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The Black Forest’s tumbling vineyards watch over Freiburg as it reverberates with funky student vibes, seriously delicious homemade eats, a quaint Altstadt, and a quirky Frei Körper Kultur


Known as the sunniest corner of Germany, Freiburg im Breisgau doesn’t give out too much, too soon. However, no matter how hard it tries to keep its rambunctious side on the low, it soon becomes obvious that Freiburg also has an unruly nature. During daylight, it intrigues with a medieval atmosphere that seems taken straight out of a fairytale. Cobblestone lanes lead the way to the city’s whimsical Altstadt, filled with gabled townhouses and cafe-belted plazas. But don’t be fooled! As night descends, the illusory quietness gets brushed away by students who hit the town in search of chatter and good tunes. Visitors looking for new sensations can also head to the nearby saunas and lakes. Here, the culture of nakedness known as Frei Körper Kultur —it’s not called Freiburg for nothing)—  will (literally!) shed a layer of German misconceptions. Freiburg is anything but what you’d expect and the biggest surprise comes in terms of beer, wine, and food: Spätzle, Brägele, Flammkuchen, Bibiliskäase, and other delicacies you won’t be able to pronounce but will feel good on your tongue. Hire a campervan in Freiburg and make your way to the heart of a warm, vibrant, delicious, and unexpected city!


Practical Information

Depot + Transfer

If you want to hire a campervan in Freiburg, we’re right there for you. We’ll meet you at EuroAirport Basel - Mulhouse - Freiburg Airport (MLH), where you can pick up and drop off your campervan free of charge (during regular hours).

Parking in the city

You don’t have to venture far to park your campervan in Freiburg. Located at a mere 300 m from the city centre, Seepark offers various parking spots for campervans with a height of maximum 6 m. If you’re looking for a motorhome parking spot closer to the Black Forest, a great option is Stellplatz am Hägle - just 3 km away from the city.

Camping grounds nearby

If you want to spend your night in a campervan near Freiburg, you’re in luck! There are various options for you to choose from and enjoy both the cheerful Freiburg and the greenery of the Black Forest. Only a kilometre from the romantic old city, Camping Hirzberg, surrounded by idyllic green hills, offers 65 sites with electric hook-ups for campervans. A bit further down, at 2,5 km from Freiburg, Stellplatz Camping stands out as another great camping option.


About Freiburg

Normally, you wouldn’t find any (logical) connection between a medieval city and some of the most advanced environmental innovations. However, this mind-boggling association is an everyday reality in Freiburg im Breisgau. With a well-kept Altstadt that glorifies medieval architecture, the city’s also one of Europe’s biggest solar energy collectors and a sustainable one indeed. Ever since its founding in 1120, Freiburg has been a rebel in disguise, thriving despite centuries of plagues, epidemics, wars, and foreign domination. Once liberated, the city began its ascending path and started an environmental solar revolution in the 1980s. Today, Freiburg harnesses so much solar power that it rivals entire countries, while also collecting sunlight for feel-good outdoor activities — be it hiking in the Black Forest, enjoying a beer by the river, tasting some homemade wine and bites at a Strausse, or skinny-dipping (told ya, they’re very keen on nakedness) in one of its various lakes.

Freiburg is a time-machine to the 11th century, with charming architecture and cobblestone streets that will make you gasp a Wunderbar. At the same time, this German city is the perfect getaway location to start exploring the hiking paths of the Black Forest or the region’s pervasive sauna culture. Another unmissable experience can be tasted at the various wine houses (Strausse) of Freiburg. These wine taverns are actually local farms that turn into pop-up restaurants during the summer, serving wine and food grown on-site. If you’re living under the falsehood that German cuisine is mostly sausages and beers, wake up your taste buds — because you’re in for a treat: epic portions of homemade egg noodles; Spätzle, sauteed potatoes; Brägele, delicious speck with creme fraiche; Flammkuchen, a mad combination of quark with fresh herbs; Bibiliskäase, and what not. If these aren’t reasons enough to hire a campervan in Freiburg, we don’t know what would qualify as one. Trust us, Freiburg deserves a taste of epic proportions.


What to discover

In and around the city

Spontaneous Brewery Tour

No trip to Germany is complete without some proper beer tasting — and Freiburg is no exception from the rule. Old and new streets alike are brimmed with traditional breweries that have been passed from generation to generation. These Breweries not only make their own beers, but often create seasonal specialities that are specific to Freiburg and Freiburg alone. Some of the best-known Breweries in Freiburg are Feierling Brewery, Ganter Brewery, and Martin’s Brew. However, we encourage you to be spontaneous and simply stop and taste a brew whenever you see a brewery that calls on you.


If you want to admire the valleys of the Black Forest — and even far beyond the Alps on a cloudless day — this is the vantage point from where you can do so. The peak stands tall at 1.284 m and all that separates you from the top is a short cable car ride — enjoyable for sure. But since no mountain can be revered without beating its tracks, Schauinsland spreads over its top a myriad of hiking trails that are waiting to be discovered. Come winter time, these paths pave the way towards some zero-cool cross-country ski tracks.


Rathausplatz abbreviates time to a single square. Just by turning around a few degrees, you’ll get to experience medieval charm, 19th-century grandeur, and modern times. The Old and New Town Hall have made peace with each other, realising they’re both part of the same narrative and not at all in contrast. The most pleasant thing, however? Rathausplatz puts you at the same table with locals. No matter if your beverage of choice is a coffee or a good ol’ beer, you’ll find a fellow German who’ll share your taste and raise you another cup.


Recommended locations


Baroque vibes and cultural tunes echo through Mannheim’s streets. With tons of historical exhibits, fresh art nouveau gardens, and two colliding watercourses, this southern German City is a destination on the rise. If you’re into great architecture and affordable shop-until-you-drop opportunities, you might want to hire a campervan in Mannheim and discover its ins and outs. If on top of that, you’re into exciting road trips, you should definitely hire a motorhome in Freiburg and enjoy the green scenery on the road to Mannheim. This way, you’ll experience the wild and the classy in just one trip.


Colmar is the capital of the Alsace wine region and the French city with the most photo opportunities a traveller could ask for. Sure, you could hire a campervan in Colmar and discover its medieval alleys that lead to even more medieval architecture, but why not rent a motorhome in Freiburg? By combining the two cities, you’ll be in for a full-medieval adventure with some amazing scenery in the middle — and stories that cover not one, but two countries. What more could you ask for? Well, ask! Because Colmar is a city that gives, gives and gives.


Konstanz has been blessed with a neutral neighbour that saved it from being bombed and destroyed during WWII. Thanks to Switzerland’s stand, Konstanz has remained untouched and today stands tall as one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. If you want to hire a campervan in Konstanz, we suggest you double your adventure and rent the motorhome directly from Freiburg.  Not only will you get to enjoy the cheerful university town vibe from Konstanz, but also some pretty awesome Alps hiking trails on the way.


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Address: EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg - 68304 Saint-Louis, Germany

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