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From swirling windmills and bobbing flowers, to cycling the countryside and crossing cute canals, the nimble Netherlands proves that great things come in small packages.


Exploring the small Netherlands is like diving head-first into a Vermeer painting––except Holland has only gotten better over the centuries. Not only is the country every bit as attractive as the Dutch Masters made it look on canvas, but it’s also filled with daring design and uninhibited fun. Top that off with a blooming countryside, serene stretches of coastline, Dutch gezelligheid, and easy access to the UK and mainland Europe, and you’ve got a road trip with endless horizons (because Holland is flat, get it?). So don’t stop with one country when you fly into Amsterdam and hire a campervan in the Netherlands; it’s only where the fun begins!


Getting around Holland by campervan


Diesel costs for your campervan hire in Holland are higher than in most European countries. They’re as high as in Belgium, and slightly higher than in Germany. Fuel is easy to come by in the Netherlands; you’ll find plenty of gas stations along the highways and regional roads.

Speeding limits for campervans and motorhomes on Dutch highways are 130 km/h (80mph), while expressways are limited to 100km/h (62mph).

Small and greatly managed, the Netherlands has well-connected roads that are in good condition. For extended campervan or motorhome road trips starting in Holland, roads connect well into the neighbouring countries.

The Netherlands has no toll roads.

Wild camping is forbidden in the Netherlands, although you’ll find plenty of camping sites and a few motorhome parkings scattered across the country -- most of them around nature parks and dunes.


Travel costs in the Netherlands are slightly higher than most European countries, and about the same as in neighbouring countries. Average costs for a three-course meal for two is about €60. Tipping is customary, and can be anything from rounding up numbers to 10%, depending on the occasion.

With a temperate maritime climate, the Netherlands has cool summers with an average of 17-20°C, and moderate winters cooling down between 2-6°C.

Frank and no-nonsense, the Dutch are informal and love gezelligheid  (a sociable cosiness). Try saying hi in Dutch: Hallo or hoi, the latter being more informal -- just the way the locals like it.

The Dutch speak, well, Dutch. English is spoken widely, especially in cities. 

The Dutch love potatoes. Try their andijvie stamppot; it’s pretty good (and healthy!). We all know Heineken, but local breweries are popping up everywhere, so have a craft beer to go along with those mashed potatoes. Vegetarian food is widely available.


About The Netherlands

The Dutch road to nationhood starts in 1433 when the Duke of Burgundy united 17 provinces as the Low Countries, which also included modern Belgium and Luxembourg. By the mid-sixteenth century, right around time the Reformation took place, the Seventeen Provinces were inherited by the Spanish branch of the Habsburgs. These zealous world-dominators were devout Christians; they were horrified to see the rapid spread of Protestantism in North Europe. King Philip II was an especially devout despot, who attacked Protestants all over Europe. His bloody persecutions focused mainly on the southern provinces, at places like Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, and Ghent––back then the wealthy part of the Habsburg Netherlands. Protestants and Jews moved up north en masse, taking with them their skills, wealth, trade and business. This, in turn, had cities like Amsterdam booming! In two or three decades, the seven upper provinces the Netherlands went from underdeveloped backwater to economic and maritime superpowers. The Dutch revolutionaries fought the Spanish reign of terror in the Eighty Years’ War and, in 1648, emerged victorious as the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands.

Renting a motorhome in the Netherlands will have you enjoying way too much grand history, art heritage, and picturesque places for a country the size of a chickpea. Dutch cities are seriously attractive, with stately townhouses, glittering canals, and cyclists casually zooming about. Outside the Dutch mini-metropoles are a neat countryside blooming under an open sky, stretches of coastline with cool beach bars, and waterways the Dutch somehow put to use to their advantage -- via windmills, dykes, or by ice skating. Amsterdam rightly tops the travel list of countless Europe trips. The city is famous for its glittering canals, stately townhouses, and open-minded atmosphere. More famously, fun in the capital is spelt Famous Unadulterated Nightlife. And for the connoisseur, daring design, world-class art, and mind-blowing cuisine add a cosmopolitan vibe to a contagious cosiness that the Dutch call gezelligheid.


What to discover

In and around the country

Cycling anywhere

The Dutch cycle en masse. From primary school, through a first date, to the office, the bicycle is their trusty steed in times of need. That’s why you’ll find cycling lanes literally everywhere. From bustling city centres to scenic countrysides, Holland is best explored on a two-wheeler.

Add a bicycle to your campervan or motorhome rental in Holland and explore the Netherlands the way the locals do!


This small Frisian island off the Northern coast of the Netherland is unspoilt dunes, serene beaches, and harbour towns. Get there by ferry to start roaming the island.

And, luckily for you, the island is full of camping sites!

Hoge Veluwe

As if having super cool cities and tons of culture per capita isn’t enough, the Netherlands also has gorgeous natural parks, the Hoge Veluwe being the largest -- and arguably most fun to explore.

Why? Marshlands, forests, heaths, and sand drifts, meet cycling paths, architecture, and a museum.


