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With its cool marina, lively nightlife, outdoor cafes and a well-preserved medieval zone, Faro is much more than just a city––it’s a lovely intro to the perfect Algarve road trip by van.


Great weather, wide beaches, fun nightlife, quaint houses, and food that’s fingerlicking good. Algarve is one of the most visited areas in all of Portugal––but its capital is still flying stealth on the tourist radar. Not awash with holiday goers, you get to leisurely explore the enchanting city and its classics. Like the 800-year-old cathedral and the white-washed Old Town, encircled by ancient walls that predate the Romans. Walk the calçada portuguesa and admire typical terracotta-tiled houses. Afterwards, dine on delicious seafood like grilled octopus or cataplana, a fish stew on a tomato base. Spot local wildlife during a cruise on the Ria Formosa, a 60-km lagoon with flamingos, razorbills, and dozens other species of birds. The lagoon’s outer islands, like Ilha Culatra and Ilha Barretta, have serene golden beaches for you to enjoy almost privately! But there’s no need to leave Faro for a sunbath; Praia de Faro is perfect for an afternoon at the beach after exploring the town! And when you’re ready to start your road trip, hire a campervan in Faro and go see why the Algarve is Europe’s most famous secret!


Practical Information about a Campervan Hire in Algarve

Depot + Transfer

If you want to hire a campervan or motorhome in Faro, we’re right there for you. We’ll meet you at Faro Airport, where you can pick up and drop off your rental RV – free of charge in regular hours, of course!

Parking in the city

Parking in the inner city for free isn’t easy. The street spots are filled with local cars, which leaves you with one option: park your Indie motorhome on the outskirts of Faro during the day and use public transportations. There are also a few private parking grounds where you can leave your van, but they might be a bit expensive.

Camping grounds nearby

In Faro, you’ll find a few cool camping sites to spend the night in your campervan. One of them is Parque de Campismo e Caravanismo de Olhão, which has all the amenities for you and your RV rental in the Algarve, such as external electricity, water to fill your van’s water tank, and a swimming pool.


About Faro & The Algarve

Doing a motorhome road trip in the south of Portugal means you must pass through Faro. Not that it’s written in stone. If anything, it would be printed on an ancient printing press, the first of which in Portugal was used in Faro in 1487. Which book was printed? It wasn’t Portugal’s most famous epic, Os Lusíadas. Camões would write that a century later. Instead, it was the Pentateuch, or Torah. At the time of printing, there was a strong Jewish presence in this region, who had been there ever since BC, when Faro was called Ossonoba––and had even stayed in the 10th century AD, when it was a Moorish city called Santa Maria, or Shantamarriyaht al-Gharb. We’d tell you to go see the book in Faro––but, unfortunately, the book (and plenty of others) was stolen by English troops when they pillaging through Faro in 1596 and stumbled upon the bishop’s library. Today, the Torah and other books are still part of the University of Oxford’s Bodleian Library.

Present-day Faro is a doorway to all great things Algarve has to offer. Golden sand beaches, natural wonders like pools, lagoons, forests and caves, tasty food, and a handful of monuments that carry the weight of history graciously; more than enough reason for you to hire a campervan and start your epic road trip in Faro. Get a great view of the city from the top of the Sé, a 13th-century jewel; visit the Mercado Municipal, where locals buy all the freshest foods from local vendors and fishermen; pay a visit to Carmo Church and the eerie Chapel of Bones, built out of, yes, human bones; and settle your nerves by feasting on freshly-caught fish at the local restaurants. Your motorhome rental is waiting, and so is Faro!


What to discover

Recommended locations

Silves & Tavira

At a 50-minute campervan drive from Faro is Silves, the former capital of Algarve, a pearl of history left to be explored by adventurers of the road. What might look like a typical Portuguese town, Silves offers pieces of the past and perfectly blends them to form a continuing story. An example of that is its castle: a magnificent monument with thick walls built by the Romans and Visigoths, and then expanded by the Moors who occupied the castle, making of it one of the best-preserved fortifications in Portugal. The castle has a National Monument since 1910.

And if you’re awestruck by Silves, wait until you see Tavira after you hire a campervan in Algarve. The town has a lot in common with Silves: it’s thoroughly traditional and filled with white little houses… but that’s not the best thing about the place, because that’s Ilha de Tavira, one of the most beautiful Portuguese islands (leaving aside the islands smack in the middle of the Atlantic).

Leave your campervan parked in the marina and get on the ferry heading for this island to spend a full day of beach time – golden sands, warm crystal waters, a shining sun, and everything a beach bum could desire.


Imagine you have a campervan… oh wait, you can just rent a campervan or a motorhome in Faro and drive for an hour to reach Lagos! Visit its historic centre full of ancient remains, like the 16th-century Mercado de Escravos, a slave market that that shows how the Age of Discovery might be overly romanticized. With its symmetrical bell towers and extensive interior, the Igreja de Santo António is a 18th-century Baroque masterwork you’ll want to see for yourself, too. Or the Museu Municipal Dr José Formosinho, with objects that tell stories from the Neolithic period all the way to the Age of Discovery!

But the best way to enjoy Lagos isn’t just by going back in time. In fact, Lagos is Portugal’s beach capital. Here, you come to forget about time. Blue waters meet sandy beaches, white or gold, all of them surrounded by teetering cliffs interrupted by the occasional sea cave. We suggest you try Ponta da Piedade, Praia do Camilo, and Meia Praia––thank us later!


It’s incredible to think that a place this cool is so close to Faro. Just hire a campervan in Faro, hop on, and get there in less than an hour. What’s so special about Portimão? We could let you discover that on your own, but we love it too much to keep quiet. Historic monuments such as Megalithic Monuments of Alcalar (a necropolis of 18 5,000-year-old burial grounds) give it an age-old charm. Just like the yellow Fort of Santa Catarina from the 1600s. But what makes Portimão even better are the markets with the freshest fish and seafood you’ll find in the Algarve––which explains why Portimão has so many great restaurants!

Portimão is also known for its beaches and buzzing nightlife. Don’t miss the wide Praia da Rocha, where huge rocks protrude from the soft sand; Praia do Vau and its dramatic cliffs; Praia do Alvor with its azure-fading-to-emerald waters. And when you’re set on finding your own stretch of sand, book a boat trip to some of the remote beaches. To complete a full perfect day, enjoy a meal in any of the fantastic local restaurants and finish with a great time in the many bars and discos of Portimão until the sun starts to shine again. Remember, no drinking and driving your campervan!


Depot Contacts

Phone: +351308 809 080

Email: [email protected]

Address: Sítio Cuvata 9001, São Lourenço - 8135-027 Almancil | GMaps: N125 315A, Almancil, Portugal

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