Do you have any questions regarding (renting) our vans or roadside assistance? You’ll most likely find the answer here. If we’ve left your question unanswered, please contact us directly.



  • + Is a payment necessary to confirm the reservation?

  • + Which payment methods are allowed?

  • + Are there any hidden costs?

    Rates & Reservation

  • + Is there a minimum rental period?

  • + How is the daily rate calculated?

  • + What’s the service charge for?

    Pick up and return

  • + What do I need to bring when I collect the campervan?

  • + Is there a 24hr pick up/drop off service?

  • + Where are the collection and delivery depots?

  • + Where can I pick up and drop off the van?

  • + What are the conditions of returning the campervan?

  • + What happens if I arrive late for the collection of the campervan?

  • + What happens if I miss my flight or it is delayed?

    Documentation and basic requirement

  • + Which driving licence is required to drive a campervan?

  • + Is there a minimum age to drive a campervan?

  • + How many people can drive the campervan?

    Cancellation / Modification / Upgrade Policies

  • + What should I do if I have to cancel my reservation?

  • + What is the Cancellation Policy?

  • + What if I want to modify my booking after the reservation is completed?

  • + What is the upgrade policy?

The Campervans

    Campervan models and characteristics

  • + How can I choose the best model for my necessities?

  • + What is the model and engine of the vehicles?

  • + Do the campervans have manual or automatic transmission?

  • + How many people can ride in a campervan?

  • + Can I choose between the Classic or Indie design for my campervan?

  • + Can I actually see the campervans before confirming the booking?

  • + Can the campervans accommodate people with special needs?

    Campervan conditions

  • + Are the campervans supplied with a full tank of diesel?

  • + Do I have to refuel them?

  • + Do I have to clean the campervan?

    Campervan equipment

  • + What is included in every rental?

  • + Do I need to bring bedding sheets or sleeping bags?

  • + Do I need to bring child seats?

  • + Does the campervan have air conditioning?

  • + Does the campervan have an independent heating system?

  • + How does the shower work?

  • + How does the chemical toilet work?

  • + What is a cooling box? How does it work?

  • + Does the campervan have sockets and plugs inside?

    Campervan autonomy

  • + What is the capacity of the fuel tank? How is the fuel consumption?

  • + What is the capacity of the water deposit? And how do I empty the grey water deposit?

  • + Where can I refuel the freshwater tank?

  • + If I don’t plug the camper in overnight, may I run out of energy?


  • + Can I rent extra equipment such as surfboards, wetsuits and other cool stuff?

  • + What if I want to add or delete an extra after the booking is concluded?

  • + Do the campervans have surf or bike racks?

  • + How does the WiFi work? Is it available everywhere in Europe?


  • + Is the campervan insured?

  • + What is the security deposit? How is it paid?

  • + What does the insurance cover?

  • + Does insurance cover my personal belongings?


  • + Are pets allowed?

    Gas Policy

  • + What is the gas policy?


    Travel tips

  • + Do you have a list of best spots and places to visit?

  • + Do you have a list of recommended campsites?

  • + Where am I allowed to travel?

  • + Do I have to stay in a campsite during the night?

  • + How do I pay tolls?

    Emergencies and Roadside Assistance

  • + What happens if the campervan has any problems? Is there roadside assistance?

  • + Who should I contact with any campervan questions?