Top Regions

Campervan Hire North Holland

The province of North Holland is located in the northwestern part of the country. Home to the capital, Noord-Holland is what you’d expect the Netherlands to be: a flat countryside on which cows graze and flowers bloom, dottered with traditional villages and windmills, and surrounded by water. To make the province even more Dutch, over half of the province is reclaimed polder land. Like Haarlemmermeer (Haarlem Lake), which was drained and turned into land.

Arrive in Amsterdam and hire a campervan or motorhome in North Holland. With coffeeshops where people don’t come for the caffeine, and a legalized Red Light District, the Dutch capital is famously liberal. But the city is not just a place of decadence; in fact, Amsterdam attracts millions for its museums, cultural heritage and open outlook. At half an hour from the country’s capital is the province’s capital, Haarlem. With ancient architecture, cobblestone streets, and broad canals, this city is as pretty as Amsterdam––but doesn’t get nearly as much visitors. Moving to the countryside, places like de Zaanse Schans show a picture-perfect Dutch scene, one of windmills and tulips in bloom. Traditional towns like Volendam, Edam, Marken, and Enkhuizen show Holland at its best, too. Finally, visit the island of Texel for road trip relaxation amidst the dunes.


Discover Gelderland by van

The central-eastern province of Gelderland is the largest region of the Netherlands and borders Germany. Gelderland gets its name from the city of Geldern, which actually is German and sits right across the border, and which in turn is named after a dragon that was slain here in 878 AD. Legend has its death rattle sounded something like: “Gelre!” The province includes some of the best Dutch patches of nature, like the Veluwe and Betuwe.

An extended Holland road trip shall not start with a campervan hire in Gelderland. Instead, start elsewhere and cross the province of the dragon that roared: “Gelre!” for a natural intermezzo, before heading into Germany. Visit the Hoge Veluwe National Park. Its sand dunes, heathlands, and woodlands are home to deer, boar, and mouflon. While you’re there, have dinner at the impressive St. Hubertus Hunting Lodge, and visit the Kröller-Müller Museum! De Betuwe is a bouquet of fruit orchards, cherry blossoms, traditional farmlands, and picturesque towns. The best way to explore Gelderland is by bicycle––one that folds to fit neatly in your Holland RV rental!


Visit Friesland by RV

In the northern part of the Netherlands, Friesland is a proud province with its own history. The Frisians are a Germanic seafaring people that historically settled all along the northwestern coast of Europe, and who are now found in Friesland and parts of Germany. Friesland even has its own language, Frisian! Conquerors of the sea, the Friesians reclaimed much of their land from the water––clearly showing in the Waddenzee, an intertidal zone where the transition between land and sea is as subtle as you’ll ever see.

Hire a campervan in the Netherlands and visit Friesland for the Waddenzee. In an everlasting play between the sand and the sea, the Wadden Sea consists of shifting sandbanks, mudflats, and wetlands, anticipated by great stretches of pristine dunes. The area makes for the Netherlands’ favourite summer getaway. The Frisian Islands, or Wadden Islands, are a beachgoers’ delight! Inland Friesland is marked by cute towns and welcoming locals. Visit Sneek, Stavoren, and Hindeloopen, towns steeped in traditions and Frisian history. In summer, join the locals in their favourite pastime, sailing. And if you’re lucky, winter sees whole towns engaged in another Frisian favourite, ice skating!

Road trip across Limburg

The southernmost province of the Netherlands, Limburg feels and looks different from the rest of the country. For starters, the rolling landscape looks nothing like the Dutch flatlands. Green hills and rustic towns, timber townhouses and medieval mansions add a rustic charm to a province that blends the Netherlands with elements of Germany and Belgium. After all, Limburg is where the three countries meet!

Hire a campervan near Limburg, either in Belgium or Holland, and drive through the province as you make a road trip across three countries. Stop by in Maastricht, which town hall, basilica, the Helpoort (Hell’s Gate) are must-sees! And if you’re a bookworm, find a fun read for during your road trip in the Dominicanen Bookstore, located in an ancient church! Next, visit the tiny town of Arcen. Set between the Maas River and the German border, Arcen is a local favourite for scenic walks and thermal baths.


Travel to Zeeland by motorhome

Zeeland has an intimate relationship with the ocean. Surrounded by water and mostly below sea level, the southwestern province of Zeeland gets its name from the sea. The province is a large river delta consisting of islands, peninsulas, and a strip of land bordering Belgium––all connected by an impressive set of flood barriers that protect the province and the Netherlands from flooding like it did in 1953. Due to its geography, large parts of Sealand have long been isolated, preserving local culture, dialects, and ways of life. The province is full of quaint towns, long stretches of dunes and beaches, and dreamy waterways. Zeeland’s delicate balance between water and land make it a popular destination for locals and those in the know.

Rent a campervan in Holland and roam Zeeland’s islands, exploring old towns and the many beaches around. In fact, there’s always a beach around in the province of water! It’s why water sports fanatics love Zeeland, especially kite and windsurfers. Fed by the sea with delicious mussels, oysters, and lobsters, foodies will feel right at home in the province of water, too. Visit mighty Middelburg, the capital, and see how the Zeelanders have conquered the sea with bricks and bridges. Unwind on Zeeland’s best beaches, like Cadzand amidst the marshes, or de Hoge Hilt, a favourite for water sports and part of the beautiful stretch of coastline known as Zoutelande.

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