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Bubbling beneath an apparently uneventful surface, a trendy, humorous, vibrant, multi-ethnic Brussels invites travellers to revel in diversity and relish unearthly amounts of waffles, fries, chocolates and beer.


Playing the part of both the capital of the European Union and the cradle of a considerable number of quirky comic books, Brussels is as bafflingly contradictory as you would suspect. For many, this laid-back capital city remains elusive and hard to describe. However, don’t confuse the absence of odes sung to Brussels with its lack of personality. If anything, Brussels has too much or, better said, too many personalities. After all, it’s a bilingual city whose mascot is an unabashed boy (Manneken Pis) who cannot hold it in until the closest bathroom. It’s also a city that hosts some of the finest Art Nouveau architecture while simultaneously making it to an incredulous number of “ugliest buildings” lists. But once you leave all misconceptions behind, you’ll discover a hip capital that transforms itself ceaselessly. Brussels is a playground for those who wish to linger in multiculturalism, enjoy a casual effervescence, taste cultural reinvention, and of course, eat unethically huge amounts of waffles, fries, and chocolate, all washed down by an equally gargantuan variety of craft beers. Hire a campervan in Brussels and wander through a tapestry of styles to discover beautiful green scenery, surprising buildings, cool people and everything in between.


Practical Information

Depot + Transfer

If you want to rent a campervan or motorhome in Brussels, we’re right there for you. We’ll meet you at Brussels Zaventem - BRU and take you to our depot on Simisstraat 141, 1840 - Londerzeel (25 minutes away from BRU, where you will pick up and drop off your campervan free of charge, during working hours of course.

Parking in the city

While there are no dedicated campervan or motorhome parkings in Brussels, there are several paid open-air car parks near the Heysel Exhibition Centre, Roi Baudouin Stadium, and the Atomium. If you don’t mind walking, you can park for free in suburbs such as Sint-Gillis and enjoy a nice 30-minute stroll to the city centre.

Camping grounds nearby

There are several options to spend the night in your campervan near Brussels. You can choose to camp your van on the other side of the Brussels canal, next to the Molenbeek Youth Hostel in Olifantenstraat, in the northern outskirts of the city at Camping Grimbergen (Veldkantstraat 64, Grimbergen 1850) or down south at Beersel Camping (Steenweg op Ukkel 75, 1650 Beersel).


About Brussels

Brussels has risen from a swamp settlement to a metropolis that’s currently the heart of the European Union. If this Cinderella-like transformation is not enough to trigger your curiosity, Brussels’ history and diverse contemporary landscape will definitely make you turn your head (and campervan) in its direction. Its humble beginnings date back to the 7th century when Sint Gorik, or Saint Gaugericus, built a chapel on an island in the Zenne. However, it’s Charles of Lorraine who gets the credit as the official founding father of Brussels, establishing it as a city in 979. Ever since then, its geographical location brought the city both luck and disasters, as it fell into the hands of various foreign powers who drew it dry. Finally, in 1831, Brussels gained its well-deserved independence and underwent a series of reconstructions and reforms under Leopold I, the first Belgian King, only to be dismantled again in the aftermath of World War II. Thankfully, that’s where the series of bad omens ended. Starting with 1970, faith appears to have been kinder to Brussels, pouring its gifts upon the city’s well-being and restoration, making it a melting pot of both classical and quirky styles and trends.

Today, Brussels is a myriad of things, all at once. The small city, composed of 19 municipalities, is known for its refreshing green spaces (Bois de la Cambre, Park de Brussels) with tidy alley and perfectly cut turfs, but also for its eclectic flea markets and humming open-air beer meet-up places. Once you’ve taken in the Grand Place, alongside the architecture of the Royal Palace and the futuristic Atomium, we suggest you also dig into the alternative Brussel experiences. Following the capital’s Comic Strip Route can be an invigorating way to discover the city, while stopping at one of the Lookout Stations at sunset will make you fall in love with the city. The Belgian capital is also home to Galeries St. Hubert, one of Europe’s oldest shopping arcades, and provides more museums than you could visit, covering topics from cars and costumes, to fine art and fries.

When it comes to food, you can’t go hungry in Brussels––especially since it has a staggering number of 138 restaurants per square mile. No surprise there, as its famous waffles and fries had to be served somewhere. The culinary offering in Brussels varies widely and on its higher end can satisfy even the most pretentious eater. The refinement of the Belgian cuisine is best observed in the artistry with which they make chocolate and, if you want a taste (or a sugar rush), you’ll be glad to know that Brussels International Airport is the world’s biggest chocolate selling venue (and our ultimate definition of heaven). For those who prefer the craft of beer, Belgians also have it figured out with more than 2000 varieties, all served in custom glasses.


What to discover

In and around the city


We know learning the ins and outs of European bureaucracy probably isn’t among your top ideas of fun, but the Parlamentarium in Brussels might just change your mind. Created as an immersive and interactive 360-degree experience, the Parlamentarium offers exciting and accessible information on the history and present-day challenges of the European Parliament.

The Parlamentarium is open daily and it’s free of charge.

St. Gilles

Saint-Gilles has it all, including loads of free parking spaces for your campervan in Brussels. This upbeat residential area is an uprising art scene, with trendy cultural hubs, indie galleries and art nouveau buildings.

Every Sunday, Saint-Gilles hosts a charming Midi Market that gathers miscellaneous articles, including funky clothing items and exotic spices, all in the unique perimeter of the South Railway Station. Also, the nearby Museum of the Gueuze tells the bubbly story of Brussels’ fermented beers.


Up until 2014, Nemo 33 held the record for the deepest indoor pool. At 35 meters deep, the pool was specially created for diving practice and was simulates real open water diving conditions (some even say Bora Bora). While the record title has been snatched by a pool in Italy, Nemo 33 is still a fascinating pool that provides exhilarating experiences for recreational, training and military purposes. You can go for a  dive or simply watch other divers make their way down the 2.5 million litres of highly filtered spring water.


Recommended locations


Visiting the colourful and charming city of Lille in France can easily be combined with your Belgian get-away, as it’s only a stone’s throw away from the Western border of the capital. Why hire a campervan in Lille, if you can seize the international vibe and hire a campervan from Brussels to visit Lille? The capital of Flanders is home to two Unesco World Heritage Sites, but also to a range of Gothic and Renaissance architectural accomplishments, the world’s largest flea market, and a diversity of quaint little bars and restaurants.


Looking to hire a campervan in Antwerp? Just an hour away from the capital of Belgium, Antwerp is an unmissable port city and a great reason to hire a campervan in Brussels. The city is probably among the few in the world that manage to pull off fashion and medieval chic at the same time. Hipsters, diamond seekers, party lovers, art enthusiasts and John Does flock Antwerp in search of hidden gems, trendy cafes, Rubensian paintings (and views), on-the-rise clubs, or simply refreshing for walks. The great thing about this port city is that you can easily make it your own as there’s a bit of everything for everyone.


Quiet at a first glance and exhilaratingly entertaining at a closer look, Liège lies roughly 100 kilometres east of Brussels. We know what you’re thinking: “I’ll hire a campervan in Brussels and drive to Liege”. Great idea, we salute it! Also, make sure that after you get comfortably acquainted with Liege’s streets and architecture, you also wander off the beaten path to discover its upbeat nightlife and vibrant way of life.


Depot Contacts

Phone: +351308 809 080

Email: [email protected]

Address: Smisstraat 141, 1840 - Londerzeel, Belgium

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