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From snoozing siestas, fiery flamencos, and tasty tapas, to ancient myths and timeless architecture, Spain is a road map linking unknown exotic worlds waiting to be explored by campervan.


To hire a campervan in Spain and not cross this amazing country is like asking for huevos rotos without egg. Because Spain is the perfect destination for campervans. Just like gorging on tapas, your rental motorhome gets you to try a bit of everything Spain has to offer. Start with Barcelona, home to the Gaudi’s amazingly-quirky architecture, the legendary football club of Messi and Iniesta, and capital of the proud region of Catalonia. Drive up to Madrid, the dreamy Spanish capital where football and nightlife share the throne, passing by the city where Paella was created, Valencia. Don’t forget the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, Malaga, and the fun, cultural and Star-Wars-and-Game-of-Thrones-approved city Seville. And if you think that, with this, you’ve got Spain covered, think again. The best of Spain is to be had between the big cities, and around the corners of the famous sites, because Spain is a land of forgotten myths and legends. Fortunately, you’ll have a campervan to explore every corner of this country and make it right.


Getting around Spain by campervan


A price of diesel for your RV in Spain is average when compared to other European countries, and lower than at its northern neighbours. This means you can do a lot of kilometres without worrying about breaking the bank.

The speed limit for campervans and motorhomes on freeways is 120km/h (75mph), 100km/h on expressways (62mph), 90 km/h (56mph) outside inhabited areas, and 50 km/h (31mph) within inhabited areas.

Highways in Spain are well maintained (which is amazing, considering they’re mostly free). Keep in mind you really must respect the speed limits with your motorhome, since there are a lot of speed traps all around Spain.

Luckily for you and your campervan, Spain has no tolls on highways, but you can find them on some motorways. Generally, the paid ones are called “Autopistas” and are designated by the letters AP, as in AP8; the free ones are called “Autovias” and are designated by the letter A, as in A66.

Wild camping is illegal and severely punished in Spain. Find proper places to park and spend the night on a van. Luckily, there are many free and paid motorhome stops for your campervan around the country. Also, avoid lighting fires!


Spain is an accessible country when we talk about the cost of travelling by campervan. A mid-range three-course meal for two costs about €35. Pretty cool for a lot of tapas, right?

In Spain, clear skies with a lot of sun are generally the forecast––except on the Atlantic coast, where the climate is oceanic, with frequent downfall and milder temperatures in summer and winter. Spain’s Mediterranean coast gets hotter, with less rain and more sunny days.

Spanish people tend to be very nice, helping you any way they can. But don’t expect them to try to speak your language, especially the elder. Men use a hand-shake to greet each other. Men and women greet other women with 2 kisses on the cheeks.

Spanish (also called Castilian) is the official language. There are also other co-official and recognized languages such as Catalan (Barcelona), Basque, Galician and many others.

A little bit of this, a little bit of that… That’s the tradition: welcome to the country of tapas! You’ll also find other dishes, of course, such as paella, croquettes, chorizo, tortilla, and much, much more!


About Spain

Spain’s history is more complex than advanced chemistry (sorry, scientist friends). It was ruled by the Phoenicians, Greek and Carthaginian before the Roman power. A few centuries later, the Visigoths took over the country, losing it afterwards for the Moors. Then, a violent episode (aren’t they all?!) in history called the Reconquista took place, in which the Spanish Christians took the Iberian peninsula from the Moors, resulting in the emergence of Spain as a unified country under the Catholic Monarchs in the 15th century. In the early modern period (and with the import of massive amounts of Aztec, Maya, and Inca gold) Spain became one of, if not the most powerful global empire – which lead to the world we know today: a heritage of half a billion native Spanish speakers around the world.

Nowadays, Spain is a sanctuary for tourists––and an endless oasis for campervanners and road trippers in general. With cities full of history and architectonic splendour, villages untouched by time, and food that will make your stomach sing a happy tune, this country is perfect for motorhome exploration. Cities are generally not more than two hours away from each other; you have beaches, cities, forests and mountains at your disposal; and you have more than enough activities, indoor and outdoor, to bring fun to your vanlife. That said, hire a campervan in Spain and explore Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, Seville, Bilbao, Salamanca, Zaragoza, Andorra, Gibraltar and all the other 34 cities that will take your spirit…arriba!!!


