Atlantic Coast Road Trip

Lisbon - Paris

Starting from: 640€

  • 1 Campervan – Sporty Model
  • Porto Bridge Climb - Porto, Portugal
  • Visit to the Palace of Versailles – near Paris, France
  • Premium Insurance and Extras

A Once in a Lifetime opportunity to explore Europe in a unique way!

The Atlantic Coast Road Trip is the journey of your dreams if you are an authentic explorer.

Getting your campervan on Europe’s most westerly point – Portugal - you’ll then travel through Spain and finish in France, where you can be amazed by one of Europe’s most impressive fortresses: Mont Saint-Michel.

Check all places and activities you can experience in the Atlantic Coast Road Trip , a “Once in a Lifetime” Exclusive Experience:

1 Walking around in the city of 7 hills, in Lisbon, Portugal

Known as the “city of seven hills” or “cidade das sete Colinas”, Lisbon demonstrates several striking similarities to Rome, the Italian capital. Whether or not the city is indeed built atop 7 majestic hills is still subject to debate. However, strolling around town will surely have you walking up and down picturesque cobblestone streets for hours on end. The city is a wonderful maze of narrow alleyways, interior little squares, and panoramic viewpoints. Each hilltop gives way to a unique vista over the city, known to the locals as a “miradouro”. What are you waiting for? Walk up to the Miradouro Nossa Senhora de Monte and watch the city change colours during a spectacular sunset over the Tejo River.

2 Climbing the most controversial bridge in Europe’s Best Travel Destination of 2017 - Porto, Portugal

In for a little adventure? How about climbing 70 meters high above the Douro river to enjoy the stunning city view? The iconic Arrábida Bridge in Porto is the only bridge in Europe allowing thrill-seekers to climb and walk across its arch! Built in 1963, it was inaugurated as the concrete bridge with the longest arch in the world, holding a record opening of 270 meters. Considered a National Monument since 2013, the bridge has been recently opened to the public. The Arrábida Bridge sets a unique backdrop to a blood-racing activity. Sign up for the Porto Bridge Climb and get ready to face your fear of heights, all in pursuance of a sensational panorama! Kick back and enjoy an unforgettable view of Porto, Gaia and the Douro Valley.

3 Hiking “El Camiño”, the walk of the lifetime to Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Head over to the North of Spain and get ready to for the walk of a lifetime! El Camiño, also known as The Way of St. James, is a pilgrimage route to the shrine of the apostle St. James the Great at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia, Spain. The beginning of the route is said to start wherever you do. Generally, it ends in Santiago de Compostela, but it’s completely up to you! You can walk a part of it, or the entire way in about 30-40 days, bike or even drive! The route draws around 250,000 adventurers every year, coming from all over the world to take part in this Camiño trail: from pilgrims in pursuance of spiritual enlightenment, or hiking and sports enthusiasts seeking a physical challenge, to travel aficionados keen on discovering the magnificent landscapes along the way. Our advice? Start where you may, but make sure to end in Santiago. The capital of Galicia will surprise you with its incredible architecture, cultural flair, and buzzing nightlife. A great place to enjoy and celebrate your trekking success!

4 Snowboarding and surfing on the same day in Picos de Europa, Spain

If you’re both a beach and a mountain lover, you’re familiar with the eternal struggle of having to choose either one or the other for your holidays. But wait a second, do you really have to choose? Located on the Northern coast of Spain, Picos de Europa is a breathtaking Natural Park that has it all: majestic snow capped mountains, lush forests, fascinating caves, and pristine beaches. 20km of mountains and over 200 beaches nearby are bound to keep the whole gang entertained. Offering breathtaking views, countless outdoor adventures and plenty of relaxation opportunities, Picos de Europa is a must.

