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From the quirky architecture of Modernisme and bohemian buzz of Graciá, to Catalan cooking and flamenco, the seaside capital of Catalonia is a city-wide celebration of creativity.


What can you say about a city that tops many a bucket list? That it does so rightly! A city shaped by amazingly imaginative architects, Barcelona is a fantastic sight to behold––and a dream destination for all kinds of travellers. Whether it’s tapas and paella or molecular cooking, food lovers find a delicious adventure in Barcelona’s culinary scene. Architecture enthusiasts need not hear more than Gaudí to hire a campervan in Barcelona, hop in it and explore the capital of Modernista architecture to the fullest. Art devotees make their pilgrimage to the city that inspired the likes of Miró, Picasso, and Dalí. Then you have the football fans, party animals, and shopaholics who all over Barcelona for their reasons! Whatever floats your boat, the best start to your Spanish road trip is a campervan hire in Barcelona.


Practical Information

Depot + Transfer

Our depot is located in Martorell, at only 30 minutes from Barcelona’s city centre and at 25 minutes from Barcelona–El Prat Airport (BCN).

Starting your road trip in Barcelona? If you're arriving by airplane, we’ll pick you up at Barcelona–El Prat Airport (BCN) and take you to our depot, where we’ll get you familiar with your campervan. After returning your van at our Barcelona depot, we’ll drive you back to the airport. Free of charge in regular hours, of course.

Parking in the city

Caution is advised when parking your campervan or motorhome in Barcelona, as foreign license plates are sometimes targeted by thieves. That said, the best option is to leave your campervan in a camping site or find a car park that allows motorhomes, like Parking Freser Trinxant or BSM García Fària. There are also a few hacks you could try, like parking at IKEA or the Shopping Mall La Maquinista.

Camping grounds nearby

Barcelona is a seaside city, which means camping sites next to the beach! You’ll find a few coastal camping sites near Barcelona, like Camping Barcelona and Camping Masnou. Other options are Enmar, Vilanova Park, and Globo Rojo Camping & Bungalows.


About Barcelona

Just like FC Barcelona’s is més que un club, Barcelona is much more than just a great city. The city is the symbol of Catalan culture and, like Barça’s football team, hope of the fiercely proud Catalan people. They’re actually so passionate about their identity that it has opinions in Barcelona divided: some strongly support Catalan independence, while others see more merit in remaining part of Spain. But division on that matter can’t stand in the way of what matters most, and that’s rooting for the home team, Barcelona! Whatever you decide to do when you opt for a campervan hire in Barcelona, one thing is mandatory: watching a match of Barça at Camp Nou or a local cafe!

If you’re looking for more than guys kicking footballs, Barcelona has got you covered. Enjoy the lively crowds of Las Ramblas, where locals rush to the office and tourists casually stroll about. In the heat of summer, find shade under tall trees as you enjoy freshly-baked waffles, or contemplate Gaudí’s unfinished masterwork, the Sagrada Família. If you’re impressed with the Antoni Gaudí’s work (which you’ll surely be), continue by visiting Casa Batlló, the emblematic La Pedrera (aka Casa Milà), and Park Güell. Afterwards, cool down with a dip in the Mediterranean at one of Barcelona’s beaches, before snacking on a few tapas or buying fruit at La Boqueria, Barcelona’s go-to market since medieval times.  A setting sun means it’s time to bring the day to a close. In Barcelona, there’s really just one way to celebrate your road trip holiday: with a good glass of wine. Actually, there’s two––because Cava is the perfect celebratory drink! Needless to say, both go together with tapas exceptionally well.


What to discover

In and around the city

Sagrada Família

The Sagrada Família is on your list already, but we want to emphasize that going to Barcelona and not visiting this place is the same as doing a road trip and not using a campervan. This said, make sure you get to know Gaudí’s magnum opus, designed over 140 ago and still incomplete today. The cathedral is an ambitious project that one day will be the tallest church in the whole world.


If Barcelona caught your eye for its mix of city and beach, then Sitges is your kind of thing! Located south of Barcelona (on its coast, of course), this place consists of 17 beautiful beaches ideal for beach bums in need of a serious tan. For those who prefer the naked truth over tan lines, the few nudist beaches around are the perfect solution.