What to discover

Park Güell (Barcelona)

Spain’s most famous park has to be Park Güell: a public area with lush gardens and quirky buildings located on Carmen Hill, in Barcelona. It was built between 1900 and 1914 by the one and only Catalan modernist Antoni Gaudí. Park your campervan right outside the gardens and explore the surreal wonders of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Plaza de España (Seville)

In the middle of Seville, you’ll find a building that is out of this world. And, in a way, it really belongs to a different galaxy. Built in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929 and now a governmental square, it’s well known for being a set of the 2nd episode of Star Wars. That said, “visit it with your campervan, you must! Very pleased, you’ll be!”.


This city is amazingly beautiful, no doubt. But what the word “beauty” cannot describe is the medieval walled city inside Cáceres. Once you’re there, you’ll feel like you’re back in time. The only things missing are knights and princesses – since ancient songs still echo within the tall stone walls, setting the environment of the true old medieval days.


Top Regions

Explore the Basque Country by van

Spain has some autonomous communities, and the Basque Country is one of them, having as a plus the status of nationality within Spain, attributed by the Spanish Constitution of 1978. Other than that, ‘Bizkaia’ is blessed with green landscapes, a marvellous coastline far away from the tourists’ radar and has a cultural heritage that differentiates this region from all of Spain. With all its natural and cultural splendour, it is a great destination for an RV road trip ––so hire a campervan in the Basque Country and get exploring!

Besides having some cultural highlights to be visited, like the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, ‘País Vasco’ is all about outdoor activities. With all its natural reserves, hills and even mountains, this region is perfect for the untamed ones––and that’s why País Vasco is such a paradise for the adrenaline junkies: hikers, cyclists, sports enthusiasts, rock climbers, and not to forget surfers! Don’t miss the opportunity of taking some shots of the Gaztelugatxe (an islet that looks straight out of a movie), a sunbath on Playa de La Zurriola, Laga or Ondarreta Beach, and to visit some epic castles and other incredible buildings like Butrón or San Sebastián Cathedral. And did we mention the surf? Bizkaia has some of the best waves in the world (Mundaka!) and winter sees big swells from the infamous Bay of Biscay rolling onto the shores. But it’s not all hardcore surf, because the region has great beaches for beginners too. That said, when are you heading to Bizkaia?


Campervan hire in Cantabria

Right (or left, actually) next to Basque Country, you’ll find this northern coastal region. Divided between beaches and mountains, anyone that visits this place will have a blast, despite the time of the year. Peaceful wherever you decide to drive your campervan, let silence and peace take over your holidays. Get out of your van and feel the sun softly caressing your skin with a idyllic beachscape in front of you; or embrace the careless breeze that runs freely between valleys.

Hire a campervan in Cantabria and explore national parks like Cabarceno and Picos de Europa, where there’s plenty of fun to be had; enjoy the sun and ocean on beaches such as Sardinero; take the most out of cities that look like villages, due to their magic and enchanted old quarters – Santander, Santillana del Mar, Potes, Castro Urdiales, Santoña, Victoria, and more! And if the fresh air on the surface isn’t enough for you, going underground might be the solution: there are plenty of caves to be discovered, like the Cave of Altamira (famous for its prehistoric wall paintings and charcoal drawings).


RV Rental in Catalonia

Mainly loved for Barcelona, this autonomous community seeking for independence is located in the north-eastern extremity of the Iberian Peninsula. Besides Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Tarragona also make part of this region. Of course you already know almost everything about Barcelona, like La Sagrada Família, Park Güell, La Catedral, and much more. But what about the rest of this region? What about all the mountains, quiet villages, kilometres of coastline, monuments and UNESCO World Heritage sites? Hire a campervan in Catalonia (or Catalunya, as they say it in Catalan) and get exploring, because there’s more to it than Barcelona, just like there’s more to Barcelona than Gaudí!