5 Surfing in Mundaka, the European surfing Mecca in the Basque Country, Spain

If you’re a surf aficionado, you know what we’re talking about! Surfing in the Basque Country is widely acclaimed as an unparalleled return to nature and authenticity, with its raw surf, traditional charge, local cultural flair and old school, laid back vibes. Previously a coveted stop on the ASP World Tour, Billabong Pro Mundaka, Mundaka established itself as a prime surfing destination worldwide. With huge swells rolling in from the Bay of Biscay, smashing against the rocky coastline of the Basque Country, Mundaka is usually pumping and is said to be “perfect” for surfing one of every three days a year. While you’re at it, you may want to head over to check the breaks in Laga and Zarautz, you won’t be disappointed.

6 Visiting the iconic Guggenheim Museum and eating pintxos in Bilbao, Spain

The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is recognised as one of Europe’s most iconic art centers. As part of the constellation, which includes the revered Guggenheim Museum in New York and the Peggy Guggenheim in Venice, the Museum in Bilbao delivers a memorable experience all around. A magnificent architectural gem built out of titanium, limestone and glass, hosting remarkable collections and exhibitions of contemporary art, the Museum became the city’s most coveted landmark. Aside from the thriving art scene, Bilbao showcases an impressive, ever-growing food scene. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to sample mouth-watering local delights, and head over to Plaza Nueva for some heavenly pintxos. Similar to tapas, pintxos are snacks or small dishes served to accompany a drink. With hundreds of pintxos to choose from, the variety alone will leave you speechless. We recommend bar hopping during one evening just to sample all the different types. Wash it all down with the local’s favourite, txakoli and do spark up a conversation with your neighbours; the locals are some of the friendliest you’ll ever meet!

7 Surfing and relaxing in glitzy Biarritz, the surf capital of France

A short drive away, on route through San Sebastian, is Biarritz. One of France’s most coveted seaside gems, Biarritz makes for a glorious melting pot between a ritzy coastal city and a laid back surfing mecca. Gilded belle epoque oceanfront resorts meet pastel art deco facades, exuding a lavish old school kind of glitz. A favourite surfer hangout, Biarritz draws wave gliders year round with its exhilarating breaks; however, it is summertime that puts the Atlantic Riviera on display at its best. The city conveys an individual allure with its glamorous Napoleonic French heritage, Basque country geographic positioning and ancient traditions, as well as, blazing Spanish gastronomy. With so much to see and do, be sure not to miss the city’s iconic landmark, Hôtel du Palais, built by Emperor Napoleon III for his bride Eugenia de Montijo as a royal summer residence.

8 Wine tasting in one of 9 Best Wine regions worldwide, in Bordeaux, France

Distinguished with one of the Best Wine Tourism Awards and known as the epicenter of the wine-growing region of France, Bordeaux captivates travellers with a ravishing mix of history, romance and mystery. Are you ready to get lost in a maze of embroidered medieval alleyways, explore chic bistros for heavenly local delights, and above all, sample extraordinary world-class wines? Take your pick among the hundreds local wineries and specialty shops, and use this unique opportunity to either take a tour of a traditional winery, or attend an unforgettable wine tasting. Recognised as the largest UNESCO World Heritage venue with half the city listed as a historical UNESCO site, Bordeaux will sweep you right off your feet! Get lost and marvel at the vibrant pedestrian boulevards, grandiose restored architectural facades and lush gardens lining the river quays!

9 Exploring a world of fantasy inspired by Jules Verne and Leonardo da Vinci at Les Machines de L’île, in Nantes, France

Les Machines de L’île, a creative metropolis of dream and fantasy, is a unique artistic, touristic and cultural project developed by François Delarozière and Pierre Orefice in Nantes, France. Inspired by the invented worlds of Jules Verne, the mechanical universe of Leonardo da Vinci, and the city’s rich industrial history, the creative duo developed an unprecedented entertainment concept. Envisioned as an otherworldly steampunk amusement park of sorts, Les Machines de L’île draws upon the exceptional site of the city’s former shipyards. Imagine fantastical creatures and fictional machinery! Take a ride with the Great Elephant or enjoy a mesmerizing spin in the Marine Worlds Carousel. Highly interactive, the machines will keep you guessing and wondering all day long.

