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From its skyline of shimmering skyscrapers to its rich intellectual heritage, this international powerhouse is an ultramodern melting pot of arts, culture, and people.


Frankfurt is a truly cosmopolitan city. One in three residents in the city aren’t German and more than 100 different languages are spoken on a daily basis. This open spirit and knack for cultural exchange flow deep in the riverside city, which has long been a centre for trade and a hub of different influences, ideas, and attitudes. Perhaps no surprise then that Frankfurt was the birthplace of Germany’s literary master Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, as well as the philosophical movement known as the Frankfurt School. US President John F Kennedy called Frankfurt the ‘cradle of democracy in Germany’ and Wikimania, the annual Wikipedia conference, is held here today. While the city’s now being hailed as Europe’s post-Brexit financial capital, it’s not all hard-nosed bankers and businessmen. The city’s intellectual and commercial know-how finds complement in the cosy warmth of cider pubs, ancient traditions, and cheerful people. The city ranks in the top 8 European cities for quality of living — so think how good it must be just for a holiday. Hire a campervan in Frankfurt, which, with its vibrant culture, ever-evolving landscape, and open-minded attitude, has earned the nickname ‘Mainhattan’ — a thrilling and dynamic city to rival even that most iconic of American destinations.


Practical Information

Depot + Transfer

Our depot is located 20 minutes away from Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and a 30-minute drive from the city centre.

Starting your road trip in Frankfurt? If you're arriving by airplane, we’ll pick you up at Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and take you to our depot, where we’ll get you familiar with your campervan. After returning your van at our depot, we’ll drive you back to the airport. Free of charge in regular hours, of course.

Parking in the city

On-street parking in Frankfurt city-centre is tricky and also expensive at around €1.00 per 20 minutes. While there are car-parks within the city that charge €1.00 - 3.00 per hour, a better option is one of the cheap Park and Rides on the outskirts of the city such as P+R Nieder-Eschbach or P+R Kalbach, both 20 minutes from the city centre.

Camping grounds nearby

Hire a campervan in Frankfurt and stay at one of the several camping grounds within easy reach of the city. For example, Campingplatz Mainkur, 14 minutes from Frankfurt, located on the banks of the river Main, and where you’re able to take the bus into the city centre. There’s also Nature Lovers Morfelden-Walldorf campsite, 20 minutes from the city centre, or Campingplatz Dreieich-Offenthal which has a pool.


About Frankfurt

Frankfurt’s history is a testament to the city’s strong will and independent spirit. From 1372 until 1810, the city was a ‘Free Imperial City’, a self-governing entity answerable only to the Emperor himself. However, after the Seven Weeks’ War of 1866, it became part of Prussia — perhaps for the best, because it was only once part of Germany that the city really began to boom. Not just in terms of wealth and industry, but also intellectually. Frankfurt has long been a city of thinkers and creatives, including philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, writer Ludwig Börne, and composer Georg Philipp Telemann. And yes, you’re right, the Frankfurter sausage does indeed hail from Frankfurt. Well done, genius.

Today a hub for finance, commerce, and technology, Frankfurt is a city where old meets new, they shake hands and embrace. The impressive skyline is dotted with cranes, evidence of the city’s continuing evolution. But the classic and contemporary complement each other, the striking high-rises, hallmarks of modernity, forming a backdrop to the historic Römerberg with its re-created neo-Gothic houses. Today, the city is home to two of the European Union’s highest skyscrapers — the Commerzbank and the tower of the Exhibition Centre — but the city hall, or Römer, was once the site of coronation ceremonies for Roman emperors. Then there’s also the 155-foot Eschenheimer Turm, part of the old city fortifications, that now has a bar and restaurant on its ground floor.

Hire a campervan in Frankfurt and begin exploring. Start at Römerberg Square, with its elegant timber-framed houses, before wandering over to Sachsenhausen, home to the city’s ‘museum mile’, swanky restaurants, and bars with live music. Then, if you’re after some nature, Frankfurt has the largest inner-city forest in Germany, but there’s also the world-famous 22-hectare Palm Garden, home to plants from every climate zone on the planet and which transforms into a concert venue on summer evenings. Or you can simply while away your evening in an Apfelwein tavern with a Bembel, a jug of apple cider.


