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RV Sales Special Offers for Dealers - United Kingdom

Indie Campers is Europe’s biggest campervan rental company. Aiming at providing travelers with the ultimate road trip experience, we offer adventurers several vehicle models and the opportunity to start their journey in one location and end it in any of our other depots. The RV Sales department is dedicated to marketing and renewing the Indie Campers fleet, thus benefiting from some of the best in class vehicles at a competitive price.

All vehicles are available to sell during the year, but deliveries are only done from November, to accommodate the rental season.

(All prices presented do not include VAT, vehicles subject to availability according to location and ready for pick up from November)

Our Best Dealer Packages!

Dealer Package 1 - GBP 150.850

Dealer Package 2 - GBP 82.250

Buying from Indie Campers

1. Secure your model (January to October)

Choose the category (model, kms slot, vehicle year and pickup location)

Pay 999€ as deposit (Fully refundable up to 4 weeks before delivery)

2. Choose your vehicle (October)

Visit our depot to choose the specific vehicle that matches your needs.

Sign Sales Contract

3. Delivery (November)

Pick up your vehicle in the chosen Indie Campers warehouse

Pay the remaining amount (15 days money back guarantee)

Marketplace Opportunity - Rent your Campervan

Invest in a campervan and list it in Indie Campers Marketplace, use our experience and web presence to promote your rentals.

We have more than 1 million people travelling with our vehicles and provide you all the assistance to list your camper.

Where can you find us?

Austria - Vienna

Belgium - Brussels

Croatia - Split

France - Marseille, Lyon, Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nantes

Germany - Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart, Hannover, Essen, Leipzig, Hamburg

Iceland - Reykjavík

Ireland - Dublin

Italy - Olbia, Catania, Venice, Rome, Milan

Netherlands - Amsterdam

Portugal - Lisbon, Faro, Porto

Spain - Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Seville

Sweden - Stockholm, Malmö

Switzerland - Zurich, Geneva

United Kingdom - London, Manchester, Edinburgh

USA - Los Angeles

Contact Us

Headquarters - Indie Campers, Rua Bernardo Lima no 48 - 1150 074 Lisbon, Portugal

Email - rvsales@indiecampers.com

Website - www.indiecampers.com/motorhome-for-sale

PT +351 308812270 - UK +44 2038702032 - DE +49 32211077084

ES +34 910781591 - BE +32 28992591 - NL +31 702301534

SE +46 850281161 - IT +39 0281480000 - FR + 33186260232

Visit us in the following European camper fairs:
  • Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf (27/08 to 08/09)
  • Salone del Camper in Parma (12/09 to 20/09)
  • CMT in Stuttgart (15/01 to 23/01)
Indie Campers
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