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The city where glittering canals and tall townhouses are home to funky bars, world-class art, and red-lit windows, Amsterdam is virtuous and vicious -- and the most fun place to get lost in.


Amsterdam tops the travel list of countless Europe trips. The city is famous for all the right and wrong reasons, but the capital of the Netherlands is more than just canals and pot. The small capital has a big heart that welcomes diversity, with people from all over the globe making Amsterdam their home. Which doesn’t the Dutch city’s culture has diluted somehow. On the contrary, the wonderfully weird world-citizens of Amsterdam make up the city’s liberal culture: form retiree hippies and a colourful LGBT community, to punks from the late seventies and today’s digital nomads — all fit in. And the Dutch capital is very Hollands. ‘The Dam’ is cycling across some of its 1.281 bridges, picnics with the locals in the Vondelpark, or craft beers along the IJ waterfront. Do any of those things and discover a cool and laid-back capital, buzzing with life but with the cosiness of a village. Hire a campervan in Amsterdam, because (you probably know this already) the capital of the Netherlands is the most fun small city to add to your road trip!  


Practical Information

Depot + Transfer

If you want to hire a campervan or motorhome in Amsterdam, we’re right there for you. We’ll meet you at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (AMS), where you can pick up and drop off your RV – free of charge in regular hours, of course!

Parking in the city

Street parking is hard to find in Amsterdam’s city centre, a city renowned for towering parking prices. We suggest you try the car park of Artis, the one on Weesperzijde 1046, or on the Raamplein. All cost €4 per hour. Look a bit further and pay almost half the price at Q-Park on the Insulindeweg.

Camping grounds nearby


Amsterdam has camping grounds within the city limits and close to the centre. Camping Zeeburg is green, has all your basic amenities, and is a fifteen-minute bike ride from the centre! Across the IJ, Camping Vliegenbos is surrounded by a peaceful forest and yet only a fifteen-minute walk to the ferry (which will take you to the city centre, for free!).


About Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherlands was once (and arguably still is) the centre of the world. Trade and commerce didn’t only make this city of canals and stately buildings filthy rich, but also famously tolerant — because why discriminate when everyone can profit? Or is it the other way around, and did Amsterdam get its coffers loaded with gold because it was so tolerant? See, it was during the intolerant rule of the Spanish Crown over the Netherlands (and much of Europe) that the liberal attitude of Amsterdam really flourished. As the Spanish Crown was going after everyone heretic, those who fled  (and pretty much anyone with a business to protect did) moved from trade capitals like Antwerp, Bruges, and Brussels to, in part, Amsterdam! It was easy for this oddball, able bunch of displaced citizens — Jews, Protestants, and freethinking folks from all over Europe — to cast aside any differences and unite under a common interest: to be freed from Spanish tyranny and make Amsterdam a prosperous and tolerant city!

The Amsterdam of today owes a lot to that attitude. With open-minded locals and abundant cultural quirks, Amsterdam is whatever you want it to be. Visit the Rijksmuseum and Anne Frank House to hear a worldly storyteller. Cruise the canals with candle-lit dinner and fall in love with a whispering Casanova. Or stroll the red-light district and uncover Amsterdam’s promiscuous side. But mingle with the locals in any of the capital’s 1,515 bars and cafés, and experience the cosiness and sociability of Dutch gezelligheid — it’s what Amsterdam is really all about. In fact, a great campervan road trip is just that: gezellig. Hire a campervan in Amsterdam to find out the meaning of this versatile Dutch word! And the fun doesn’t stop with the capital, because in a country nine times smaller than its German neighbour, having a campervan means you can see much of the Netherlands on the go.

What to discover

In and around the city


Amsterdam’s art heritage ranges from Vermeer to van Gogh, and from Rembrandt to Rietveld. While you should see it all, it’s the Rijksmuseum you can’t miss. Hello, the Night Watch?! The Van Gogh Museum has a huge range of works from the one-eared genius, as well as tons of other impressionist paintings, while the Stedelijk Museum has mind-blowing contemporary art.

You’ll find the three museums, as well as the Moco Museum, Museum for Bags and Purses, Diamond Museum, Concert Hall, facing the Museumplein.

Cruise the canals

Amsterdam’s canals make for a beautiful sight, but they’re even better from the water. Candle-lit dinner for two, pizza for the whole family, or commandeer you own barge, there are as many ways to enjoy the grachten as there are barges in Amsterdam.

And with over a thousand beautiful bridges arching over the glittering waters of Amsterdam, the next-best way to see the canals is by bicycle.

Windmills and flowers

With so much fun stuff to do in Amsterdam, you’d almost forget to explore the countryside. The Zaanse Schans is everything you hope to find outside the capital: windmills, farms, tulips, and cheeses!

Time has stopped in tiny fishing villages of Marken, Volendam, and Edam, where you’ll find old wooden homes, fishing boats -- and, yes, wooden clogs!


Recommended locations


At 20 km from Amsterdam, Haarlem is a classic Dutch city that boasts the whole range of clichés you want to see: calm canals, townhouses, churches, windmills, and the Netherlands’ oldest museum. But unlike visiting its famous neighbour, strolling quaint Haarlem makes for a real day-in-the-life-of-your-Dutch-average-Joe experience. The city actually older than Amsterdam and has building dating back 800 years, like the Amsterdamse Poort and the Sint-Bavokerk. Haarlem is easily accessible by campervan from Amsterdam, so there’s no need to hire a campervan in Haarlem. Instead, visit this unique city on your way westwards to beach towns like Zandvoort and Bloemendaal.


Want to visit this heartachingly pretty canal city? Then don’t hire a campervan in Utrecht! The province’s capital is just an hour’s drive from Amsterdam — but an entirely different experience. Meant for those who love going off the beaten path, Utrecht is more than the usual Dutch cocktail of canals and townhouses. Because while the city is one of the oldest urban centre’s of the Netherlands, it’s also one of the most innovative and best to live in. As a matter of fact, it’s citizens are some of the happiest people in the world! Find progressively minded locals enjoying drinks in cafés housed in cellar wharfs in a car-free city centre, or find inspiration walking through green neighbourhoods running entirely on renewable energy.   


The newest city of the Netherlands is an oddly mesmerizing one. Entirely planned out and founded in 1976, Almere sits right across Amsterdam on the far side of the IJ Lake. On reclaimed land, of course. The city is a curious sight, considering the place was nothing but water a few decades ago. Almere is all modern architecture and urban innovation, including semi self-governing neighbourhoods and plans to build the greenest urban environment on the planet! If you want to know how the future could look like, rent a campervan and make your way to Almere.


Amsterdam street and a beautiful building on the sunset
Park with a lake and beautiful trees, with clear skies and the sun is shining
Children's bicycles on a bridge over Amsterdam's canal by the sunset
Amsterdam's Red Light District windows
Anne Frank's statue in Amsterdam
Dutch windmills in a small town under a blue skie with some clouds
View over Amsterdam from a high point
Amsterdam canals with boats during the day with a blue sky

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Address: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport - Evert van de Beekstraat 202, 1118 CP Schiphol, The Netherlands

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