10 Visiting France’s most fascinating fortress, Mont Saint-Michel, nearby Rennes, France

Does the fortress look oddly familiar? In case you watched The Lords of the Rings: The Return of the King, you’ll find it interesting to know that this UNESCO World Heritage Site was the inspiration for the design of the Minas Tirith! Located on a little island just off the coast of Lower Normandy, in the North of France, Mont Saint-Michel is France’s most well-known fortress. Built atop a rocky islet, it emerges majestically from the ample sandbanks and powerful tides between Normandy and Brittany. Due to its unique location and remarkable particularities of its construction, it’s often referred to as the “Wonder of the West”. During low tide, the castle is surrounded by quicksand and deep mud, while at high tide the tidal mudflats are flooded with water. Watching the colours of the sunset sky reflecting in the rapidly changing water is spectacular!

11 Exploring Palais de Versaille, the World’s largest royal domain, nearby Paris, France

As your journey draws close to an end, it’s time for a little change of scenery. Forget your hiking boots and wetsuit, and head out on this gilded extravaganzza! 20km outside of Paris you’ll find the iconic Palace Versailles, the most luxurious and imposing palace worldwide. This opulent edifice was built by self-proclaimed Sun King, Louis XIV, as a residence for the monarchy. The chateau encompasses over 700 lavish rooms and a breathtaking garden à la française extending over more than 800 hectares. Versailles represents the finest embodiment of French Baroque, with its gilded plaster molding, richly woven red and gold brocades, large sculpted side boards, intricate stucco arabesques, exquisite trompe-l’oeil and heavy marbling. The Hall of Mirrors and the Queen’s Bedchamber are particularly spectacular!

12 Cheering in the most romantic city in the world, Paris, France

As a last stop, head over to Paris and end your trip with style in the City of Lights. Reward yourself on a “road trip well done” with a fine glass of Champagne and all the croissants you can find! From the iconic Eiffel Tower, to the grandiose Arc de Triomphe, the royal Jardin des Tuileries, or the breathtaking impressionist Musée d’Orsay, Paris is a city bursting with stunning vistas, art and culture. The entire city is a huge playground, seducing travellers with romantic sunsets by the river Seine, never ending evening strolls through the city’s quarters, and the famous art pieces in the Louvre. With its distinct charm paired against its magnificent cuisine, and admiration for cheese and wine, this timeless and romantic getaway is sure to not disappoint. Indulge in the joie de vivre and end your trip with a toast to great memories!

Your home for this unique adventure

Model: Sporty

Vehicle: Fiat Ducato 30 CH 2 2.0 Multijet 115 Diesel

Maximum capacity: 4 people [2 rollaway double beds]

Our pricing, Your unique experience

7 days 10 days 14 days
2 pax 640 € 790 € 990 €
4 pax 840 € 990 € 1190 €

Road trip conditions

“Once in a Lifetime” Exclusive Experiences are subject to availability and only valid for road trips starting until the 30th of June, 2017, with a minimum length of 7 days and a maximum duration of 14 days.

For special requests regarding either the number of days, the number of travelers or both, please contact our dedicated commercial team via email at [email protected], via skype (indiecampers.customercare) or through our phone (+351 308 809 080).

The Atlantic Coast Road Trip must necessarily begin in Lisbon, Portugal and end in Paris, France.

The value you get for your money:

  • 1 Campervan - Sporty model
  • Included ticket (for all travellers) to the Porto Bridge Climb in Porto, Portugal
  • Included 1-day all-around ticket (for all travellers) to visit the Palace of Versailles, its Gardens, Park, temporary exhibitions and Musical Fountain Show - Paris, France

Accessories included:

  • GPS
  • Chemical toilet
  • Child Care Seat (if requested)
  • Map
  • Portable cooker
  • Bedding Kit
  • Kitchen kit
  • Cleaning kit

Service included:

  • Airport Transfer
  • 24/7 Travel Assistance
  • Trip Advice
  • 24/7 Checkin

Premium insurance included:

  • Unlimited Kms
  • Road assistance
  • Windows insurance
  • Tire Insurance
  • 3 drivers
  • Excess (maximum ammount to be paid in case of van damage or destruction) 399€

Check our availability and prices! Only valid for roadtrips starting until the 30th of June.

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