What to discover

In and around the city


This roofed market is a true godsend to the culinary world. Colourful and characterful, it draws huge crowds, all keen to sample the vast array of foodie delights: fresh meat, cheese, vegetables, dried fruits, chocolates, and baked goods. The stalls are decked with treats: local specialities like Handkäse cheese, more varieties of Wurst than you could count, and all sorts of exotic fruits from around the world. Hop into your campervan hungry and head over to begin the feast.

Senckenberg Natural History Museum

Situated in the Senckenberg Gardens, Frankfurt’s Natural History museum boasts Europe’s biggest large dinosaur exhibition and you’ll be greeted by some life-size replicas of these prehistoric beasts as soon as you enter the museum. This makes it a top choice for kids, but pretty entertaining for adults too. It's also home to the world's largest collection of stuffed birds, if you are more into feathery friends.  

The Ebbelwei Express

Trade your hire campervan for this psychedelic 1970s tram that circles the city every weekend, passing by 29 different major attractions, including the zoo, the Römerberg, and the banking district. With a bottle of Ebbelwoi — or cider — in one hand, a fist full of pretzels in the other, plus some bizarre and riotous German drinking music playing in the background, there’s no better, or stranger, way to see the city. The tour takes an hour but you can hop on and off whenever you want, allowing you to take the tour at your own pace.


Recommended locations


Looking to hire a campervan in Kasel? Rent your van in Frankfurt instead, and drive an hour and a half north to reach the city best known for its documents art exhibition, which takes place every five years for 100 days only. But don’t worry if you’ve already missed it. Kassel has plenty of other thrills to offer. For one, there’s the mighty Löwenburg Castle, designed to resemble a semi-ruined medieval castle, and which, with an armoury, a neo-Gothic chapel, and a menagerie, is so atmospheric that you wouldn’t be surprised to stumble across a knight attempting to woo a damsel. Equally magical is Kassel’s literary heritage. The Brothers Grimm, the creators of the fairy-tales we all know and love, lived here and there is a museum dedicated to the two brothers and their work. So hire an RV and drive over to this historic city and discover knights and fairies — plus a majestic monument to the greek God Hercules.  


If you decide to hire a campervan, Mannheim should definitely be a stop on your road trip. Look beyond the gritty industrial buildings and discover delights such as the 18th-century baroque Mannheim Palace or the Art Nouveau gardens of Friedrichsplatz. The city calls itself "Mannheim²" or Mannheim ‘squared’. This is because of the grid-pattern of its streets which are called things like C1 and C2, a life-saver given the difficulty of pronouncing most German words. Wander the ‘Planken’ shopping streets, stroll along the riverside promenade, and relax in the many green parks, including Luisenpark, considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. And, if you fancy something different, consider buying tickets for an ice-hockey match. The city’s ice hockey team is one of the best in Germany.


The largest wine-growing region in Germany, Mainz is located in the Rheinhessen, also known as ‘The Land of the Thousand Hills’. While the city produces some of Germany’s best wine, it also has plenty of other reasons to tempt you here. Wander the picturesque labyrinth of cobbled streets of the Altstadt. Visit the enormous Romanesque cathedral with its treasury full of stunning religious artwork. Equally impressive is the Gothic church Stephanskirche, famous for its unique luminous blue windows designed by Russian artist Marc Chagall. Stroll along the Rhine with regular stops at the many Biergarten dotted along the river. And make sure to try the Spundekäs, a smooth cheese paste, seasoned with pepper, salt and sweet paprika and served with onion, crackers and pretzels — best paired with a Riesling. And while the riverside city deserves a visit, you don’t need to hire a campervan in Mainz –– because it’s only a 50-km drive from Frankfurt.


Depot Contacts

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Address: Am Ohlenberg, 39 - 64390 Erzhausen, Germany

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