At two hours from Barcelona, Siurana isn’t really around the city––but with a campervan at your disposal, who cares? Siurana is ideal for outdoor (or wine!) enthusiasts, with jaw-dropping natural landscapes and countless small family wineries with international recognition.


Recommended locations


Want to hire a campervan in Tarragona? Then start your one-hour-and-fifteen-minute road trip from Barcelona. Yes, it’s that close. Anyway, about Tarragona: have you ever seen a Roman on a beach having a sunbath? Well, you won’t see one here either, but you can get pretty close. In Tarragona,  Roman history goes hand-in-hand with sandy beaches. Visit the Tarragona Amphitheatre, which is built in the late 100s and, with the azure sea as its backdrop, looks like it’s floating in a pool that stretches beyond the horizon. Another Roman highlight is Les Ferreres Aqueduct (or Pont del Diable), a 250-meter-tall aqueduct that you can cross by foot––if you’re not afraid of heights, that is, as the short walls only reach your thighs. Take a walk in the oldest part of Tarragona, Part Alta, or enjoy ocean views from the Mediterranean Balcony, where you can also find pleasant cafes, bars and restaurants. Explore beaches like Tamarit-Punta de la Móra, or Platja del Miracle, and don’t forget to pay a visit to El Poblet Monastery, a medieval gothic complex and UNESCO World Heritage Site, located at the foot of a mountain range. To make your visit extra special, try timing your road trip with a competition of Human Towers, when hordes of people build towers… made of humans!––the tallest structure wins. That said, hire a campervan or motorhome in Barcelona and take road trips to new heights in Tarragona!  


Just over three hours away from Barcelona, Zaragoza is a real road trip destination––so instead of hiring a campervan in Zaragoza, why not pick one up in Barcelona? That way, you can visit Sitges, Tarragona, Reus and then Zaragoza, with a few extra surprises on the way. Once you get to Zaragoza, the multi-domed Basílica del Pilar next to Río Ebro welcomes you. Right next to the basilica, you’ll find the beautiful Puente de Piedra, a historic stone bridge that connects the historical centre with the residential and more commercialized part of the city. Take the opportunity to explore Aljaferia Palace, built in the 11th century and later used as a military base. With a mix of Romanesque, Renaissance, Gothic, and Baroque architecture, El Salvador Cathedral is also a must-visit. Meanwhile, Mercado Central is waiting for you to get hungry, with tasty food and beautiful architecture. Finally, visit the Bridge Pavilion, Zona Expo, Parque Jose Antonio Labordeta––and for an unorthodox approach to your road trip, visit the Origami Museum!


Want to experience something completely different on your road trip? At just three hours by van from beachy Barcelona lies the snowy paradise Andorra, hidden in the Pyrenees Mountains. With six months of snow, Andorra is all about winter sports, skiing and snowboarding being practised across all of tiny Andorra, as are snowball fights and epic snowman constructions. But what happens when the snow melts? That’s when the slopes give way for outstanding hiking paths, from relaxed strolls to expert hikes and climbs to remote areas where silence completely takes over. Also, this independent principality between France and Spain is known for its duty-free policy, which is amazing for serious serial shoppers and casual holiday-goers alike. So what’s holding you from hiring a campervan in Andorra or making a road trip to tiny principality in the Pyrenees?


Barcelona's sidewalk surrounded by palm trees at sunset
Barcelona's aquarium with a shark and a manta ray
National Palace in Barcelona with fountains and waterfalls
Beautiful Barcelona old street at sunset
Viewpoint over the city in Barcelona under a blue sky
Barcelona’s Arc de Triomf under a blue sky
Tibidabo's colourful ferris wheel with view over Barcelona
Barcelona bay area with sailing boats
Sky view of Barcelona at sunset
Citadel Park in Barcelona with fountains and green water
Gaudi sculptures in limestone under a blue sky
Colourful buildings in Barcelona with palm trees
Parc Guëll's colourful balcony with view over Barcelona
Sea in Barcelona, with waves and pier full of people under the sunset's yellow lighting
Barcelona port in the sunset's yellow light

Depot Contacts

Phone: +351308 809 080

Email: [email protected]

Address: Carrer Ca n'Albareda, 56 - 08760 Martorell, Barcelona, Spain

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