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Crossing borders between the Swiss Jura, German Schwarzwald, and French Vosges, artsy and brainy Basel knows how to enjoy life to the fullest.


Treating art as medicine and elevating pharmaceutics to an art form, Basel takes visitors on an intriguing swirl around the Rhine and across three countries: Switzerland, France, and Germany. Between an ueli beer enjoyed out in the open and a heart-warming fondue, you might forget Basel has the reputation of an intellectual city, lustre with world-renowned art festivals and the legacy of some of the brightest minds in global history. But Basel also knows how to lay back, relax, and remain neutral in front of life’s hassles. Also, since going from one side of the city to another might actually involve leaving Switzerland for France or Germany (or vice-versa), Basel dismisses limits and chooses freedom instead. Hire a campervan in Basel and see where the road (and life) takes you: it might be a museum, an open-air market, or a night spent by the river, beer in hand.  


Practical Information

Depot + Transfer

If you want to hire a campervan in Basel, we’re right there for you. We’ll meet you at EuroAirport Basel - Mulhouse - Freiburg Airport (BSL), where you can pick up and drop off your campervan free of charge (during regular hours).

Parking in the city

Conveniently located at 2 km from the centre of Basel, Parking Bäumlihofstrasse offers several parking spots for campervans and motorhomes. If you’re out of luck and Parking Bäumlihofstrasse is full, try the outskirts of the city, which have plenty spots for your van.  

Camping grounds nearby

There are no official camping grounds for campervans near Basel, but the outskirts of the city are filled with spaces designated for campervan parking and overnight stays.


About Basel

Strolling along the blissful streets of present-day Basel, you won’t even suspect its past is filled with restlessness. Centuries of fret and hardship have moulded Basel into a city that’s wise enough to stay calm and carry on. The Celtics were first to claim its current land and have their way with it. Soon came the Romans, who dominated Basel and gave it its name. The real struggle began in medieval times, as devastating fires and plagues took over Basel. Luckily, history’s big on levelling out the field. With the foundation of Basel’s university and the city’s acceptance in the Swiss Confederation, things soon began to look up. In the late 1600s, Basel acquired the first art collection in the world and soon began fostering superb artistry and creative glory.

Art is definitely the number one thing Basel is recognized for and sought after as a travel destination. With over 40 world-class museums and an overall creative atmosphere, the city’s an oasis of creative energy that culminates during the Art Basel Festival. Hire a campervan in Basel if art makes you tick — or if you’re into fun, border-crossing road trips in general.  Because there’s plenty to do in Basel, even if you don’t trip over art. A nice walk through Marktplatz, the city’s historic heart dominated by the 1504 red sandstone Town Hall, leads you along varied and quirky shops meant to feed all your guilty pleasures. Regarding cravings, choose between lazy lunches in traditional buvettes or go all fancy in Michelin star restaurants. But whatever you eat, make sure to also try Basel’s several beer varieties — the two brewery restaurants at Theingasse 43/45 are the perfect place to do so.

Basel generally follows a serene pace, but things speed up during Basler Fasnacht, the biggest festival in Switzerland and a bonanza of customs, traditions, and great carnival fun. Hire a campervan in Basel during the festivities to see the city at its best!


What to discover

In and around the city

Basel's Art Scene

With two world-renowned festivals and over 40 art museums, Basel is a sugar-rush for all art-junkies. In spring, Baselworld festival kicks in fresh and during summer, Art Basel attracts international art and architecture lovers. But no matter when you visit Basel, indulge in art at the Kunstmuseum, Jean Tinguely Museum, Contemporary Art Museum, Fine Arts Museum, Antikenmuseum, Skulpturhalle, and many more. There are more art venues in Basel than you could take in during an entire lifetime. So don’t worry if you happen to miss the festivals, just enjoy the rest of the art scene.

Experience Basel's buvettes

Buvettes are an essential part of Basel’s scenery, popping up in spring and announcing warm temperatures more accurately than weather reports. Sprinkled across town and bundled on the banks of the Rhine in Kleinbasel, buvettes have different specialities, from caipirinhas to coffee, snacks, barbecue meats, and, of course, ice-cold beers. Offering simple outdoor tables and chairs, or fueling picnickers who want to relax on their rugs, these small kiosks are a treat for the goodies they serve, but also for the lovely, convivial atmosphere they create.

Solarbob Rodelbahn

You can never have too much fun, but at Solarbob Rodelbahn you might get close. The sledging run of over a thousand metres will thrill you to euphoria, but it will also make you feel good about yourself.  Powered by solar energy, the installation first takes visitors to the bob up the mountain. From there, it all goes downhill with swirls and swooshes. You’re in control of the speed so it’s your call if you rush down or descent at a leisurely pace and take in the views. Once down, linger for a while longer and watch how the Solarbob collects energy from the sun and converts it into the thermal energy that pulls up the bobs.


Recommended locations


The capital city of Switzerland, with its Unesco World Heritage-listed Old Town, stupendous views of the snow-capped Alps, and can’t-stop-eating chocolate is well worth a visit. But if you want to enjoy the Swiss experience as much as possible, don’t hire your campervan in Bern. Rent your RV in Basel and discover the multi-layers of Switzerland as you indulge in their amazing scenery. Once in Bern, slow down the pace and see for yourself why the Berners are considered among the most relaxed people in Switzerland. Take your time to visit some world-class museums, admire timeless architecture, and dine the proper way. There’s no rush — amazing things deserve to be savoured without pressure.


Young in spirit and Swiss in appearance, Thun embodies grace, grandeur, and easygoingness. With a diverse cultural scene and an even wider assortment of bars and social venues, the city has all the ingredients for a thrilling travel: mountains in the backdrop, river running wild through the middle, turret-furnished castle atop, and lively cafes all around. If you were to rent a campervan in Thurn, you’d be in for a great time. But if you were to hire a motorhome in Basel, you’d be in for an even greater adventure. Switzerland deserved a proper road trip and you deserve it as well. Give in to art and an artful way of living — the kind only the Swiss know how to pull off.


If a trip to Lucerne sounds good, it might be because the city is well known for making great music. Lucerne has also been made popular by a select 19th-century gang of visitors that included Wagner, Goethe, and Queen Victoria. If this Swiss city was good enough for them, it might satisfy you too. But don’t rush to rent a campervan in Lucerne. Take it slow and hire a motorhome in Basel. From there to Lucerne is only a day trip, and a good one at that. Combine the artistry of Basel with the mystery of Lucerne’s mountains and you’ll forever fall in love with Switzerland. After all, we all need a travel mistress and Switzerland might as well be yours.


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Phone: +351308 809 080

Email: [email protected]

Address: EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg - 68304 Saint-Louis, Switzerland

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