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The capital city of L’ile de Beauté and birthplace of the prodigal French emperor who needs no introduction, Ajaccio has soul-stirring azure waters, stupendous Côte d’Azur-ish promenades, cliff-top views, and an enthusiastic entertainment scene.


If it feels like a Riviera resort, it’s not necessarily a Riviera resort. As the capital of Corsica, Ajaccio has that je ne sais quoi of the Côte d’Azur and that ‘we know exactly what’ too. With palm trees lining up promenades that lead to squares jam-packed with trendy cafes, the capital of Corsica makes mind-blowing views commonplace. Its dapper appearance is not just a facade, because there’s grandeur in Ajaccio’s soul. As the birthplace of Napoleon — yes, THE Bonaparte Napoleon — the city acts like it knows that it played a monumental part in history. What does that mean for you, fellow traveller? It means that everything in Ajaccio is at the superlative — beaches, food, drinks, sights, attractions, landmarks, panoramas, and entertainment are all created with a sense of noblesse oblige. And while Ajaccio has plenty class, a looming sense of adventure is always present in the surrounding clifftops, from which you can skydive — if you’ve got the grit! Hire a campervan in Ajaccio and explore both past and present, while taking breaks to soak in the Mediterranean sun and enjoying dives in some of the most stunning waters you’ve ever seen.


Practical Information

Depot + Transfer

Renting a campervan in Ajaccio? Fly into Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport (AJA), where you can pick up and drop off your Ajaccio rental RV - free of charge during regular hours, of course!

Parking in the city

You’ll find plenty of free parking spots in the port area of Ajaccio. From here, the city centre is at a comfortable ten-minute walk and everything worth seeing is reachable by foot. Take your time and explore the surroundings at your own pace, without worrying about your campervan.

Camping grounds nearby

Enjoy your nights in Ajaccio by camping your campervan at Camping Barbicaggia, located only 200 m from the sea, or at Les Mimosas, 3 km from the city centre. Both camping sites offer a wide range of facilities for young travellers and families alike: sanitary blocks, electric hook-ups, swimming pools, a kids’ area, and ice-packed freezers.


About Ajaccio

Accompanied by a sense of pride and backed by numerous artefacts, oral traditions place the beginnings of Ajaccio in the great Roman narrative. As Rome’s flame dimmed, Ajaccio also fell from grace, but luckily caught the eye of Genoa in the 13th century. The Genoese rebuilt most of the city, constructing an astonishing citadel, fortified with strong defensive walls — as they were here to stay! The French, however, had a different opinion and claimed the city as their own in 1768. Just their luck, because in 1769, just one(!) year later, Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Ajaccio. If the French would have taken their time, history would have looked — well, we can’t even imagine how it would have looked. Whimsies of history aside, Ajaccio seems to have been destined for fame. Today, its stardom oozes through delightful scenery and vivid activities that are bound to make — if not history — at least tourism history.

Bustling with activity, Ajaccio is a flirtatious destination that seduces visitors with promenades exuding a Côte d’Azur feeling. The city’s cafe-filled historic core is home to some of the most stupendous and convivial restaurants that put your previous culinary experiences to shame. Get to know Napoleon better by visiting the house in which he was born and delight your inner art-lover at Palais Fesch, where you can see the largest collection of Italian paintings after the Louvre. Needless to say, the golden beaches of Ajaccio are calling all sun-lovers to lay down and relax or try the azure-blue waters. If you’re more of a mountain person, the hiking trails of the rocky coastline are here for your delectation and it would be reckless not to enjoy them at sunrise, sunset and any time in between. To really catch the unique allure of the city and entire island, hire a campervan in Ajaccio and take it for a spin around Corsica You’re in for some stylish diversity!


What to discover

In and around the city

Maison Bonaparte

Lost among the lanes of a narrow street, the Maison Bonaparte might pass as just another building from outside. Step inside and you’ll get to experience first-hand the beginnings of the biggest military general France ever had — Napoleon Bonaparte. The old-town house went through some rocky incidents as it fell under Corsican nationalists and English troops. Luckily, it was rebuilt by Napoleon’s mother and now operates as a museum and reminder that big stories sometimes have small beginnings.

Pointe de la Parata

Signalling the northern limit of Ajaccio Bay, Pointe de la Parata bestows tantalising views of the four Sanguinaires Islands on the trail-avid visitors. The rocky end of La Parata is marked by the Genoese tower, rising 55 metres above water and making for an impressive sight when daylight strikes. A stroll down the coastline will guide you towards magnificent views that are best experienced when the sun begins to dip its rays into the vast waters.

Central Market of Ajaccio

If you’re looking for local flavours, look no further. The Central Market of Ajaccio is the meeting point of locals and local specialities. Fresh vegetables and meats, culinary delicacies from the region, and authentic traditional vibes are all up for grabs in the square. Hosted in the historical centre, the market space opens a colourful path to Ajaccio, inviting visitors to throw away their worries and embrace the vitality of the place without second thoughts.


Recommended locations


Limestone cliffs hoist on their backs the ancient fortress of Bonifacio. With wondrous aerial sights, the city of Bonifacio is an essential stop for all campervanners who visit Corsica. However, don’t hire a campervan in Bonifacio. Instead, start in the city of Ajaccio and rent your RV from there. Then, allow yourself a Corsican foreplay that will take you through dramatical changes of scenery up until you come face to face with the impressiveness of the fortress. Bonifacio will mesmerize you with its loftiness, but will also amaze you with its modern marina shelters and harbour from where dreams fly freely and dive into the deep-blue waters. Ready to jump?


If you’re looking for a beam of light to brighten up your trip, Calvi has plenty. City of a stunningly orange citadel, Calvi lays at the feet of residents and travellers 8 km of beach. Hire a campervan from Calvi — or better yet, rent one from Ajaccio and float through the wonders of Corsica as lightly as a summer breeze. Here, time stands still, captured in the ancient stones of its medieval citadel. To make things even more exciting, Calvi proclaims itself as Christopher Columbus’s birthplace and nurtures legends about Admiral Nelson and Pascal Paoli. How much of it are just stories and how much of it is true? Investigate for yourself.  


Known as the prima donna of Corsican cities, Porto-Vecchio attracts a diverse group of tourists, travellers, and wanderers. From A-list celebrities, to wealthy visitors and indie sightseers, this alluring city extended its call with a high engagement rate. Brilliantly diverse, Porto-Vecchio entangles an ancient core, a modern marina, quaint streets, opulent shops, and exciting vestiges. It’s no wonder that you want to rent a campervan in Porto-Vecchio and discover all its layers. However, you might be in for bigger discoveries if you rent your campervan from Ajaccio and travel the roads of Corsica with an open heart and mind. Adventure awaits!


Depot Contacts

Phone: +351308 809 080

Email: [email protected]

Address: Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport - Aéroport Napoléon Bonaparte, 20090, Corsica

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