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Refusing to sell out for tourism’s sake, Bastia rises between the sea and the mountain as a city of authentic living, carefree sun-basking, and lighthearted hiking.


For a swoop of authenticity and a satisfying change of pace, Bastia is just the Corsican city your travel doctor would recommend. Here, the living is easy and has an unmistakable local flair. Squares fill with people enjoying their crisp Corsican wine with freshly caught seafood (staples in Bastia!) and daydreamers gulping delicious amber chestnut beer before siesta. Afternoon nap time is, by the way, a part of the day taken most seriously on the island. There are no special treatments for tourists landing here, but there are various special sights and things to do. Thanks to its beautiful surroundings and blessed natural preserves, Bastia is a hiker’s godsend. Casual strollers are also guaranteed not to get bored, as the small, yet bountiful city has loads of hidden gems across its streets: Baroque churches with pebble mosaics, a historical citadel, well-preserved old houses, and new colourful residences are all within walking distance. But what are we talking about? You should already be swimming in Bastia’s pristine sea and lounging on its white brochure-perfect beaches. Hire a campervan in Bastia and get on with the locals. Everything else will follow naturally. Just like Bastia does.


Practical Information

Depot + Transfer

Our depot is located in Borgo, at only 7 minutes from Bastia-Poretta Airport (BIA) and 25 minutes from the city centre.

If you’re starting your trip in Bastia and you’re arriving by plane, we’ll pick you up at Bastia-Poretta Airport (BIA) and take you to our depot, where we’ll get you familiar with your campervan. After returning the van to our Bastia depot, we’ll give you a ride back to the airport and wave you “bye, bye”, hoping to see you soon. Free of charge during working hours, of course.

Parking in the city

Everything in Bastia is within walking distance: from sights to beaches, landmarks, squares and what not. So, we suggest you leave your campervan parked in one of the available camping sites or near them, in their allocated parking spots. There are also several free parkings around the city, but make sure to check for signs regarding height and allowed parking times before leaving your campervan on the street.

Camping grounds nearby

There are various camping grounds where you can spend the night in your campervan in Bastia. Camping San Domingo offers 4-stars facilities and a lovely environment while camping Les Oranges offers more affordable options for those looking to spend less. Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a lovely time in Bastia, nomading through its beautiful sights in your campervan.


About Bastia

Like most cities with the sea at their footholds, Bastia started as a fishermen’s settlement. In the late 1300s, its fate changed completely when a Genoese keep — bastiglia — was constructed here and ended up naming the city. Like any dutiful godmother, the bastiglia blessed Bastia with as much good fate as it could, although the city has had its fair share of history bumps. In the late 1760s, Bastia became French, having yet another change of personality. As the second biggest city in Corsica and Ajaccio’s number one contender, Bastia has a Terra Vecchia and a Terra Nova, being as diverse and laid-back as a city can be and taking pride in both its past and present.

Today, Bastia is a modern port city that maintains its uniqueness by not transforming itself into a touristic hive. Instead, it shares its quaint habits and lovely streets with the few who ache to admire amazing architecture and enjoy a relaxing time in the sun. The city’s celebrated Cape Corse wine is a delicacy to be tasted and we recommend you enjoy it in the lively Place Saint Nicolas, Bastia’s central square. In addition, the marketplace in the City Hall Square is also a must-see location for mouth-watering traditional dishes. If you’ve had enough vitamin D, you can always choose to explore Musée de Bastia and get more acquainted with Corsica’s part Italian, part French history. There’s a lot to do and see all over Bastia, with winding streets leading to majestic churches adorned with frescoes and quaint plazas. Hire a campervan in Bastia, take in the views, admire the architecture, drink the wine and leave the city just as you found it for others to enjoy it too.


What to discover

In and around the city

Shop for local and unusual items

When you say ‘holiday souvenirs’ you don’t immediately think about knives. But Bastia makes quite a fuss about its high-quality knives and has several shops that specialise in the art of these sharp objects. Then again, since the city tries to stay as far away as possible from becoming too touristy, it dedicates its offerings to residents and their daily needs. So, while knives are not necessarily meant as souvenirs, they can make quite a surprising gift for your friends and family back home. For more classical gifts, you can’t go wrong with food and wine, especially with the Cap Corse aperitif.

Place Saint Nicolas

Bastia’s central square gushes with activity and locals going about their business. A stroll along its streets will make you feel like a long-time resident, especially if you stop to sip on a glass of local wine or taste a traditional Corsican dish such as sanglier (wild boar). The square, which gathers a motley selection of bars, restaurants and cafes, is charming by daylight and simply stunning in the evening, when elegant streetlights flood the monuments and statues of former French generals with warm hues. On weekends, a traditional open air market and flea market are held in Place Saint Nicolas, offering a diversity of items and vivid atmosphere.

Scuba Diving

Thanks to the low level of pollution, the Mediterranean waters around Corsica are some of the clearest a diver could ask for. Not only that, but the underwater diving here is known for its awesome natural diversity, undisturbed marine life, and countless WWII wrecks. Head east from Bastia to embark on one of the most spectacular dives in the Mediterranean. At a depth of 40 m, a US P47 fighter plane lies on the seabed. Almost all major diving centres run trips here, in addition to offering a diversity of dives both for experienced scuba divers and beginners who want to learn the art of the deal.


Recommended locations


Atop a skyward hill, the fortress of Bonifacio rises as lofty today as it did when it was founded in the 12th century. Down below, once you make your way through the steep paths cut in the limestone walls, a modern marina is the last thing you’d expect to see. Bonifacio is a satisfying stop with endless historical sights, enjoyable hikes, snorkelling opportunities, and delicious food. As a seasoned traveller, you must be thinking to hire a campervan in Bonifacio right now. We’ll raise you on it: rent a campervan from Bastia and enjoy even more rewarding Corsican sceneries as you drive to Bonifacio and, who knows, even farther.


Far from the glamour of promenades and beaches filled with tourists snapping their latest profile picture, the city of Sarténe is a present-day illustration of life in former rural Corsica. Labelled the ‘most Corsican of Corsican towns’, the city remains deaf to modern endowments and delights visitors with hilltop views, quiet evenings, and local carelessness. Here, life moves at a slower pace through the lanes that lead to emblematic grey granite houses. If you find the idea of visiting the past endearing, you might try to hire a campervan in Sarténe, but not be able to find one. Rent your campervan in Bastia and slowly drive to the place where people have no need for watches, Sarténe.


The Corsican Mecca of yacht enthusiasts, Île-Rousse is a summer’s daydream. With sandy beaches that stretch along a curvy coastline and a backdrop of mountain tops, the resort town is buzzing with tourists looking for the perfect tan. Old paving stones and streets with historical names give L’Île-Rousse an important allure, while ice cream parlours and jovial restaurants spike it with a cheerful tone. Up north, the ferry port rivals (and some locals dare to say it even surpasses) the port in Calvi. Thinking to hire a campervan in L’ile Rousse? Here’s an idea: rent your motorhome in Bastia and go on a Corsican adventure that will show you how differently charming the island can be.


Depot Contacts

Phone: +351308 809 080

Email: [email protected]

Address: 1600 Avenue de Rasignani - 20290 Borgo, France, Corsica

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