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Double-decker buses, Buckingham Palace, and the Big Ben, London’s icons only barely scratch the surface of a mega-diverse megalopolis of age-old boroughs and skyscraping design.   


The capital of both England and the UK, London is a fascinating study of life in the 21st century. Cultures coexist, clash, exchange plates of curry, ackee with saltfish, and bangers and mash. Umbrella at the ready, Londoners run errands draped in refracted neon lights or head out to underground parties and quirky-themed bars. They head up to the 30th floor for a 10am meeting and down 50 metres below ground to catch the Underground. For urbanites, London truly is a spectacle to behold. Not just for its urban flair, but for its cultural attractions, too. (Free museums brimming with art and ancient relics!). If you plan on doing a road trip through the UK, stopping in the capital is a must. Better yet, hire a motorhome in London for a wonderful start to an adventure that heads west to the Celtic lands of Wales, all the way up to the wilderness of Scotland, or strands east at the White Cliffs of Dover. Heck, you can even cross the pond to the European mainland!


Practical Information

Depot + Transfer

Starting your road trip in London? If you’re arriving by airplane, we’ll pick you up at London Heathrow Airport and take you to our depot, where we’ll get you familiar with your motorhome. After returning your motorhome at our London depot, we’ll drive you back to the airport. Free of charge during regular hours, of course.

Parking in the city

If you’re looking for parking space for your campervan in central London, try the car parks at Waterloo Station. Britannia Parking and Looking For Car Park both allow for your motorhome’s height. Otherwise, London’s surrounding boroughs provide ample parking space and are well connected to the city centre.

Camping grounds nearby

Along the banks of the Thames, Abbey Wood Caravan Club Site feel rural and secluded while it’s railway takes you to central London in 35 minutes. Edging Lee Valley Park, campsite of Theobalds Park Club, too, is a half-an-hour train ride to London.


About London

Londinium was founded around 50 AD by Romans, who, on their conquest of Britain, felt there was still much to conquer north of the Thames — and so built a bridge crossing the river. On the other side, two low hills were the perfect site for a small settlement and fortified garrison. A raid by the ultra-cool Celtic rebel leader Boudica a decade or so later led the Romans to rebuild the settlement into a walled town. Londinium grew rapidly in the following century, signalling a grand future for the city. Saxons took up residence in the city after the fall of the Roman Empire, and by the late 7th century London was a booming trade centre. It was during medieval times that London really became important, when Norman kings picked Westminster as their seat of government and William the Conqueror built his Tower of London. With London’s importance thoroughly established, it’s biggest boom in population and size happened with the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, when the city bellowed grey clouds of smog and gained the nickname of ‘The Big Smoke’.

Today’s London might still have clouds perennially looming over the city, but that’s just the British climate.  Despite the weather, there’s always plenty to do in London. Start your day by following the cold waters of the River Thames. See the Big Ben that keeps Londoners to their famous punctuality, pass by Camden Market for a mouth-watering street food meal, stroll Trafalgar Square, get lost in the British Museum, and pay a visit to the world’s longest-reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. We’re sure she’d love to have you over for a cuppa! But since you’re here to hire a motorhome in London, Her Royal Highness won’t keep you long. After all, you have much more exploring of Britain to do.

Before you head out of London in your rental campervan, you might want to explore the city a little more. Get to know the Square Mile (or the City of London), the financial district that is said by some to secretly control the world. Built on the site of the ancient Londinium, The City is also a maze of ancient remains: the thousand-year-old Tower of London, 17th-century St. Paul’s Cathedral, and remains of the Roman City Walls of Londinium.


What to discover

In and around the city

Hyde Park

The largest of the four Royal Parks, here you can still feel the vibes of history. Hyde Park was used as a private hunting ground by Henry VIII, as the main stage for national parades, and nowadays it’s perfect for a peaceful walk right in the heart of the city.

Also, this is where you can feel like a rock star, since it hosted historic rock concerts of wall famed bands such as Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, and Queen.

Churchill War Rooms

This museum is not like any other. It’s a historic underground complex, from where Winston Churchill received the intelligence necessary to direct the war, where he spent a lot of his time working, and where he actually slept.

This was, in fact, the backstage of WWII.

Notting Hill

It may not be a discovery in the strict sense of the word. But besides being a scenery in one of the most successful romantic movies of all time, it’s a fashionable area with high-end shops and restaurants that are worth the visit.

On Saturdays, don’t forget to walk by Portobello Road and enjoy its market. Who knows, maybe you’ll find Julia Roberts or Hugh Grant in a peculiar travel books shop.


Recommended locations


A three-hour drive from London, Bristol is a much-loved travel destination among the British crowd and anglophiles. Forward-thinking and innovative, the city along the Avon River is also draped in history and charmingly old. Bristol is alive with students and an offbeat culture that is best portrayed by the legendary street artist Banksy, Bristol local by birth. For motorhome holiday-goers, Bristol is a perfect match. The city sits right next to popular stops like the beautiful Bath and Cotswold. Cross the Bristol Channel to enter Wales and visit Cardiff, or head up north to Snowdonia National Park.

New Forest

The region of New Forest is an idyllic stretch of heathlands, forests, and pastures at only two hours from London. In fact, everything you look for when you hire a motorhome is in New Forest. Peace andtranquillityy, outdoor adventure, and a picturesque village for you to see what life in the 18th century was like. But Buckler’s Hard isn’t the only town around worth visiting. Brockenhurst, with a spectacular countryside and rural feel, is a quaint village where ponies and deer still roam freely through town.


Called the Gateway to England, you don’t just hire a motorhome in Dover — you arrive in one, either from London or the mainland of Europe. In Dover, you’re greeted by the famous Dover Castle, one of England’s oldest standing fortresses. Even more famous than its stronghold are the spectacular White Cliffs of Dover. The chalk walls are the timeless sight British sailors looked out for on their way back home from faraway colonies. Today, oversized ferries carry boatloads of vehicles from and to the European continent. Board a ferry with your motorhome and include France, Belgium, or the Netherlands in your road trip itinerary!


Depot Contacts

Phone: +351308 809 080

Email: [email protected]

Address: Sproggett House, Sproggett Industrial Estclay Lane - Stanwell, Staines - TW19 7AY, England

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