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Propelled by a busy history of industrial endeavours, Mulhouse is a contrasting Alsacian city that backlogs its wonderful essence in world-class museums


For those always expecting the unexpected, Mulhouse is a curiosity waiting to be unravelled. With offbeat architecture and buildings that have little to do with the famous Alsacian timbered houses, the city is more a statement of the industrial age than the product of French aesthetics.  It is, nonetheless, the cradle of French industry, combining art and history in a network of museums that span the glory of the past into the immediate present. A visit here is best enjoyed with a stop at Cité de L’Automobile, that tells the saga of the auto industry by displaying more than 400 emblematic cars. Equally impressive is the Cité du Train, Europe’s biggest railway museums, which captures the adventurous stories of some of the most legendary locomotives and interactively presents how they made railroad history. Balancing the industrial narrative, a series of outside activities, like a stroll through the botanical garden or the zoo, or bicycle tours from Rhone to the Rhin, are highly recommended. Hire a campervan in Mulhouse to discover the industrial charm of this French Manchester and the unexpected surprises it entertains outdoors.


Practical Information

Depot + Transfer

If you want to hire a campervan in Mulhouse, we’re right there for you. We’ll meet you at EuroAirport Basel - Mulhouse - Freiburg Airport (MLH), where you can pick up and drop off your campervan free of charge (during regular hours).

Parking in the city

Looking to park your campervan in Mulhouse? Your best bet is to park your campervan is at the camping site located just 3 km away from the city centre and then explore Mulhouse by foot, tram, bus or even better, by bike. Camping de I’lll offers full facilities and a nice environment to spend the night, leaving you worry-free and ready to visit the city without any parking hassle.

Camping grounds nearby

Located at a mere six kilometres from Mulhouse, Camping Parc la Chaumiére is a family-friendly site with a swimming pool, playground and fishing pond. With 62 pitches, the venue is located in a green, tranquil location that breeds relaxation. The camping officials also offer several hiking and cycling tours throughout the week, making it the perfect spot to start your adventures in Mulhouse and northeastern France.


About Mulhouse

There are various legends that recall the beginnings of Mulhouse. While some date its birth back to 58 BC, others recount it as a construct of the 5th century. The story has it that the city was established by a young warrior who fled the army of Attila the Hun and took refuge near a mill house, where the daughter of the miller attended him. They soon became wedded and settled near the same mill, founding Mulhouse. Legend aside, the documented facts attest to a city that became the industrial motor of France, pioneering various industries like cotton cloth manufacturing, railroad equipment, and locomotive construction. Located close to the German and Swiss borders, Mulhouse has been at the crossroad of influences and historical events which often left it ravaged, especially WWII. Luckily, it was shortly reconstructed, leveraging its industrial genius and manufacturing force.

Today, Mulhouse is still the crown jewel of the French industry, boasting about its heritage with the help of an impressive number of world-class museums. If you decide to hire a campervan in Mulhouse and enjoy its offerings, you’ll be glad to know the city also has a romantic side, governed by artistic endeavours and green sceneries. Mulhouse invites travellers to ponder upon the city’s history in the serenity of places such as Square Steinbach or Parc Salvador, where a diversity of tree species offer shelter from the busy streets and the hum of everyday life. Wanderers can also experience a blast to the past by admiring the 17 heritage buildings enlisted as Monuments Historique. Legendary in spirit, Mulhouse has built its legacy as an industrial playground without losing that je ne sais quoi of natural beauty. Harsh and delicate at the same time, Mulhouse deserves at least a stop on your holiday map.


What to discover

In and around the city

L’Entrepot Theatre

Occupying a former factory and paper warehouse, L’Entrepot Theatre is a unique venue that hosts humorous one-man shows, plays, and miscellaneous representations of nationally and internationally renowned artists. Since its opening, the theatre managed to transform an industrial wasteland into a cultural infused meeting point where laughter is what keeps everyone’s motors going. You can come here to enjoy the delicacies of its restaurant, have a drink at the bar, and mingle with the actors in between representations. Of course, attending one of the shows is highly recommended for an instant spike of your mood.

Cité de L’Automobile

From its stunning entrance to the interior details and the emblematic exhibits, Cité de L’Automobile is one of the most impressive museums you’ll ever visit. Proudly flaunting its title as “most prestigious car museum” in the world, it allows visitors to enjoy some of the most iconic and rare vintage automobiles up close, including the elusive Bugatti Veyron. The history of cars is told with the help of 243 models that have established themselves as defining milestones in the industry. In addition to the permanent exhibit and collection, the museum also invites guests to take part in some engaging and fun activities, such as a spin on the kart track and a rollover in a specially adapted vehicle, to name just a few.

Zoological and Botanical Garden

With more than 1,200 animals counting an impressive 190 species, and thousands of plants, the Mulhouse Zoological and Botanical Garden opens up a global adventure of wonder: from tropical birds to rare and endangered species, and more than 400 types of iris flowers in the spring and 100 varieties of dahlias in the summer. The zoo and gardens can be enjoyed by all ages and are particularly appealing to children, who have an entire area dedicated to their enjoyment. Here, they’ll be able to get acquainted with Moroccan dwarf goats, Indian runner ducks, potamochoerus, and other fun species with equally giddy names.


Recommended locations


You could hire a campervan in Strasbourg, but you’d miss out on all the gorgeous sights between Mulhouse and Strasbourg. With its idyllic atmosphere and future-forward vibe, Strasbourg can easily be reached when you rent a campervan in Mulhouse. As the official seat of the European Parliament, Strasbourg is multi-cultural and dynamically diverse, blending a fast-paced way of life with the calm reminiscence and celebration of regional traditions. A visit to Strasbourg is guaranteed to expose you to a variety of cultural influences and bring you closer to some of the finest French and German architecture.


Offering a gateway to 18th-century refinement and aristocratic charm, the northeastern French city of Nancy and the former capital of dukes of Lorraine is a must-see destination. With its reverential grand square, Nancy delights visitors and exposes a grandiose past through baroque, rococo, and art nouveau elements. If you’re looking to hire a campervan in Nancy, we encourage you to instead rent a campervan from Mulhouse and combine a visit to the cradle of the French industry with a dive into the delightful spirit of the 18th century.


Want to hire a campervan in Metz? Better yet, rent it from Mulhouse and enjoy driving through beautiful northeastern France to finally make it to the green scenery and fresh promenades of Metz. Contrary to the pronunciation of its name, mess, the city is neatly ordered with Michelin star restaurants, shabby cafes, stunning art collections, and gothic samples of architecture. Stroll through the streets of its historical centre to admire the regal Quartier Impérial, and get back to present day and beyond by visiting the enticing Centre Pompidou-Metz.


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Address: EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg - 68304 Saint-Louis, France

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