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Explore a kingdom which rugged terrains and pastoral hills tell timeless stories of folklore and myth, of kings and queens, knights and dragons, and road trips of legendary proportions.


To go, or not to go: obviously a rhetorical question. Because if a quality road trip is a border-crossing experience of new adventures, England is the place to go and have it. Hiring a campervan in England makes for a border-crossing experience indeed, especially if you also think of adventuring into neighbouring Scotland or Wales. Every English set of kilometres (measured in miles, actually — because why use the metric system when you can use a perfectly illogical measure of length instead?) offers a different scenery, from enormous cities forged from steel to tiny towns cut from stone, from enchanted oak forests to enchanting poppy fields, and from wildly frothing shorelines to the calmest of lakes. Need more reasons to hire a campervan in England? How about roadside stops for teatime? Or a full English breakfast? And then there are all the accents, from Cockney to Scouse. Whatever makes your engine purr, a motorhome hire road trip through England will prove an unforgettable adventure. One that for continentals starts with driving on the left side of the road!


Getting around England by campervan


The price of a litre of fuel for your campervan hire in England is average when compared with other European countries, which is great for extended road trips.

Speeding limits in your England campervan hire are 112km/h (70mph) on highways. Regional roads have speed limits between 80km/h (50mph) and 96km/h (60mph).

England’s main roads are very well-maintained but in the winter the country may face severe weather conditions which could mean snow on the road. Winters will require safety measures, like winter tires.

England has only a few tolls where you can pay directly in cash or by credit/debit card.

If you’re not a UK citizen, remember that you must drive on the left side of the road.

For that reason, have special attention on roundabouts and intersections.

While it is forbidden to stop along the road overnight, you’ll find great stops for a good night’s sleep, either free or paid.


England has middle-range European prices (with some exceptions, like London). A mid-range three-course meal for two costs about £50.

Depending on the region, the temperate maritime climate of England is cool and often cloudy. Summer days are on average slightly cooler than on the European continent, while winters are milder.  Rain is common during the entire year, and it can snow in winter.

People in England are very hospitable and are always up to give you directions if needed. In rural areas, especially in the north, people tend to be even kinder, and do not hesitate to give you a friendly “Hello!” or a big nice wave when driving.

While English is the official language, there are numerous regional accents that you will find people speaking across the country. Geordie, Scouse, Cockney or Brummie are just some of the examples.

In England, there’s comfort food to answer all your cravings. Have the typical English breakfast with eggs, sausages and baked beans. Then try fish & chips, haggis, and finally the warm scones that will make you smile along with the afternoon tea.


About England

‘The empire on which the sun never sets’, is how they used to refer to the United Kingdom. Coming from a culture where humour equals cynicism and any achievement worth mentioning is downplayed to near-insignificance, that’s pretty boastful. But if your early history was one of invasion by Romans and Gaels, and raids and subjugation by Saxons and Vikings, you’d be pretty stoked when history took a turn for the better too. The 1066 AD invasion of England by William the Conqueror is a pivotal point in British history, who snatched the throne from the Anglo-Saxons and signalled the start of a long struggle against France. Another important date, England and Wales formed the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1707. After a century of building up a global empire (that included India, a real jackpot for the Brits) and filling the coffers with extraordinary riches, the entire United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was formed in the 1800 Act of the Union. The pocket-filling continued throughout the 19th century — after which the UK had grown so rich, it took the Brits a world war to spend it all.

England offers plenty of things to explore, no matter how long your road trip is. Hire a campervan in England and travel past impenetrable castles that dominate the landscape, like the iconic Dover Castle, humongous Windsor Castle, or the capital’s very own Tower of London.  Enjoy the winding paths and breathtaking vistas of huge natural parks, such as the classic landscape of Lake District National Park. Central to the timeless British countryside, walk around ancient villages like Castle Combe and picture yourself as a Victorian youngster, running around town and playing hide and seek in the orchard. Another quintessentially British experience, discover the nooks and crannies of London, also called the Big Smoke — because it’s engine has been running non-stop since the 18th century. Feeling the buzz already? Hire a motorhome in England for a guaranteed adventure, whether you try to unravel the mysteries of Stonehenge and the Forest of Dean, or spend your time sampling fish and chips, haggis, and fluffy scones. But whatever you choose to do, be sure to always make time for afternoon tea!


