Europe is currently experiencing sustained transmission of the coronavirus. We're taking extra steps to accomodate our travellers and ensure everyone stays healthy and safe. At a time of national lockdowns, we urge you not to travel or book trips for the near future. In fact, we are currently not accepting new bookings with pick-up or drop-off until the 29th of April. Below are updates on our policies in reaction to the virus outbreak.

Deep Cleaning & Safety policy

Deep Cleaning & Safety policy

We're taking extra measures to help contain the COVID-19 virus. We have implemented safety policies that aim to protect our employees (especially those at our operational locations) as well as our customers. We are limiting services to the bare minimum, implementing antibacterial hand sanitizers across all our offices, and physical contact between staff and customers is limited to a minimum of 2 metres of distancing.

As we keep learning from the evolution of the outbreak, from governmental entities, the World Health Organization (WHO) and other health authorities in their respective countries, we will be updating and further improving our safety measures.

Our updated cleaning policy is extra thorough and consists of three cleaning phases to minimize the risk of contamination.

Deep Clean

A deep clean with a powerful disinfectant detergent disinfects our rental vehicles so that no viruses can be transmitted between travellers. Special attention goes to all surfaces that people frequently touch during usage of the vehicle, such as door handles, light switches, and the steering wheel. Our staff wears full cleaning clothing for your safety and theirs.

General cleaning

Only after the vehicle has been thoroughly disinfected will we proceed with the general cleaning procedure. This is to ensure everyone's health. Our general cleaning covers the whole vehicle, inside and out. At this stage, our staff wears gloves and masks to minimize contamination risk.

Cleaning of add-ons

The above policy also applies to our extras. Tables, chairs, surfboards, all rental extras are disinfected and cleaned before they're added to your vehicle.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve updated our cancellation policy.

Cancellations made more than 30 days prior to the scheduled check-in date are refunded the full deposit.

If a cancellation is made within 30 days and up to 48 hours prior to the check-in date, the refund is paid in a travel voucher that is valid for a year.

For cancellations made within 48 hours prior to the scheduled check-in date, the no-show fee remains. This fee amounts to 100% of the booking price and will be charged on your credit card.

Cancellation requests will only be considered valid when communicated in writing via email sent to [email protected].

General recommendations for our community

Follow local, regional, national and European-wide authorities’ regulations and recommendations

Now is not the best time to travel abroad or take flights. In some cases, it is prohibited. A few countries have even forbidden internal travelling. It is likely that such impositions will continue to be extended to the majority of European regions and nations. In this time of crisis, it is our deep belief that people’s safety and health protection need to be placed ahead of companies. As such, we do not actively recommend nor incentivize you to travel until the situation is deemed under control by authorities and governments.

We strongly recommend you follow the stipulations defined by the authorities of each country. Some of the most relevant links we recommend you follow for real-time information on this topic are the following ones from Forbes and the WHO (Situation Reports and Technical Guidance), with concrete details on how the situation affects each country and on which have been the most important decisions made by the authorities of those countries.

If you do travel, protect yourself and the community around you

Wherever there are a lot of people, viruses tend to spread more easily and rapidly. If you do travel around this period of outbreak throughout Europe, it is therefore highly recommended to:

  • Avoid crowded places and practice social distancing, in order to protect both yourself and the communities that surround you.
  • Always follow the advice of the World Health Organization (WHO) while on the road.
  • Save the emergency contacts of the local and national authorities that might be of help in case you feel that need.
  • As a final tremendously important recommendation, follow all the rules and defined procedures at our operational warehouses when picking up or dropping off your campervan. You can read our revised Deep Cleaning & Safety Policy above, and it is fundamental that you respect the need of keeping a minimum distance of 2 metres from our staff during the whole check-in and check-out processes.

A message from Indie Campers' CEO to our community

Dear Community,

At Indie Campers, people are the priority. As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak has naturally been generating concerns all around the world, we want to ensure our community that we are facing the current situation with the same people-first mentality that has always guided our existence.

We are living and facing a global virus outbreak which is all about public health and safety, not companies or stocks. It affects every single one of us, and addressing it has become a matter of civic participation and mutual respect for one another. We live within a global community that has been propelled by the digital transformation process and by the boost of the sharing economy in recent years, which we have all benefited from.

It is our strong belief that it is now time to give back. We need to step up as individuals, leaders and community members, and ensure we all follow the guidelines and recommendations offered by governments, as well as local, national and worldwide authorities.

As a consequence of this shared mindset, we have spent the last few weeks focusing on addressing and attempting to prevent as much as possible the predicted (and now visible) impact of the outbreak on our surrounding communities, on the global travel industry and on the safety and health of our customers, our almost 200 employees and our dozens of business partners all around Europe. From an employee protection plan to improved cleaning methods and a new flexible cancellation policy, we are aiming to address global needs and concerns of our community.

For those of you not actively seeking travelling at this point, we invite you to nonetheless seek inspiration from our travel itineraries and suggestions, in order to prepare and start dreaming for when the dust settles.

We are all in this together and we will get over this as a strong, positive and united community.
Nothing is above the safety and public health of our communities.

Hugo Oliveira