, the Hofbräuhaus is the most popular beer hall in Munich. We admit, it’s also the most touristy––but that’s because it’s one of the most traditional!


What to discover

In and around the city

West Park

Situated in the southwest area of Munich, this park offers visitors a less touristy crowded space with equally as much to see and do as the English Garden. Take the time here to have a BBQ or to just simply enjoy a tranquil stroll.

West Park is unique in that it has a Japanese garden, a Thai temple, and even an outdoor cinema during the summer. Come check it out!

Dachau Concentration Camp

One of the first concentration camps in Nazi Germany that was actually the model for all subsequent camps in the Third Reich.

When you come to see the camp for yourself, you will follow the same path that the prisoners had to walk upon their arrival at the camp. It makes for a deeply sobering experience.


What inspired the famous Disney castle is now open to the public to enjoy up-close and personal. Just a short distance from Munich, find yourself surrounded by rolling landscapes and endless fields as you make your way to the beautiful crisp-white fortress.

Be sure to have your walking shoes ready for a nice stroll up to the top, one that is definitely worth the hike and gives way to the most incredible views of Bavaria.


Recommended locations


An hour’s drive the Bavarian capital, Augsburg is one of Germany’s oldest cities––and it shows. From 11th-century cathedrals, through Renaissance town hall and Rococo mansions, to the oldest social housing complex in the world, Augsburg is immensely varied and very impressive, with just the right amount of city grittiness. Start in Munich, hire a campervan, drive to Augsburg, and visit the largest city on the Romantic Road, before heading further down past smaller, quaint towns – Friedberg, Schongau, Rottenbuch, Füssen, to name a few – and ending at Neuschwanstein.


Regensburg is only one-and-a-half hour from Munich, so there’s no need to hire a campervan in Regensburg. The city is one of Germany’s most-loved destination––especially its medieval city centre, which is so pretty and well-preserved it has earned the title of Unesco World Heritage Site. Here, ancient cobblestone streets give way to a Gothic architecture that reminds of knights, dragons, and fair maidens. Right outside of Regensburg, the aptly-named Walhalla is a mindblowing reproduction of the Parthenon celebrates all kinds of laudable people from German history. You should definitely stop by here before you continue your road trip in Bavaria!


Want to hire a campervan in Ingolstadt? At just an hour from Munich, hit the road from the capital of Bavaria and enter Ingolstadt through the Kreuztor, a 14th-century gate and the city’s symbol. What to expect upon entering the gate? More than an old city full of old heritage, like the Anatomical Institute and Asam Church with Baroque ceiling––because Ingolstadt is a youthful student town with a brainy attitude and booming car industry! The Audi Forum, Audi Factory Tour, and Museum Mobile are musts revheads.


Depot Contacts

Phone: +351308 809 080

Email: [email protected]

Address: Neufinsinger Str. 33 - 85464, Finsing, Germany

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