What to discover

In and around the country

Lake District National Park

Lake District is a region and national park in Cumbria, Northwest England. The country’s largest National Park is also a World Heritage Site, where you can hike, row, sail -- and everything necessary to get in touch with nature.

And if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, enjoy a sip from the past by exploring untouched castles and still inhabited historic homes.

Forest of Dean

With more than 110 km2 of pristine forest you have plenty to explore in this mystic location. You may already know it from all the Harry Potter’s books and movies, so be free to discover its magic in person.

Who knows, maybe you could find your silver doe.


Top Regions

South West England

Anglophiles claim some of the best road trips on the English isle are to be had in South West England. We have to agree. For starters, much of ‘ye quintessential olde England’ is found in this rural region of grassy hills and postcard towns. Do Gloucestershire, Bristol, Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, Devon, and Cornwall ring a bell? Don’t consider it a huge accomplishment if any sound familiar, because we just named all of South West England’s counties. Except for the Isles of Scilly, which are very much worth a visit, by the way. Hire a campervan in England and see the southwest - the birthplace of the legend of King Arthur, the UK’s best surfers, and cheddar. What’s even better about South West England for a motorhome hire... it’s close to the capital!

South West England has something for everyone. Apprentice druids and practitioners of ancient witchcraft will want to head over to Stonehenge, which prehistoric monoliths date back to, well, we don’t know. Those wanting to get in touch with their Victorian selves need only go to Cotswold, a quaint English town with tea rooms, antique shops, and a cricket pitch (who would’ve guessed). Sea gipsies make their way to South West England en masse, logs and twinnies stacked in their campervans and ready for Cornwall, England’s most famous surf town! Finally, everyone on a road trip through the region will love visiting Bath, Bristol, and Bournemouth, or the Jurassic Coast and two national parks.

The Midlands

Right in the middle of England, most travellers visit the Midlands as passersby. Which makes sense, since the central region borders all of England’s best attractions. But Midland isn’t just a giant road to your next destination. Stick around in the Midlands when you hire a motorhome, because who wouldn’t want an uncrowded holiday filled with quiet towns and peaceful pastures, ancient monasteries and medieval palaces?

When you hire a campervan and visit the Midlands, the first thing you’ll notice is the abundance of shires. Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, and Worcestershire, just to name a few. Charming towns with plenty of heritage with a pastoral backdrop is the norm here. Birmingham, the region’s capital and Britain’s second largest city, offers a simpler alternative to your road trip with great shopping malls and a thriving dining scene.


Greater Manchester

Message to all London-loving urbanites: there’s more to England than the capital. The metropolitan county of Greater Manchester has a booming city at its core, one with a great and gritty industrial history wrapped in a pulsing art and music scene. What’s more, the Mancunians love football — and they’re great at it too. How else do you explain two of England’s best clubs (and bitter rivals!) hail from Manchester?

Hire a motorhome in Greater Manchester to not only discover a brilliant city and see top-notch football, but to also explore England’s most stunning nature parks. From the urban buzz of Manchester, where you have to at least visit Old Trafford Stadium (preferably on a matchday) and a few museums, take your campervan up north. First stop: Yorkshire Dales, full of great castles, stone-built towns, green valleys, and limestone hills. Just a little west of Yorkshire Dales is your next (humongous) portion of natural splendour. England’s largest national park, Lake District National Park is a set of superlatives, home to the isle’s highest peak and deepest lake, Scafell Pike and Westwater. For those looking to further extend their campervan adventures, Scotland is only a few hours further north.



The western outcrop of the British isle is rugged and mountainous, with jagged coastlines sheltering pristine beaches. Wales, England’s western neighbour, is ancient and mythical, and the Welsh language and Celtic culture serve as a testimony to the region’s unique character. From spotting dolphins in Cardigan Bay to the conquering the peaks of Snowdonia, Wales hosts a wealth of outdoor activities on its geographically diverse terrain. And its is landscape dotted with Gothic castles and ancient sites, too. Hire a campervan in England and head to Wales for all of this and more!

Don’t forget to stop in the capital Cardiff, an easy-going and modern seaside city with five castles, plenty of parks (in fact, it’s UK’s greenest city), and a revamped bay full of bars, restaurants, and all sorts of attractions. The city offers campervanners an urban haven amidst the abundance of natural splendour you’ll come across on a road trip through Wales in your rental motorhome. Among Wales’ natural sights, Snowdonia National Park stands out — if only for its towering snow-capped peaks. On a clear day, Mount Snowdon offers spectacular views across the sea to Ireland.

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