Get in your rental RV and explore Alta Ribagorça in Vall d’Aran, the only national park in Catalonia; find every hidden spot of the medieval Garrotxa, Romanesque bridge included; discover the mountains and waterfalls of Berguedà not forgetting its Romanesque churches; go bird watching in the company of the majestic flamingos in Montsiá, Baix Ebre; visit the imposing medieval castle in Bages; try to spot the submerged church in the water reservoir in Osona; be amazed by Ribera d’Ebre, the town built on top of a huge rock; and many others. What about starting to think about hiring a campervan in Catalonia for an unforgettable road trip?


Travel to Asturias

This region is an autonomous community in the north-west of Spain, officially known as “Principality of Asturias”. Besides having a long beautiful coast, the region still contains some of the territories that were part of the larger Kingdom of Asturias in the Middle Ages (and also some remains of that time). Its most important cities are Oviedo, Gijón and Avilés.

A campervan hire in Asturias is a must to explore this region. Why? Well, the Cantabrian Mountains (and, more specifically the Picos de Europa National Park) rise to a whopping 2,648 meters, making them the highest in the region. The mountains are home to cute Asturian sheep (which are so fluffy you’ll want to take one home!). The region’s typical apple cider is so tasty that you’ll have it in the back of your van while watching the sunset. And the communal capital, Oviedo, besides being part of the set for the movie “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”, is also incredibly charming, with historic buildings such as the Castle of San Juan de Priorio covered with creepers. Keeping it short: it’s a great region for a road trip, short or long!


Discover Galicia

Is this another one of Spain’s autonomous community? Officially, yes; but we tend to disagree. Why’s that? Because Galicia is so unique that the word “another” just does not make sense. The region is located in Spain’s northwest and fortunately isn’t on the tourists’ radar, which rush to Barcelona’s territory. And because of that, an unexplored region is left behind for the most adventurous that hire a campervan in Galicia.

Wild beaches, exquisite seafood and a lot to explore by campervan, Galicia is going to amaze you. Spend a few days in any of the 5 Rías Baixas, where locals (and some tourists) enjoy their holidays on paradisiac beaches feasting on freshly-caught seafood. What else to do here? Walk 1.6km in a footpath to Castro de Baroña, an excavated Celtic Settlement located in the wild Ría de Muros e Noia; have a quiet weekend retreat in Illa de A Toxa, in Ría de Arousa, a land where there are only 50 residents surrounded by thermal waters; and if you’re looking for a more gruesome kind of place, go to Costa da Morte, a dangerous coastline infamous for wrecking ships and home of countless creative ghost stories. There’s much more to do and explore here, but we’re not spoiling the surprise––that’s for you to grab the wheel and discover.


Travel to Aragon

One of the most underrated regions in Spain, this is Aragon––and, yes, it’s related to the medieval Kingdom of Aragon. Two great examples of that are the medieval castles and Romanesque churches spread around this region that you must visit in a campervan (because of all the freedom, as you already know).

First, the capital, Zaragoza, which is a great city with even greater cultural roots – after all, that’s where Goya is from. Visit the Cathedral-Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar, Aljafería (an 11th-century palace and UNESCO World Heritage) and the Cathedral of the Savior of Zaragoza. Don’t forget to explore the nightlife, if bars and clubs are your thing. But more than the capital, Aragon is a world to discover. Explore Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park for lakes, mountains and rich wildlife; practice your climbing skills on the third highest mountain in the Pyrenees, Monte Perdido; after practicing, test your limits on the highest mountain there, the Aneto; discover the wonders of the Sierra y Cañones de Guara Natural Park; and feel like a medieval knight while visiting the Royal Monastery of San Juan de la Peña and in Castle of Loarre. If you think all this to be epic, hire a campervan in Aragon and start exploring it right away!

Explore Spain - lagoon in the middle of the mountains
Explore Spain - Barcelona colorful tiles
Explore Spain - Guggenheim Museum in nightfall
Explore Spain - The Alhambra and Generalife Gardens
Explore Spain - Alley with view for the sea
Explore Spain - beautiful beach with nature
Explore Spain - terrace with a view to the mountains
Explore Spain - Sagrada Família in nightfall
Explore Spain - Hotel Vela in sunset
Explore Spain - San Lorenzo de El Escorial on nightfall
Explore Spain - Amazing mountains reflected on the sea
Explore Spain -  Beautiful village in the cliffs
Discover Barcelona - Barceloneta beach and Vela Hotel close to the sea

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