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Da Vinci’s mural, the detailed Duomo, fashionistas and a fizzy spritz for aperitivo––tasteful Milan is Italian charm mixed with dazzling international allure.


The world’s fashion capital and Italy’s throbbing financial heart, Milan is a powerhouse metropolis with an international cast of cultural connoisseurs, six-digit earners, superstar models and aspiring artists. Sure, Milan doesn’t have the historical oomph of Rome, nor does it pack as much Renaissance punch as Florence (spoiler: Milan has a lot of both). And yes, the city’s pretty fast-paced compared to the laid-back south––but that’s exactly where the city’s charm lies! Buzzing Milan is dynamic and modern, creative and cool, all while staying in touch with its Italian spirit. Hire a campervan in Milan and choose your adventure: head north and use the city as a gateway to Italy’s favourite lakes and the Alps; or travel south for a pan-Italian journey all the way to the toes of the Boot.


Practical Information

Depot + Transfer

Find our local depot in Magnano, Milan, at about 40 minutes from Milan’s city centre and just a 15-minute drive from Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP).

Starting your road trip in Milan? If you arrive by airplane, we’ll pick you up at Malpensa Airport and take you to our depot, where we’ll get you familiar with your campervan. After returning your van at our Milan depot, we’ll drive you back to the airport. Free of charge during regular hours, of course.

Parking in the city

Finding street parking in Milan can be difficult, especially in the pedestrian-friendly city centre, where limited parking spots are available. Outside of the centre, street parking in the so-called ‘white zones’ is free, like around the Monumentale, Lambrate, and Baggio cemeteries.

Car parks in Milan are a good option, too. The ones along the Piazza Salvatore Quasimodo and Piazza Santo Stefano are affordable and allow for your campervan’s height.

Camping grounds nearby

You’ll find a few camping grounds around Milan, Camping Village Milano being nearest. It has motorhome parking and all amenities. North of Milan in Monza, Camping Monza lies a bit further, but is greener and fun for kids.


About Milan

Most don’t think of Milan as a Renaissance city, but the city of the Visconti actually played a crucial part in the birth of the Renaissance––a rather undeserving role, too. Under the Visconti dynasty, Milan was a powerful monarchy that dominated North Italy and warred with any contender to their rule. Gian Galeazzo was an especially successful Visconti who terrorized neighbouring states and fought a series of wars with Florence. This forced the underdog Florentians to rally and unite in a classic struggle of the free republic vs. the despotic monarchy, a battle that spurred all kinds of new ideas from young and critical thinkers and artists. We might have never had a Renaissance, if it weren’t for the sudden death of Gian Galeazzo as his forces besieged Florence! The Milanese kingdom tumbled and Florence (and the Renaissance) flourished. But, to be fair, Milan wasn’t just the big bully in the history of the Renaissance. In fact, the Sforza who ruled after the Visconti were very impressed with what was happening in Florence and allied themselves with the Medici, patronizing the Florentine arts and inviting artists like Da Vinci to the court of Milan. That’s how The Last Supper came about, in case you were wondering!

Hire a campervan in Milan and, armed with newly-gained knowledge on the city and the Renaissance, make your way to the Sforza Castle and its outstanding frescoes by Leonardo Da Vinci. Take a stroll through the adjacent beautiful Sempione Park, the city’s green oasis. A stone’s throw away lies Brera, the city’s cultural melting pot. For an exclusive art incursion, check out Palazzo Brera, equally famous for its majestic library, botanical garden and astronomical observatory. Milan’s famous shopping mall is only a short stroll away from the palace. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is the epicentre of Italian fashion and highly worth a visit, whether or not you’re looking to do harm to your wallet––after all, what’s more Milanese than (window) shopping for the latest alta moda? Well, aperitivo is what! Milanese prime time is between 6-8pm, when locals gather for the quintessentially Milanese ritual of aperitivo, a time of cocktails (spritz!) paired with free finger food, good company and the slowly-setting sun. It’s right about this time that Brera flaunts its bohemian side, as the neighbourhood lights up with colourful bistros and restaurants. Another fun nighttime district is Navigli, where hundreds of hip bars line both sides of the canal.


What to discover

In and around the city

Il Duomo

Visiting the Duomo is a no-brainer. After all, who wouldn’t be interested in seeing how a church that took six centuries to complete finally turned out?  

As an added perk, you can head up to the cathedral’s roof to enjoy sweeping vistas of Milan!

Al Peck

If you’re looking to stock up on Italian goods before hitting the road, look no further than Peck. Milano’s historic deli is three underground floors of the best cuts of meat, freshest veggies, and finest cheeses.

It’s also a cafe for sampling the goods, and a restaurant for really digging into the deli’s delicacies.

Glacial lakes

To hire a campervan in Milan is to make for a stunning glacial lake. Maggiore, Como, Lugano, Garda, Iseo––which lake is the ideal destination? They’re all seriously idyllic, but it’s what you’re looking for that decides.

Take Lake Garda. With an amusement park and medieval Sirmione, it makes for a great family getaway. On the other hand, Lake Como, with jetset towns like Bellagio, is for showing off that new designer outfit you scored in Milan.


Recommended locations


At an hour’s drive from Milan, the city of Como begs for a campervan holiday. Sure, the city is known for Gothic architecture, fine restaurants, and lavish lakeside villa––but it’s the city’s namesake that gives Como its stopping power.

 Set at the foothills of the Alps and Lago di Como at its feet, the city features stunning natural surroundings. And Como’s not the only town worth visiting. Rent a campervan and visit Como’s neighbours, like the resort town of Bellagio, loved for its charming cobblestone streets by tourists and famous frequenters like George Clooney, Madonna, and Richard Branson, who own or have owned a villa in the romantic town.


Just northeast of Milan and on the way to Lake Como, why would you rent a campervan in Monza if you can make it your first road trip stop instead? Monza might be right next to Milan, but has an entirely different feel. For starters, it’s a green oasis of a city that only gets a fraction of the visitors the fashion capital sees.

Monza is a Mecca for race enthusiasts. The Autodromo Nazionale Monza is one of the oldest built racing circuits and has only not hosted the Formula One once since it was built in 1922! Apart from racing, Monza has a gorgeous cathedral, gigantic royal villa, impressive historic towns and pittoresque piazzes.


Want to hire a campervan in Novara? How about driving west for an hour from Milan to the heart of the Piedmont region instead? Piedmont lies along the A4 highway, one of Italy’s main arteries and a perfect route for road-trip across The Boot.

Novara is an interesting city with a gorgeous historic centre worth exploring. Start with the Piazza della Repubblica, where you’ll find the Broletta, a group of impressive buildings including the city’s most impressive town hall. From there, visit the Novara’s basilica and stroll the broad boulevards of this quaint city, before you drive onwards along the A4 and towards Turin.


Depot Contacts

Phone: +351308 809 080

Email: [email protected]

Address: Via Tranquillo Cremona, 9 20020 Magnago MI, Italy

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