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Paradisiac beaches, paradisiac beaches, paradisiac beaches––what might look like a typo is actually your daily routine on Sardinia, the island of long-lasting summers and mysterious ruins.


If you’re a real beach bum that loves to swim in crystal clear waters, take lots of sunbaths and feel the sun gently caressing your skin, and take catnaps while completely connected with nature and the wind softly bobbing your sleepy head––well, then Sardinia is definitely your kind of paradise. Besides having a great time on the beach, you’ll have another little hobby once you pick-up your campervan hire in Sardinia: driving along 2,000 kilometres of coastline and finding your favourite beaches. How to pick a winner amidst so much perfection? That’s for you to decide. But Sardinia has more than beach-related activities.

Hike the mountainous interior of the island; discover the more than 7,000 ancient nuraghi (ancient defensive tower-fortresses), settlements and tombs; rent a boat and explore the crystal-clear waters that aren’t within swimming distance, and teeming with life; enjoy the island’s cool bars and restaurants; go to festivals or attend the Barbagia Carnival parade… As you can imagine, Sardinia is the perfect spot for campervanners, road trippers overall or just beach lovers with a secret crush for exploring an island of mystical ruins and mythological civilizations.


Getting around Sardinia by campervan


A litre of diesel for your campervan hire in Sardinia costs as much as in mainland Italy, but keep in mind that prices may vary a bit depending on where you are on the island.

When driving your rental RV in Sardinia, beware of these speeding limits: 110 km/h (68mph) on main highways (there are no autostradas on the island); 90 km/h (56mph) on other roads (non-built up areas); and 50 km/h (31mph) in towns.

Most roads in Sardinia are provincial roads, with a few exceptions. For example, many amazing beaches and rural landscapes are only accessible via dirt tracks––nothing our Indie campervans or motorhomes cannot handle (as long as you’re careful, of course). Beware of the ZTL (Zona A Traffico Limitato), which are zones where you cannot drive your van at all. You’ll get fined if you ignore the signs.

Sardinia’s roads have no tolls.

Wild camping with a campervan is prohibited outside of designated areas. Authorities want to maintain the natural beauty of their island, and will fine you if you break the rules. But you have cheap and convenient camping sites at your disposal everywhere on the island, as well as some motorhome parkings––a few of them next to the beach!


Sardinia is accessible cost-wise, but slightly more expensive than mainland Italy. A mid-range three-course meal for two costs about €50. Like in the rest of Italy, tipping isn’t customary, as bills come with an extra charge––but if you feel like tipping, round up the bill, or add 5-10%.

With Sardinia’s warm Mediterranean climate and the island’s famous six-month summer, the weather is exactly how you want it to be. A perfect average of 28.5°C during the height of summer, and with mild winters. It wouldn’t be a beach paradise if it were any different, would it?

Sardinians have the tendency to mind their own business, not involving themselves a lot with unknown people, especially in the countryside. But if you’re introduced by a friend of theirs or if they get to know you and like you, well, you’re part of the family and will be treated as one (and anyone riding with a campervan always has a cool story or two to tell).

The official language in Sardinia is Italian, but other minority languages, like Sardinian, Catalan, Gallurese, Ligurian and Sassarese are spoken and recognized by the regional law. Outside of cities, few people speak English.

Even being on an Island, you’re in Italy. This means you’ll be served the Italian way: antipasti (small tasting plates like meat or cheese); primi (usually being pasta); secondi (fish or meat with potatoes or vegetables); and then dessert with a caffe. Try the local seafood fregola, a typical Sardinian pasta, or zuppa gallurese, which is not a soup, but is a lasagna-like dish made with cheese and lamb broth (hence the zuppa).


About Sardinia

Sardinia’s history could easily be a Sci-Fi soap opera. Starting in prehistoric times, for example, when Sardinia was connected to Italy by land, a lot of animals chose to live in Sardinian territory. But when the two lands were separated, the animals had to live on the island. Apparently, due to the lack of food, they started to shrink. Which is why they found elephants’ remains the size of a dog on Sardinia! In 1,500 BC, villages were built around round tower-fortresses called nuraghi, that you can still (and must) visit today! Modern times saw power struggles that led to the Sardinia we know today.  To make this part a little less complicated let’s assume four men, one French, one Spanish, one Austrian, and one Italian were put in a dark room. The last man standing won.

Nowadays Sardinia is a paradise for beach lovers – and if that’s not you, well, get ready to become one! The warm white sand, the sun shining brightly every day, the waves softly breaking at your feet, underwater life waiting to discovered on casual swims––all of which, of course, you can do once you hire a campervan in Sardinia! Spot the perfect beach, the prettiest landscapes, campsites to spend the night under a million stars (what’s a five-star hotel when you can have nature?!), and discover all the delicacies Sardinia has to offer. Try Pane Carasau, a crunchy type of bread similar to a poppadom but 100% Sardinian; munch on Pecorino and Fiore Sardo cheeses; have a bite of Malloreddus alla Campidanese, a kind of pasta with tomato sauce and saffron; taste the typically Sardinian Culurgiones, a sort of ravioli; buy freshly-caught fish and seafood at the famous fish market; and finish your meals with tasty Sebadas, a weird-but-fitting combination of pecorino and honey. That said, if you want to visit paradise for a week or two, just hire a campervan in Sardinia (Olbia) and get going!


What to discover

In and around the island

Nuraghe Su Nuraxi

This is only one example out of the thousands of ancient stone towers spread around Sardinia. Close to Cagliari, this construction dating back to 1,500 BC is the biggest, best preserved and most complete sample, also considered by UNESCO as one of the best restorations in the Mediterranean.

You can drive your rental campervan there, and then explore the inside of the tower and its upper reaches to have a closer look at the incredible ancient engineering skills.

Costa Smeralda

The whole coastline between the port town of Olbia and Capo de Testa is known as the Costa Smeralda aka Emerald Coast; a coast with some of the world’s most incredible white-sand beaches, and a sea so blue and green they named the place after it.

Hop into your campervan, drive over to the Emerald Coast, and enjoy your time on the coast that is more precious than emeralds, or any type of rock!

St Cristina Nuraghe & Holy Well

This ancient monument near Oristano is proof Sardinia is way more than just a beachside destination. This well is surrounded by mystery. Who built it? And why? Specialists can determine there are 3 different types of architecture on this monument, each one from a different civilization, but that’s it.

Drive your motorhome there, take a flashlight to see the bottom of the well, and try to solve the mysteries surrounding the mythical civilizations that left behind this elaborate ruin.


Explore Sardinia - flamingo by sea and sunset
Explore Sardinia - amazing ruins on nature
Explore Sardinia - Amazing colorful houses
Explore Sardinia - sea with a traditional boats
Explore Sardinia - cave with a view for the island
Explore Sardinia - sandy beach with a tree
Explore Sardinia - blue sea and cliffs
Explore Sardinia - mountains and river with birds
Explore Sardinia - cliffs view reflected on the sea
Explore Sardinia - cliffs and sea with transparent water
Explore Sardinia - really nice alley
Explore Sardinia -  boat ride and really blue sea

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